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Not spending any cash until a product number can be verified! I'm very interested, but I'm not jumping in if I don't know what I'm buying
Siggystyle amdee1979 This is the WH20400 model.
Will someone please provide the model number for this item, so that we are aware of which Accessories would be needed to accompany the purchase of this item??
Very interesting, there is a wood setting on this mop, as per pic
What is the model number of this mop? If it's the WH20400 model, then this is not such a great bargain as it is $49 on Amazon as mentioned previously. If it's the WH20401 model, which I believe is the hard floor version, then this is a great bargain ($69 on Amazon).
This needs an answer...
it looks like the two models are almost exactly the same, both have the hardwood feature.

Companies often have the same product under two different model numbers for different stores or markets, so they're really the same steam mop.
Another Massdrop ripoff? Going for $49 on Amazon.
How is it a ripoff when it's $10 cheaper here?
So no 220V support I presume? :^(
I have a decent amount of experience with flooring, as I've been working around it for the past few years. My impression is that this mop should not be used on hardwood, laminate, or cork. The fear is that it could cause your floor boards to swell from the added moisture and destroy the finish, or potentially warp the boards. I don't think any of the hardwood manufacturers would honor a warranty after this mop has been used on their products.

Maybe someone with more specific knowledge wants to chime in here and prove me wrong. I don't really know much about this specific product, but this issue has come up and my workplace's policy was to steer customers clear from steam mops for anything other than ceramics.
its fine on hardwood and wooden floors, have been using one for a while with no issue.
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