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Does anyone have any reviews in this?
How much was this drop? This is 500 on headamp website....Mr. Clark from MrSpeakers steered me to this for his planars instead of appears this amp is great for planars and dynamics...none for sale on ebay they must be keepers? LoL
The drop was $449, a small(ish) savings.
Thanks...decisions decisions....for 500 i can get a burson soloist sl
Received mine earlier this week. Great sound, very pleased so far. Very similar to my original Gilmore Lite, with four major noticeable improvements so far, in order of importance:
(1) A different, rounder, arguably more natural-sounding tone. The original Gilmore Lite had (to some ears) a kind of sharp or emphasized treble, and that is completely gone in the mk2. I think some people will appreciate this change, but it does make it somewhat difficult to compare the sound of the original GL and the mk2 in other respects. I need to do a lot more serious listening, and probably burn-in/warm-up, before I have more to say on the sound.
(2) A somewhat more powerful output stage, though there wasn't really any problem with the original to begin with. For reference, comfortable listening had the volume pot at around 10:00 with my HD600 on the mk2 instead of around 11:30 on the original GL. I think on my LCD-2 I maybe turned it up to 1:00 at the most. So there's plenty of headroom on my most-used phones.
(3) A much nicer, super-smooth volume pot and knob with perfect channel matching throughout its range. In contrast, the original GL had a little grit and some noticeable unevenness at very low volume levels.
(4) A nicer feeling and larger case with nice sticky-rubber feet that is much less apt to slide across your desk. Weight is approximately the same. Linear power supply is the same size and specs.

I will post some comparison pictures later, and possibly more sound impressions if I am satisfied that I've come to any conclusions.
Received my own Gilmore Lite mk2 earlier this week, and my early impressions jive with yours. I'm particularly enjoying it with the TH-X00 Ebony, perhaps on account of that headphone's lower impedance taking better advantage of the available output power. The amp's a solid enough performer with the Sennheiser HD 600, although my modded HD 650 sounds just a bit flabby in the lows. However, the HD 650's upper midrange comes off smoother than the HD 600's more forward bite. And while I haven't done much listening yet with the HD 800 SDR, the potentially problematic mid-treble region was inoffensive enough on cursory inspection.

Thus far, this seems like quite a good headphone amp. Especially at the Massdrop rate, modest as the discount is.
Although I'm sure the Toshiba FETs are nice...doesn't seem this little guy has a real output stage. Seems awfully lightweight to me.
So tempted to join this but this is a little out of my price range. For 400 I would definitely join :\
It’s impressive there are so many audio engineers in
the Massdrop community.
Looks like that PCB was laid out to look pretty, not to optimize performance. I cringe at all these symmetrical layouts with their components in neat rows and columns. This is almost never optimal for the circuit performance, and raises more questions, in my mind, as to the design priority.

More detailed measurements and a better, more complete set of specs could go a long way to all these concerns. If the design truly has merit, it should be apparent in it's quantifiable performance.
The circuit is a symmetrical, dual-differential design, so yes, that will be reflected in the board layout. Also, I'm sure the paralleled output transistors are easy to spot. We'll publish a larger set of specs however MD has a standard list that they use for amplifiers. Most likely this amp will end up measured by a 3rd party as well. Innerfidelity has measured both our Pico Power and GS-X mk2 amplifiers and both were top in class in measurements.
It's a very attractive design, and I am looking forward to some objective measurements to validate it's theoretical performance.
In addition to incomplete power specs, it's not clear what type of volume control the amp uses. I've found that sound quality improves with an outboard resistor-based volume control (I'm currently using the Tisbury Audio passive preamp with my EarMax [Brocksieper] OTL headphone amp, makes a tremendous difference to detail, texture, etc.).
We just had Massdrop add a couple photos, it uses the Alps RK27 (Blue) which we get direct from Alps and we do screen them here
Yet another amp with incomplete power specs and a relatively high price! Please specify RMS power per channel for 32, 50, 300 & 600 ohms.
Is this similar to the DIY amplifiers that AMB offer (re: Which one is the better deal? I've heard good things about AMB gears. Thanks in advance.
There are many similarities in topology and parts used between the AMB b22 and Kevin Gilmore's equally well known design. This is a much smaller desktop version, about the size of a CD case.
If you're interested in headphone amps in the $450-500 range, consider the Schiit Lyr for $449.
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You might have to offer more observations/evidence for your opinion on Schiit amps to carry much weight. Why are the Valhalla 2 and Lyra 2 "mediocrities" compared to other DIY Dynalos, in your opinion?
They are not bad but neither they are anything special. Valhalla 2 is a tube amp so I'm going to set it aside at the moment. The Lyr 2 (tube hybrid version, I have no experience with the LISST one) lacks details, it has great impact/dynamism though which I suppose why people like them so much but it lacks the refinement of the Dynalo. The Jotunheim is actually not bad but has a tendency to sound glare-y and bright/cold, great details but compared to the Dynalo it's less balanced. Comparison done mainly with the HD800S so YMMV of course.