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Will this work with Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00 Ebony ? I have already bought CEntrance DACport Slim.
Is the sound going to be better?
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I use a modded Matrix m-stage hpa-3u+ I bought from massdrop with my (bright) HE560. Stock matrix's dac sucked big time. The combo is pretty sweet. If you're thinking about spending big $$, may be you can buy a used Gumby + the hpa-3b (balanced version) and give it a spin and have much better setup.
I gotta say, you're comparing a $1400 product to a $100 product. I mean... I hope the m920 sounds better with a $1300 price difference lol
Too expensive for made in china version. This would sell like hot cakes priced at $450 to $500 bucks.
Uh-huh! Except that your uncle is 'made in china' :D
Made in China? I think it's made in the USA.
But darn it, this isn't Shit. I mean, what could be better than a Shit amp and a pair of HD6XX headphones? If only Massdrop would sell Shit equipment, all would be right with the world.
Schiit* Also Schiit stuff is already really well priced, that said I'd really love to see a Schiit Jotenheim on here.
Schiit has a philosophy of no sales/specials/whatever you want to call it. Their reasoning is basically so everyone gets the same price and there's little to no reason to wait to purchase to try and get some really good deal. That said of course upgrades happen like the Magni 3 being the regular $99 price for what is essentially the Magni 2 Uber.
I have an oppohe2se. I think it has a ess9028 qm or something. Does anyone know what the chip is in this?
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Sabre ES9018-2M
Es 9028 q2m. Oppoha2 se. Thanks. I looked it up.
It's good! I'd like to hear the new ak something chip ? Wonder if it's warmer.
Finally something for the pricks that hate on smsl. You guys are all buying this, right?
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Owning 2 SMSL's is meaningless if you don't have a Grace to compare them to. You can be perfectly happy in your ignorance of what true transparency sounds like, and if you are I recommend not auditioning an m920. However, no SMSL I have heard (using the same cans, HD800's) has come anywhere close to my m903. You lose transparency, you add noise, the imaging is inferior.

That doesn't mean they are bad, they just aren't anywhere near as good. They are a great value, like I said I run an SMSL at work where my listening is rarely my focus and more just background and I am completely happy with them. But when I am sitting in my chair intently listening, where the listening is my sole focus, like I often do at home it just doesn't get the job done for me anymore.

There are plenty of places in audio where you can spend vast sums of money for relatively small increases in quality, I personally don't think the Grace m9xx series is one of those places, but I also buy my high end gear used mostly to lessen the pain. I got my m903 for ~$500, and at that price point there is zero chance of finding anything else in the same galaxy when it comes to sound and build quality, imo. At $1400 it gets a bit tougher, but for anyone with the disposable cash to spend they won't be disappointed.
I own a whole stock pile of DACs. There are no magical high end components to put into a Grace product that are already not in an smsl product. The cost of high-end components has fallen sharply Over The Last 5 Years there for you can buy a very high-end unit for a price of 400 or less dollars and have literally the most bleeding edge possible components in every single category.
Considering smsl transparency with their use of high-end components it's pretty clear that you are definitely getting your money's worth. But it depends on which smsl product you purchase. If you have a low end all in one product then you cannot expect a high-end sound. But the quality of the sound is still incredible for the price even in the low end. But if you put their high-end product like a M8 or M8A or even M9 against any high-end product I think that it will be more than comparable. This has been my personal experiences when testing the smsl products against other higher-end products.
I would be willing to bet my whole stock of gear that you could not reliably A/B test your grace product against any of my Chinese high-end products.
Keeping the price down with a remote?
Sell my m920 purchased from last drop:
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From Last drop, like 3-4 months ago
I just checked my transactions, the last drop was 6 month ago, but I did not use it much.
The m920 may still be a very good value at $1399, even now when it's getting a little long in the tooth. But the truth is these drops are now for some reason nowhere near as successful as they used to be back in 2015 and 2016. To say the m920 sold like hotcakes would be an exaggeration but lately there have been hardly any sales. I'm not sure why. But I can vouch for the m920 personally.