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I thought I remember this drop saying something like “in stock and ready to ship.” But now they will ship by June 22? Am I crazy?
Maybe the 22nd is worst case scenario? I'd love them sooner as I've never owned a pair of Gunnar's.
Why wouldn't you just download f.lux? It does the same thing that gunnars do. I would recommend you trying it out Before purchasing gunnars. You may not like the color changes
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Not when the pair of specs are $30 and extremely overpriced.
As I briefly mentioned, there are alternatives. Search Amazon for 'gamma ray glasses'. Can't speak for the build-quality on those but the pair of Gunnars I've owned and used almost daily for 5 years have held up just fine.
Note that these have a slight magnification that completely ruined them for me.

I purchased a pair and loved them so much that I bought a second pair for work. Completely eliminated eye strain/headaches overnight. Plus with the flat arms I could wear headphones pain free. Not sure if it had any effect on me getting to sleep easier (though this was a second reason I purchased (to reduce blue light from screens)).

The thing is, I only used them for about 7 months.
First, you can't use them with the TV because they're like reading glasses - Anything close is easier to read, but anything beyond a yard or so is blurry. In fact they annoyed me anytime someone walked into my office to chat: I had to remove them or look at their blurry face for 5 minutes.
Second, they started changing my vision. After a few months of using them things at a distance started to become more clear, but things at a distance without the glasses became blurry and weirdly shimmery. I've stopped using them for 4 months now and things at distance are still a bit blurry, though I've been looking at a computer screens a lot more lately - unsure if the glasses or more close-focus computer time is the culprit.
Anyway I called and asked about a pair without the magnification and I was told I'd have to get prescription lenses...
I won't guarantee that they're any good, but a review I saw for Spektrum Glasses specifically pointed out the magnification thing as a problem that brand doesn't have. You might want to check them out.
Can the glasses' elevation be raised? I have the RPG-05401 and even after adjusting the nose pad I still see the top frame.
Anyone started to receive these yet? DHL tracking reports my pair has arrived in country, but nothing for a week after that.
Okay, just arrived yesterday!
Are any of these models good for going over prescription eyeglasses?
They do make prescription lenses. But perhaps you've already looked into that? Here's the link just in case.
So the glasses were delivered yesterday and I've compared them to my glasses from the optician. The one from the optician is +0,5 with blue filter and optional range is roughly one arm length or 1 meter and cost me €149. The Gunnar phantom MLG is +0,2 with blue filter and amber tint with an unknown optional range and cost me €38,14.

Wearing the optician glasses I can see the screen isn't as bright and blue colors are slightly less blue. Reviews that the amber tint of the Gunnars help with contrast ingame are true although I mostly play RPG, action and fighting games so keep that in mind while reading this. Purpose and price wise I'd say for taking glasses Gunnars do their job well especially since these allow for comfortable over ear headphones wear as well.
No more headaches after a day of starting at screens with either one.

As long as you avoid touching the glasses you should be fine either way. So far I've found my optician glasses smudged pretty easily when accidentally directly touching them and I think this might hold true for the Gunnars as well. I suspect this has to do with the anti-reflective coating on my optician glasses.

The optician reading glasses with blue filter are slightly costlier, but when you already use prescription glasses you might need to reconsider and calculate which is the cheaper and more cost effective option according to your wishes. In my case the Gunnars are cheaper since I didn't get them with prescription lenses, however getting prescription glasses from and optician can also be pretty costly depending on the glass and frame options to name a few. The biggest selling point of getting glasses at an optician would be knowing, seeing and fitting everything before you commit yourself to the sale.

In short for people without prescription glasses the Gunnars are cheaper and work well enough while wearing over ear headphones, for people needing prescription glasses make a checklist of options then make a price comparison to decide if the Gunnars are best for you or not.

You know you can just get blue light filters on phones and computers as applications for free right....
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Didn't work well enough for me, but if it does for you it's cheaper and less intrusive than wearing glasses. ;-)
But they can drop frame rates and what about if your are using a PS4 example...
Hi Massdrop, any specification details for Emissary n Phenom?
Can I put any of these models on top of my current glasses?
I got the Intercept during the last drop. When I put it on I noticed a bit or "power" or a slight binocular effect. is this normal with these glasses? I have 20/20 vision hence I wish to keep it that way. Haven't worn it since. Appreciate some feedback from users here :)
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Thank you my friend. To be honest I have not been using these Gunnar Optics since I posted :( Also because I went back to changing my screen colours to a warmer tint.

I will give this another try and check the Spektrum glasses you mentioned. Thanks mate :)
You can apparently get 10% off with code "LINUS", too; they're a regular sponsor of a channel on youtube.