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Again are these Authentic Gunnar? Guess I will have to ask Gunnar. Or cancel my order.
Save yourself $15. These guys took a week and a half to ship but the glasses are fanatastic
There is a difference between blue light filtering glasses and computer glasses. Blue light filtering glasses just filter out blue light. Computer glasses have lenses with an optical center that encourage your eyes to focus on things that are close, like computer screens. This guy explains it much better.
What model is this and are these Authentic Gunnar's?
No MLG Micron option for this drop?
These are what I came for as well. They advertise the Microns in the main display picture for $30 and then don't have them? Disappointing to say the least.
Do any of these offer some magnification i.e. reading glasses?
I love my glasses, however out of ignorance I thought the bag that came with them was microfiber and used the inside of it to clean my lenses, and now most of the coating has been rubbed away. For some reason they seem to get dirty very easy. It would be nice if they came with a cloth for cleaning. Don't be me and BE CAREFUL HOW YOU CLEAN THEM. Now I just need another drop to replace them.
RPG with polarized lenses... AFAIK Gunnar has never offered polarized lenses and their Web site still has a screed about why no polarization.

Can you confirm that these are Gunnar lenses?
Polarized lenses are most definitely only in the versions they show sunglasses not the yellow lenses.
Hello, I have purchased a Gunnar Intercept in the past, and I really liked it. I wanted to see if I can get the same frame but with amber lenses. I want the Intercept - DarkAle with Amber (Yellow) lenses. Please let me know if that's a possibility. Thanks

Would these be good for playing sports at night under lights or driving? If so, which model?
Does using this in addition to flux do anything? Would I see any benefits from using them?
So when are y'all gonna just offer RX options in the drop, im too lazy to buy, wait for them to arrive and then ship them back and wait again, just so I can see through them
I thought I remember this drop saying something like “in stock and ready to ship.” But now they will ship by June 22? Am I crazy?
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If it makes you feel better, mine says July 19th.
Yeah that’s not cool.
Why wouldn't you just download f.lux? It does the same thing that gunnars do. I would recommend you trying it out Before purchasing gunnars. You may not like the color changes
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As I briefly mentioned, there are alternatives. Search Amazon for 'gamma ray glasses'. Can't speak for the build-quality on those but the pair of Gunnars I've owned and used almost daily for 5 years have held up just fine.
Also, the lenses decrease the amount of convection around your eyes so they don't dry out as quickly