HP OMEN X 35-Inch Curved G-Sync 100Hz Displaysearch

HP OMEN X 35-Inch Curved G-Sync 100Hz Display

HP OMEN X 35-Inch Curved G-Sync 100Hz Display

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finally, the monitor i was waiting for!!
doesn't ship to the Netherlands...
Thats about how much I got my Samsung CF791 for. Would have grabbed this if it had happened around the same time as I would be getting the gsync, but my monitor has Quantum Dot.
Oh my God I missed right now...
Its back!
Is that good deal?

I like this But This is not 144Hz so i considering..

Nope. Not to Hawaii or Alaska, which when I last checked, are states in the USA. Free to continental USA. Wish MD would stop putting this at the top so that I don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom just to find out that, "due to increased shipping costs...blah, blah, blah...."
Since my last comment I contacted HP and was able to pursue a replacement service order. I shipped back the defective unit and on June 8th received another one with the same defect. Here's how bad that defect was for those of you who didn't see my last post:

Due to receiving two units with the same issue back to back I attempted to pursue a full refund via the HP support chat, but was repeatedly informed that I would not be able to receive a full refund.

The representative I spoke with was able to reproduce the issue on his own device, but was insistent that a full refund would not be possible, despite the fact that the 2nd defective unit has been in my possession for less than 2 weeks AND he was able to reproduce my issue, which he had noted "does look pretty bad".

The replacement has been in my possession for less than 2 weeks, the issue has been reproduced on 3 separate units (my original, my replacement, and the support specialist's), and described as "pretty bad" by the same HP representative.
If this is not deserving of a full refund I am not sure how HP can expect repeat customers, positive reviews, or recommendations.

I do not recommend this monitor for anyone, as any dark gradient in games, movies, videos, and still images looks absolutely atrocious (even those gradients which should not be distinguishable from the naked eye, such as many compression artifacts).

I also do not recommend purchasing any HP products as their working with their support has been a nightmare.
If anyone buys this after reading your review contact me I have a bridge to sell, top quality
I imported this one from Germany to the Netherlands for €650, and mine is great. Black levels are good, no backlight bleeding at all. Very uniform. If I look for it I can see VERY slight colorbanding. Also the brightness range is very big.
I do absolutely recommend it.
130$ US to ship to Canada. No way.
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Ask yourself WHY it is the only monitor offered with international shipping.

The most immediate reasons that come to mind are the blatant production flaws in overall quality and image glitching pointed out by other community members that come with this line, or the fact that it was a priced to liquidate fast no matter who what or where was buying them...

HP is simply trying to liquidate this entire line as quickly as possible and get some of their lost investment returned on an utter failure of a product line. These could have been so good had they just invested more in their quality control and inspection choices before shipping these out to retailers.
Agreed. MD wouldn't ship any worthwhile monitor internationally, it's not their MO.
just a question about the price... the prices on the net are all around 750,- !!!
it doesnt seem a big deal to me.
It's not
what is the pricing to india?
click on join drop and you'll find out.
My monitor came in yesterday and I have been testing for issues left and right.

None of the tests on http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/ show any issues.

I use the Level 3 (Default) response time on the monitor. The UFO test https://www.testufo.com/ghosting test looks exactly the same as other users have posted. The bottom UFO on the bright background has no visible ghosting, but it gets slightly worse as the background darkens.
I took the following with an ISO of 640 and an f-stop of 1/4000 on my galaxy S-7 then increased the contrast to increase the visibility:
The ghosting is not very severe, and I don't believe it has been or will be noticeable while gaming.

I only experienced flicker prior to changing NVIDIA Control Panel > Display > Set up G-SYNC > Enable G-SYNC to "Enable G-SYNC for windowed and full screen mode", due to the fact that I was running windowed full screen and G-SYNC wasn't active.

The MAJOR issue I have experienced is color banding. Especially in the darker spectrum.
I took the following image and video from the opening fade in from black in The Hateful Eight:

https://youtu.be/lazS46Ly0ic I tried this test both with the movie streaming from Netflix and from a DVD with identical results. I have not edited the picture or video in any way. The fact that this was experienced both on a streamed and physical copy demonstrates that it is not an issue with streaming compression artifacts. It is not an issue with the source video as the scene transitions flawlessly from black on my Dell U2312HM. I believe the content is indeed upscaling to fit the large resolution, however this shouldn't cause the video to look as though it has the bit-rate of a 144p video on Youtube. I have tried a myriad of different settings in the monitor controls as well as the NVIDIA Control Panel, none of which were able to remedy the issue.
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Unfortunately doing so had no effect for me.
Wow that banding is the worst I’ve seen, almost to the point of defect.
For anyone experiencing flicker:

If you play games in windowed or windowed full screen mode be sure to go to NVIDIA Control Panel > Display > Set up G-SYNC and switch Enable G-SYNC to "Enable G-SYNC for windowed and full screen mode".
This removed the flicker I was experiencing!
I will try this in a bit
Changing to windowed and fullscreen G-Sync is a good suggestion but be aware that doing so will make some GPU tests and windowed games perform very poorly with respect to fps; e.g.; userbenchmark.com