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I received them this afternoon. Get charged with $42 import fees in Quebec. So not the best deal ever.
Great looking boots. The laces are not black like in te picture, but brown and wheat. Look nice butI also like the contrast with black laces. The laces are very stiff and difficult to lace but I think they will break in.
They are true to size. The boots are very confortable, there is a thick rubber inside sole. I think they will break in very fast.

Here is the photo with aftermarket black laces. I removed them after the picture because it stains the tongue.
They look nice with a 511 chino.

The are also great with raw denim.

I hope it helps. Sorry for bad quality photos.

This is a great looking boot. If these come back around, any chance the saddle colorway will be available?
Do they make these small? I know it's Men's Apparel, but I'd love a pair of these. Size 3 in Mens.
Anyone know if these run big or small? Would hate to get stuck with a pair that doesn't fit.
True size
Too bad there aren't more photos...
I wonder how they would look from above, behind and how they'd pair with different pants and jeans
Do they run wide or narrow? Anyone know?
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keep in mind that I have everything little bit bigger doe to extra wide feet.
i would say wide
I would like to know whether it is a full grain leather upper.
interested in these but reviews online say the leather laces come too short and it’s hard to lace them up properly, expect to be replacing the laces if you get these.
I have "hi boots" and "chuka" , had no problem with laces, nether they are to short, nether they are prone to breaking . Only thing that I see as a problem is when the boots are new and you have thick socks on your first day. Leather boots will stretch little and the leather laces will stretch little and then it will be perfect length.
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