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Eager to see how these turn out, please post photos when you get them.
I need this for my Ducky Year of the Monkey kb!!! I can't believe I missed this/didn't check the massdrop page
too bad :((
Holy moly. One request already for it after it just ended. Come on brosky.
Really happy for that requested but I don't think will run it again, with each design i will run 1 time only, GUYS thanks so much for the support
What was the price?
Never ever regret purchasing this awesome keycap !
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Where did you get the golden dragon head keycap?
GB from GSK during Full Moon Festival as well.. only in Vietnam btw :)
So.... only way I don't get this is if I win a keyforge raffle in an hour and a half. But if I don't win the raffle, this will be my end game keycap.
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I mean keyforge raffle bro
You don't know how happy am I when I heard what u said bro, thanks so much
Just joined the drop. I have a question, are the stones in the eyes of the silver example both ruby and topaz (different stone for each eye)? It wasn't overly clear on the page!
Bro the red and pink are ruby, the yellow is topaz bro
I have a quick question: Would it be possible to replace some or all of the LED's on a RGB lit keyboard with UV LED's? Obviously I'm thinking of casting some key caps myself out of some type of clear acrylic and adding some glow powder or something like that. Are there boards already with UV LED's or does my idea sound ridiculously stupid? Anyone? ....... Anyone? ........ Bueller? ....... Bueller?
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If I even knew what the talk section was I would have used it. I think a better and more helpful answer would have been to explain that this is not where my question should have been posted. And if your saying that posting a question about keyboards in a thread that's primarily read by keyboard enthusiasts is irrelivant? I'd have to say that your answer is far more irrelevant to me since you neither answered my question nor explained where the "talk section" is? But thank you for your completely useless and "irrelevant" reply.
Here you go:

I said it's irrelevant because your question seems unrelated to the drop. You will get more attention if you make your own post.
Is this Monkey King an expensive keycap? That is relative as I have friends that spend serious amounts of their cash on their hobbies for items that cost a tenfold of what I spend on my keebs and artisans.

Think scuba tourism, guitars and watches and as long as everyone enjoys their hobby responsibly, I see no issues for myself with going for the most awesome stuff possible within my limited financial reach...

The quality and finish of GSK's designs fit his unique talent of combining jewelry techniques with artisan design.

A refreshing and IMHO a welcome approach in an artisan world that often focuses on resin-based blanks and sculpts.

Every detail is top notch and the end result is just something you have to trust him with to take care of, until that wonderful moment you can touch and see up close for yourself so I like you all to meet my custom Komanui below; I have this fascination with heterochromia and keycaps, so GSK was cool and able to combine these into a custom keycap with "Spirit Eyes" for me.

My Komanui welcomes me home on my main keeb and makes my smile everyday, since receiving it 2 weeks ago.

Patience with orders and shipping is the first thing I had to level-up when I decided to lower myself slowly into the artisan keycap rabbit hole...

Feel free to PM me on Reddit: U/DarwinMcLovin if there are any queries I can be helpful with!

@AkumaKurono @udller Find a pic of my humble Ducky YOTR attached , I am trying to get my Jadey theme going... : )

Warmest greets from chilly and rainy Holland!

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Watching DarwinMclovins reddit story in the past, I knew when the time came that I would be ready at all costs to cop a piece of your gorgeous work Kurtle.
Thank so much for loving my work bro

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