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Massdrop White-on-Black GMK Keycap Set

Massdrop White-on-Black GMK Keycap Set

Where's the price?
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This might be a dumb question but does this set include 1.75 Shift and 1.75 Control keys?
Great to have this in stock!
Got my set in today. Shipping was very fast and the set looks great. This has been my best MD experience thus far.
Very nice looking basic set with GMK quality with coverage for a lot of different layouts. I might get another for my Red Scarf II+ D.

The keyboard in the background is ctrl-high profile?
Yes indeed :)
Yo the black on these in person is REAL NICE, debating getting a 2nd set
This have a 2u shift row 4? it doesn't specifically state that..
from my observation, there is no 2u Shift (there is an extra 2.25u Shift, though)
are these translucent?
Would be very interested in a GMK Pristine/BoW set
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Different material, different feel, different sound when typing
And no warped spacebars :P
What keyboard is that?
This is a really nice and inexpensive set. But I already own it.... please massdrop, we need more of these basic sets. Great price.
Excellent set for the price. Just what I needed for my Red Scarf III build. I like the R3 backslash key.
Now to get them to stock BoW. :) @YanboWu @XiK
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As someone else said, not GMK. I also already have a WoB GMK, and want to be able to mix and match so it's not even (just) about GMK being better IMO.
Agreed this is what I'm looking for
@YanboWu Any chance you can do a separate Norde (Intl. ) kit drop? pretty, please :) EU PEEPS LOOK HERE! Add your comment to persuade Yanbo to run a International Kit! :)
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I'd love an ISO-UK kit. I'm wanting to use the ISO enter from this set but the legends are going to bug the shit out of me nonetheless...
Bump, @john.yu  Any chance you can do a separate Norde (Intl. ) kit drop?
Does this ship to Europe? 6$ shipping seems way too cheap for Europe from the US.
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Yup. But in my scenario - it would be Massdrop importing to themselves and then selling me something from within the EU. That's on their end. No different than if they'd have an actual warehouse here in Europe, just that they send one product at a time to their European location. Technically, I'd be the receiver from a package shipped within the EU. I'm not importing anything, the vendor is. I'm not going to comment what I think about them paying taxes... All I can say is, for me - technically, I purchased something from Germany (or England). Not China. The logistics stuff is on their end. Me, the receiver is getting something from Europe, not China. From company in China to company in Germany to me. In a new package, new labels. I really don't see the difference. It's like if I buy something from Microsoft. An American company. They are big, so they can ship lots of stuff and stock it in Europe. These companies are small, so they ship "on demand" to Europe and from there to the customer. Next time I'm "buying from China" it's going to be as usual, I'm in practice buying something from Germany. The sender is a German company. There is nothing that says "China" anywhere, except if the package is open and there is the original invoice left. But that's internal to the company. Nothing that has anything to do with me. The sender would be like "Company Name, Shenzen" and the receiver "Company Name, Frankfurt". The only difference is that we happen to know that this is how they operate.
Well, there is how you think things work and then there's the law...
Why are these special?
They are the highest end ABS double-shot caps in cherry profile that you can get, hence the price. JTK has stepped up their game recently too, JTK Hana is pretty decent. Basically GMK and Signature Plastics are the top tier ABS keycap manufacturers therefore they are the most expensive. It's like in any other product category really.
So many were kicking and wishing they hadn't missed this GB many months ago. Now that it's available, many are bitching and moaning over its incompatibility. Well, guess I will join the crowd - dammit!! What was the fxxking point of waiting months for these when it's now available for practically the same price??!! :P (OG GB had shipping cost, this one is free shipping)
I don't like how close to the edge the figures are. That means they could be amazing or terrible. Judging by what I've seen, it's not worth the gamble 🤔
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Wow and thank you very much! This helped me make my decision!
