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HELM Boots Garza Chukka

HELM Boots Garza Chukka

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Sneaker-Inspired Roughout Chukka

Named for Elaine Garza, the powerhouse behind Austin-based PR agency Giant Noise, the HELM Garza chukka boot certainly makes a statement. It features a roughout leather upper from renowned British tanner Charles F. Stead, along with calfskin lining and HELM’s signature white midsole. Sneaker-inspired elements, like the white laces, help the Garza stand out from the crowd, while its Meramec Raptor sole offers extra comfort, support, and grip. The durable, water-resistant upper will retain its quality over time while forming to each individual’s foot, making your pair of Garzas truly your own.

Note: At checkout, you'll have your choice of full and half sizes from US 7 to 12, plus 13. 

HELM Boots Garza Chukka

About HELM

HELM was founded in 2009 with a mission: to change what was expected from the traditional boot by incorporating elements from the makers’ favorite shoes and sneakers. The first models were designed in Austin and produced in Istanbul, Turkey, and featured some of the iconic colors and details HELM is known for today. In 2012, the company moved all of its production to the United States, with factories in Arkansas and Maine. Focusing on local craftsmanship, American-influenced lasts, and new patterns and material combinations, the company continues to push the boundaries of today’s footwear.

HELM Boots Garza Chukka
HELM Boots Garza Chukka
HELM Boots Garza Chukka
HELM Boots Garza Chukka


  • HELM
  • Water-resistant roughout leather upper from C. F. Stead
  • Fully lined with calfskin
  • Signature white midsole
  • HELM-branded rubber Meramec Raptor sole
  • Designed in Austin, TX and made in the USA


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