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Hidden Lab Two-Tone MX / HHKB Resin Keycaps

Hidden Lab Two-Tone MX / HHKB Resin Keycaps

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Anyone order red keycaps and receiving like orange/brown/yellowish like i did?
yes... same here (late to the game, I know, but only openned them recently)
The keys are beautiful! I must've been luckier then the rest of the posters, only 1 cap out of 24 I ordered was noticeable crooked.
Yeah, I must have been luckier, as well. If I look closely at them, they're definitely not perfectly straight which does definitely speak to some poor quality control unfortunately, but because I'm using them as the P1 P2 P3 P4 keys on a MasterKeys Pro L (so basically a 104 key + 4 profile key layout), they're not really important keys. I had just been looking forever for something to replace the default keys with, since the PBT set I bought as a temporary measure until I got one of the nicer sets I'm waiting on from Massdrop didn't include anything I can use on them.

Here's how they turned out (FYI they're all blue, just did different colors for fun in the picture, and it worked surprisingly well - but they look great all uniform as well, or with one lit up differently to indicate the profile):

I photoshopped this a bunch to clean it up, and took it at an angle where the crooked stems are not obvious.

A whoooole bunch of my caps came with crooked stems, and it's driving me nuts. What happened MrTym

Several of my caps seem to have a stem rotation to them (aren't lined up with other keys). I might go so far as to say that *all* of them might be relatively rotated, but some far more than others. Unfortunate.
I have like 50 of them, and I think 25 of them suffer from crooked stems, but only 10 or so are crooked to the point where it is unacceptable for an artisan cap.

I hope Hidden Lab corrects this for us.
I received my keycaps today and as mentioned below by Ghastone, one of the keys are way off center. Also, R3 keycaps don't fit into the stem making it higher than other keycaps. Who do I have to contact to get it fixed?

I received my keycaps and I have some noticable problems with the {[ key. It is very clearly off center

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R1, R2, R2, R3 would've been correct.
noticed this with mine too... about half of them are crooked
Hey Guys! Production has been complete! Thank you for sticking with us! Hope you enjoy these as much as we do! Very excited our end, hence the extreme use of !!

150 users have requested this drop as of 9.12.17, and I can promise I'd buy these if they ever returned. The question is this: Will they?

The original reason some of us didn't buy was a question about key rows that wasn't resolved until about 16 hours before the drop ended. Those of us who inadvertently picked the wrong row asked to be sent a different row but had our orders canceled. That's one of the reasons I'd love to have another chance at these.
Hope you bring this back! Now was not the time but I do want it for sure.
Why did this disappear. I thought it was on for 1 more day
Limited to 200
Which row would be for the insert key on afull sized keyboard with a number pad?
MrTym can you confirm escape is row 4? Looking through the comments, it seems there is not a consensus on this, and I want to make sure I ordered the right caps for hhkb arrow cluster.
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I wrote to Massdrop's customer service asking specifically to substitute R4 keys for R1s, R3s for R2s, etc. Their only recourse seemed to be to cancel my order completely, which was understandable if mildly infuriating. Hidden Lab's rep seems nice, but I do blame that person for failing to answer questions until the zero hour. Correct color descriptions, numbered key rows designations -- these are things that should have been made clear from the beginning. The information should have been part of the product page.
Agree on all points. I wonder how many people ended up canceling their order vs how many people couldn't and will end up receiving the wrong caps. Really unfortunate.