I bought a Leopold FC750R with White PBT keys and Cherry MX switches for not much more than the cost of this key set. I'm not sure how it could get any better... maybe I am missing something.
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Stock PBT caps on Leopolds are very high quality. Stick with them, you aren't missing out.
Thanks for the feedback. I have also been very happy with them. I also like the letter printing on the side and not the top.
Without a NorDeUK kit, this key cap set is just a joke, a breeze soon to be forgotten. How do I order the NorDeUK kit, is it available on a separate URL?
There is no NorDE kit for this set.
so only america can buy this now? weird and mean.
This set has limited compatibility with 65/75% boards due to lack in variety of Home/PgUp/PgDn/End keys for R2-R4 rows. Sure, you can program the keyboard to make it work, but the most common 65% layout of R1 Del, R2 Home/End, R3 PgUp, R4 PgDn isn't supported. A regrettable pass for me.
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Let's agree to disagree and move on.
So you add extra cost by adding the large iso enter but don't have correct legend keys for any iso layout...
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Oco's was 130 during GB iirc
Yeah, that's so weird with all these sets. Like blank caps would be better than incorrect ones. Also, what happened to GMK and AltGr? Seems like that key is getting more and more rare. Same thing there, Alt is so close to AltGr it's just annoyingly incorrect. They're not the same key and AltGr is more important than Alt. I guess it's different for ANSI users or something. But still. GMK. German. Europe. ISO.
If someone has an extra 1u pipe key (\|) I'll gladly take it of their hands :)
ill totally catch hate for this im sure but really wish these key sets had the option to ship in bags not trays cant and wont order key sets shipped in trays fro postal reasons
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Ah I see. I thought it was because the tray way was harmful to the keycaps or something. Thanks for clearing that up :)
You could have a friend receive it if there's no other way.
Mine JUST showed up! Now to decide which board to put it on. Update: Well, hell. Set doesn't have the shift key I need, so no black-on-black-on-black Cherry G80-11900. On to the next one.
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Sorry amigo, I ended up using it on a space gray Tokyo60 I use at work.
did this keyset have any issues with compatibility on your Tokyo60?
Oh wow, just got a shipping confirmation! 😁
Looking to buy this if anyone not wanting their set.
Hi everyone, Great news! We’re excited to announce that the GMK Keycaps have arrived at our warehouse and we’ll be shipping early. We now estimate to begin shipping by the end of next week. If you need to change your delivery address, please contact Community Support through your Transactions page ( by Friday, December 21st 5pm PT. We’re looking forward to you receiving your keycaps soon!
Hey everyone, I want to give this another shot - a no frills GMK keycap set at an accessible price.
GMK keycaps are some of my favorite. Cherry profile works well aesthetically with many of the keyboards out there and GMK's manufacturing is fantastic. I don't think you'll find better when it comes to double-shot Cherry profile keycaps.
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Just forget it haha, i am on my 2 year of waiting on WoB set with a norde kit.. There is a epbt GB soon with black on grey (Epbt Slate ) is the  closest i have seen in years for a minimal clean look. or checkout the epbt BoW on kbdfans
For now I ordered the GMK Carbon, it's the best NorDe key cap set with neutral Windows keys in the world today. (If you accept a proprietary Windows key, Filco makes one set also.) What happened with the GMK White-on-Black , did it lack a NorDe set?? Otherwise it looks excellent. Very similar to GMK Carbon was GMK Eclipse which apparently was slow to get purchases, it did have NorDe keys. , , maybe eventually it didn't even happen - I'm still amazed at the peculiar dynamics of the key caps market. There's also Originative's Originative , it's WoB but no NorDe announced. Both GMK Carbon and GMK Eclipse are excellent designs. If he'd make an all WoB I'd buy 2-3 kits immediately. Re the geekhack set you referenced, I posted them asking them to make a WoB variant. The Kbdfans BoW NorDe kit you talked about, is it ? Its Windows key looks weird (a tilted square and no blank option, what's that..). Will that dye sub likely stick? They look fine, however white-on-black would be so much more preferable. Of course the dye sub they used here, is a much simpler manufacturing technology than doubleshot molding. It's funny that today in 2018 when we even have 3D printers, producing quality key caps and making an economy enough to stock them, is still a challenge.. So strange!