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Hammer x MiTo Laser Hamitso Labs D3X STIMS Artisans

Hammer x MiTo Laser Hamitso Labs D3X STIMS Artisans

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May I know why I only get replacement for Black, Teal, and Pink. Where is my Red replacement? thanks.
thanks for the info but from the link provided, it is saying Mitears (pink) is good but how come I still received the replacement for Mitears (pink) but no Mehell (red) ? Please help advise. Thanks.
Got my replacements in... same problems, just a little bit darker.

Both of these orders are for Red and Black... these are so obviously not what we bought... again.

That's not black, it's navy blue.
That's not red... it's pink.

Hamm3r did you even open these to see how off these are?

As a first time Hammer customer but a long time fan, this is really really disheartening.

I had looked at Hammer like it was top quality, but this will never match the Laser keyset, and it's occurred twice now with zero communication and months between updates.

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I really pointed out this mistake while the GB is active sir.
I know, but for some reason we still haven't received a laser color card from GMK, and Mito can't provide us with pantone colors. After negotiation, we decided to use Miami color which is really close to Laser's.
At that time, laser was just a render, and cyan and pink were not used as base color. This makes it difficult for us to accurately judge the color
Oh hey just got shipping confirmation for the replacement.
Me too..really excited :) Thanks to Hamm3r.

I hope he makes more Artisans like he did for SA Carbon
Nuclear Launch Detected.
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Is there an estimated ship date I can expect for the replacements?
Hi Hamm3r! I absolutely love your work, do you have any websites or online shop? Or do you only work through Massdrop? Could not find much on the Internet… Thanks in advance for the answer!
Just curious if the correction batch will be on schedule for Laser's ship date as well Hamm3r? Any updates?
Same, pending info. I hope it is around the time the GMK laser actually ships.
Gutted not getting these now... they all look amazing!
These came in this morning and I love them.

Hello everyone,
​We at Hammer Workshop has always been proud of what we do and that is our high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that has won us nothing but praise from the community that has been there for us good or bad. This time however we've made a grave mistake and that comes in the form of a color error in the artisan keycap: DEX for GMK Laser.
​However, for all participants who have pre-ordered the artisan keycap will still get this keycap. To have made such a big error we'll still be redoing another batch of the artisan keycaps down the line as a replacement with on a scheduled date that's not very far away from the original drop date Massdrop has a agreed to ship them for us to all you fans out there. We're very sad to have made an irreversible error, here we would like to sincerely apologize to everyone and hereby ensure participants not to be disappointed.
​I regret not being able to do it on time, not that I won't deliver a stated product shown. I hoped everyone will show our faith in what we do. You will see the new version of DEX keycaps very soon, I will keep a high level after service for you guys forever. Hoped everyone have a great weekend.
​Yours Sincerely,
Thank you, I just want to mention that you have acquired a new fan. I will be following your work.

If you can bring back those Carbon Space Bar..... yum yum ...
The keys feel really good. I threw them on this keyboard for now. I'm thinking about putting them on the arrow keys on my 75 at work.

Dam, the colors look really off. I just got these for K-Type and GMK Laser.

I just got an email that the colors will be fixed. The international users are really screwed. I had to pay 30 CDN in duties.
Got mine today and I have to say they are looking pretty good. But something I did notice was the red one(and octagons around the d3x), is not really red. It is more of a pink color. I was wondering if all the "red" ones look like that or is it just mine. Or maybe that's just how they cameout vs the pics on massdrop. Either way they still look cool.

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I got a perfect Shadofi and I am super satisfied (good job), so any chance to get one or two extras Mitears (pink) or Mehell (red) among those replacements?
Thank you
Mitears are perfect and even better than what the sample showed so the after service will not include them.