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I own this watch. The minute-hand fell off without any bumps or tare at all and the customer support is non-existing. Stay away from this company, they are scammers!
You know, I look at this watch every time the drop goes active, and it isn't a bad looking piece, and the spec sheet is pretty solid all in all. Miyota movements are nothing to scoff at (It's a Citizen brand....), even the cheaper quartz like this one. It's different with the bullhead case and red crown, which helps it stand out from a crowd. The biggest problem this watch has is the price point, and a brand called Seiko. Priced a bit lower, this would be a nice, different alternative to a lot of watches in the sub $200 market.
I dunno, there aren't many dual crown, internal 12hr bezel options out there... closest bet might be a Bulova Snorkel II for about $150 when it's on sale, but that's a standard bezel, but does have a very smooth second hand, so that's a plus, but I'm sure that's mostly a volume thing.
It seems like this Drop comes back every 2 weeks or so, wonder if they have a ton of inventory to move.
Yeah, was thinking the same thing. W/ their non existent customer service it'll have to be a lot cheaper for me to take the risk.
I was thinking the same...
after who wants to put 200$ in that "watch"??!! there are so many which are much better for this price!
(when I say "better" I am talking about price regarding quality)
I did a review of this watch (see link below). I know people are saying this watch isn't worth it, because it has a Miyota quartz movement that can be found for ~$10. But you still have to manufacture a case, straps, crystal, etc.. To me, it's not always about the best mechanical movement. I bought this watch, because it is a quartz and my plan was to use it as a beater that I could rely on. No winding, no worrying about scuffs, and crystal clear dial. So far, it has lived up to my expectations. I did a youtube review of it here:


Overall, if you are looking for a reliable, durable, watch with crystal clear dial, and the added perk of the rotating inner bezel for dual time zones, I would say $199 is worth it. Just my take.
Nice review. Had my eyes on this watch many times before because I really like this watch design. Unfortunately I shifted my collection more towards mechanical/automatic watches as I just hate replacing batteries... Never checked it, but if there was automatic version of this model I would buy it for sure.
The watch looks good but a $300 MSRP for a 10$ Miyota quartz movement sounds like a rip-off to me. Even at 200 bucks i'd get something else.

If you like the cushion-case, just get a Seiko new-turtle.
I'd do a Seiko Automatic any day over this China shady quartz attempt.
For the same amount of cash.
Do you know how much this watch weight? I couldn't found any data.
I have one for sale if anyone want it $75. I do not have the OEM leather band which was lost in a move but it is on a nice nato strap.
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Yes chris.enstad at gmail
this costs too much money they don't get the picture drop the price to 99$ and it will all be sold out
Three handed dual timers work for most people. I have a Magrette Dual Time for that. In fact, for those that crave "military" time, something like a purist 24hr Glycine would probably fit the bill. I have one as my daily wearer and it's easy to adapt to the dial and telling the time. In fact, it takes a bit of getting used to a 12 hour dial when I revert.

As for 4 hander GMT watches, I tend to look at them like chronographs. Most people are going to use the added functionality rarely. A simpler watch will be less hassle and do what you need it to do 99% of the time. For the other 1% there's smartphones :)
$299 MSRP to $249 ... is that a joke?
If 6 people buy or commit the price drops to $219.99.
219$ for a watch with a miyota quartz movement I find it still expensive... When you, for exemple, compare it to the Vostok Europe Limo of a previous drop at 199$ with an automatic GMT movement vostok 2426 you just think "is that a joke?"
It's nice looking, but according to several users on r/Watches (subreddit), Helgray's construction quality is very shoddy.
I own this specific watch. It is actually pretty nice, nothing shoddy about it. The strap in not at the same level of the watch, but that is very common with these microbrands. Mine has been working with no problems what so ever since I bought it on its release day.