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Hiragana PBT Dye-Subbed Keycaps

Hiragana PBT Dye-Subbed Keycaps

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

So who is manufacturing this? I just read it's not enjoypbt, also how does it feel to type on DSA? Very new to this :)
Does anyone have the cherry profile ones? Are the alphas white or grey like Meowington's?
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When did you order yours? Because I am kind of new to Massdrop and just want to know if I have to wait until February
i ordered mine on the 20th sept so it takes about 2 months?
Im really liking these caps, I got the DSA ones, here's some pics..... I also have a SA profile BKD summer artisan as a esc key


what is the wrist rest?
that's from mionix. https://mionix.io/long-pad
Am I missing something? Did they send me the wrong keys or are they false advertising? In the pictures the keys are very clearly white for the numbers and letters. The ones I got are grey and don't really match my keyboard. After having to wait 2 months for these keys to even ship and then they're delayed by another 8 days after they should've gotten here, I gotta say I'm a bit disappointed. I've attached a picture showing the color of the keys in contrast with the actual white keys of my keyboard.
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weird because I got the the DSA kaps and Im pretty sure these are white......
Yup, those are the ones I wanted. Out of stock too so now I get my money back after waiting 3 months and no key caps + the fees for shipping them back. So I lost money to not have any keycaps.
I got these and liked em
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I actually need to take a better picture with my camera.... And it has a nice texture to the keys
Do you have pics of them with available light?
Wait so this isn't the actual keyboard, is it? It's just the keys?
Just the keycaps. Keyboard not included.
Anyone know the keyboard??
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alright welp
I'm thinking its an iKBC KD104? Looks like it :<
Edit: but doubt I doubt it :l
Does it have non homing keys?
seeing how cheap it is I don't think they would supply extras.
Anyone know the font of the letters on the cherry profile?
Thank you!
Of course it's shipping is delayed.....
Got an email saying it was delayed last night. Got an email this morning that it’s been shipped. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
This might just be me, but as well as keycaps, I'm looking for a keyboard itself so I wish the model photographed was displayed as well.
The samples look really good but without a disclosed manufacturer and this price point I’m scared the real units will look a lot worse.
I know right. I'm worried since i got the DSA caps. I am not sure who is making them and they are so cheap so like this could be the worst set I have ever seen.
Does anyone know if there is a translucent version of these? Would love to snag it if it exists.
This set would be even better if it had translucent lettering, and at the very least have translucent English. This would be an easy buy for me if this was the case. Japanese us one of the most interesting languages for me.
With the left shit is there an extra at 2u as well as 2.25u?
wow this is a good price for some quality dsa keycaps
Can anyone tell me if the letter keys are white, or if they are light gray? I'm looking for straight-up white keys. Thanks!
Does this set have stepped bottom row mods?
"and it includes an additional eight keycaps for ISO and other layouts."
It shows one image of the DSA profile with only 6 additional keys. I think that MassDrop could've done a better job showing the sets with the additional keys in the same image, because now it's a bit unclear.
What profile is this? It looks like OEM but a little weird from the pictures to me.
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It says DSA at checkout
My bad, you are right. Both options are listed in the highlighted box on the Overview page. I was just going by the header picture (#2 of 11).
Does this set include a 1.75u shift?
Anyone know how THICC these are?
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Good morning,
sorry, my mistake. For a long time it had been kind of a common phrase here at MD "How thick are these keycaps", because MD didn't provided picture(s) of the keycaps flipped to judge the thickness. To give folks a measurement in millimeter isn't common at all at any place given. From the picture given i would say around 1.4 - 1.5 mm, which isn't thin at all.
Hope this helps
Thanks for the info. That's actually pretty good if the thickness falls between 1.4 to 1.5 mm. I believe Vortex caps are around 1.5 mm.
How's the quality on these guys?
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Sorry, i'm just a customer like you. From my experience of the last four years at MD you're going to get what is shown, no changes. This is a "cheap" drop, no custom sets with childkits going to cost $100-200. Maybe they will consider this for the next round, but i wouldn't count on that. The difference is "not so big", even less for Americans/Europeans. Most people wont even recognize something is missing and the money asked seems to be fine.
Real talk. Thanks for your input Makami.
I have a Topre Realforce RGB which has a nice RGB underglow and I was wondering if some of the light would leak through the gaps between the keycaps or if these keycaps would make the RGB invisible. Thank you for any help! :)
The underglow should be the same, but no shine through for the lettering.
Awesome, thanks!
Is this not enjoyPBT?
No way at this price
Does anyone know which company these are by?
ditto. same question wandering in my mind also made by who and not much review out there kinda fishy about the product.
Yah... it’s a good price but.... there’s no such thing as free lunch, so am kinda wary about it
edit: typo