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Have it, love it, paid $700 for it. VA ghosting is normal, but can be mitigated by setting a slower response time (not refresh rate) on the monitor menu. Haven’t seen flickering issues with G-Sync, but then again, I don’t play with <30fps, and that looks to be the root cause with these panels.
Is the 100hz just a normal spec? Can these be OC'd to 120/144 or even 200?
No, 100hz is already OC...
What is the price for shipping to Portugal??
Are these factory new from HP?
I agree, ’deals’ on massdrop are weak!
If these are the bad monitors... they should be like 300
Anyone know why the description lists sRGB coverage at 72% and the specs lists it as 100%?
None of the prices for the last 4 months have been that tempting on here... Just about ready to cancel my account, get 2-4 emails a day full of junk priced at retail.
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you are right. you showed me.
Massdrop shall be known as crapdrop henceforth 😆
Same price as Amazon.
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Yeah, I show even higher than that now as well. It was $799 when there were 18 left, so they must adjust accordingly. This is a good deal.
well it shows $820 on Amazon and $799.00 (.99 less than your price) on BeachCamera today (3/21/2018) This is a crap deal and you know it, even if you can't admit it.
I've recently found out about a recall of this monitor due to G-Sync flickering issues that couldn't be fixed by a firmware update. Wonder if this is the "new" version.
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Lol, your test of a couple of monitors means exactly zilch. It's still just your PERSONAL opinion, that of just ONE person. We are talking about reports from dozens, if not hundreds of people all over internet about the flickering on this monitor, ergo, the monitor is a lemon and should be avoided at all costs if your eyes mean anything to you. It's not personal, it's statistics lol
So you're ignoring the positive reports and feedback on this monitor? My opinion and feedback on them is just as valuable as anyone who thinks differently. When people are angry they are more likely to complain, there needs to be people with positive experiences too. I suggest this monitor as with others that use the same panel because it's easy on the eyes, unlike any TN or IPS monitor. It is personal if you're saying my one opinion doesn't matter but other people's opinions, that are more aligned with yours, do. You can keep thinking it's a lemon as you will, but I'll be too busy enjoying my monitor.
So is this a g-sync version of the Vast, but made by HP?
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No it isn’t lol
You're right. I misread it as an AHVA panel. My mistake.
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