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Golden Star Monkey King Metal Artisan Keycap

Golden Star Monkey King Metal Artisan Keycap

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I'm honestly kind of disappointed in mine.

Here are the issues that I've noticed so far:

One of the eyes is pushed in.
Some effort seems to have been made with a grinder to "fix" it but the bright spot just kind of calls attention to it. Also as noted by others, "light up eyes" feature seems to rely upon you using switches which have clear stems which I do not.
One of the forehead pieces is bent backwards, further increasing the visual asymmetry.
The keycap itself seems to have cooled unevenly and warped, this is most evident when seen from below
The stem portion of the mold seems to have been inserted with a slight rotation, meaning that the key sits slightly but annoyingly spun relative to the rest of the keyboard.
Also, with regards to the stem, it doesn't hold the switch at all. It straight up falls off of the keyboard, which is not the case with either my Salvun AMK keycaps or the SMRT metal typewriter style caps which I got off of Massdrop.
Kurtle do I have any options here besides a return? Can you exchange this for a corrected one?
I would like to buy it from you if you are willing to part with it.
Well... I got it yesterday after I got home from out of town and... not exactly close. I monkey has no shine and no dark black patches as seen here. My came out look matte black and the horned helmet thing are not poking out but laying flat on the head. It's a heavy piece but id say it is considerably different than advertised. That said... it's a fooking cool key. The light passthrough in the eyes needs to pop through the stem. So the pass through doesn't really work.
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Mine came out really warped and sits rotated relative to the keyboard. Also it falls off. Yours?

FYI, since this is silver the coloration is actually tarnish. If you want it shinier use a little silver polish on those spots, if you want darker that will happen over time/handling.

sorry.... took longer than promised.
Eager to see how these turn out, please post photos when you get them.
Got my shipping/tracking. I'm headed out of town for a funeral, so it'll have to wait until I get home.
See my post above. Disappointed with the QC.
I need this for my Ducky Year of the Monkey kb!!! I can't believe I missed this/didn't check the massdrop page
too bad :((
Holy moly. One request already for it after it just ended. Come on brosky.
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That's very helpful.
Never ever regret purchasing this awesome keycap !
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Where did you get the golden dragon head keycap?
GB from GSK during Full Moon Festival as well.. only in Vietnam btw :)
So.... only way I don't get this is if I win a keyforge raffle in an hour and a half. But if I don't win the raffle, this will be my end game keycap.
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I mean keyforge raffle bro
You don't know how happy am I when I heard what u said bro, thanks so much