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Hammer Jukebox Artisan Keycap

Hammer Jukebox Artisan Keycap

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The Wren and Stimpy show came to mind when I first saw these. I have to say, the artisanship is outstanding! They definitely capture an important period of culture in the USA, in particular. The mint green reminds me of a Chevy Bel Air. Great work!
Yeah they really took the set and ran with the theme, these are far better than I could have even come up with!
Enjoy it.
I am a bit confused on why this wasn't made to be the correct size for the Esc, but I guess you just gotta take what you can get. It still looks absolutely amazing together with the set, and I am very tempted to get one of these for myself.
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Yeah some things aren't feasible even when you want them to be. It's all good still looks perfect with the set.
Like I mentioned, I think this is the perfect height. On most keyboards the ESC sits a bit away from the rest of the F-Row and the Number Row, and the height difference with R1 SA isn't quite as noticeable as when sitting right next to the keys like on a 75% or 96 key layout board. It also works well with Cubic and uniform R3 SA sets, so it sits in a very good middle ground in my opinion!
I always swore off artisans as being silly and sticking out too much from the surrounding keys, but this is going to fit right in on my JukeDox.
But WHICH ONE?!? *tears*
Trick question, buy them all.
Will this drop again before Jukebox R3 is *delivered*?
I'm super stoked to finally see these on here! I have all 3 (pics coming soon) and I really dig them. The team at Hammer was also really fun to work with!

And yes, Jukebox Round 3 is getting all the latest updates to kits and will definitely be a thing, hopefully sooner than later!

Here's a photo of the Green cap on my G81 + Cubic Jukebox.

It's a seriously cool cap!
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I'm very excited to hear about Jukebox R3. It's my favorite set, and I think had the best Ergodox options. Looking forward to it!
Thanks man!
Oooh i need one of these for sure... Really hoping to see a Jukebox round 3 @livingspeedbump
Sigh... when are they actually dropping the Jukebox set again....
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Please do your best to make sure the kits are 'compatible' with previous rounds.. i.e. not requiring us to re-buy a bunch of the same caps...

I certainly need to add more compatibility to my round2 jukebox TKL kit, while a modifier pack like is in the current 'Amber/Green Screen SA' kit is super great for the *original* buy, it'd not be so great for another extra round.
The SA Ergodox I agree with others that it is the best looking Ergo set! I especially love the red accent keys on it . So excited to get this kit and others.
How would it fit XDA profile like Massdrop Mito Canvas?
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"but a decent combo"

Now you made me curious in your taste of homestyling and gadgets, whatever.
Don't know, if i want to know, what is not decent in your opinion.

Take it with a very big smile Supergirl!
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