Hubsan H501SS X4 FPV Brushless Dronesearch

Hubsan H501SS X4 FPV Brushless Drone

Hubsan H501SS X4 FPV Brushless Drone

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It worked one time and have not been able to calibrate vertical since
Here's a summary of what follows: keep in mind it's not more than the price you pay for, and you'll never make nice videos for your memories. Otherwise it's fun... but only for fun.

FYI I've bought the Hubsan H502S with Massdrop, had a problem one day after use and bought it *again* directly at the seller ( and I've had two problems:

(1) while making it fly around me, I was pushing "up" the remote control and it landed on its own (very suprising & more important: very dangerous if there are some people around you)

(2) because I was in a field with tall grass the grass "wrapped" around one of its motor and it instantaneously broke.

Hopefully I had the first buy from Massdrop, and changed the motor. Now it's working again but (1) I know it's dangerous to fly with such drones when there are people around you (2) it's very (very x 54) fragile (3) you'll be very happy with your first shots, but you'll be very frustrated in the end because the camera is not stabilized, and the screen of the remote control is almost useless: if you dont see your drone the camera on the remote controller won't help at all.

With my experience the only thing I want right now is a drone with a stabilized camera. I prefer to pay $500 in ~5 months and have a Mavic Air than three times $100 and have problems. I've (almost) lost $200. I've paid $200 to realized I should have paid immediately $500 for a Mavic Air. If you're a bit picky like me, save some money then go for a Mavic Air.
Just my 2c.

Last but not least: watch the promotional video, you almost never see actual shots from the drone itself ;)
The price is the same you can find anywhere
Can you give us a link?
B.Hutch They are $189
Massdrop finds it easier to just refund your money then to try and fix the problem . Not very good customer service if you ask me
I've been on this drop twice and both times they could not deliver, some sort of shipping error. I'm really pissed off that I had to go through this twice before massdrop decided they couldn't ship to Canada on the his one
I can't wait until these drones have 1 hour flight times or more. 1. What if you designed a motor that generated power while spinning and charged the battery in flight or 2. slap a solar panel on a mavic to get a modest charge in flight.
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And add weight to the rig
Yes, for science. 🙄
they seem a little small I have two syma x8hg there fast and fun but don't have the distances I'm hoping for they go 75 meters would this be a good replacement for power speed distance exc.
Does this model require a license to operate in Ohio?
No but does require faa registration if over .5 lb ...which this is.....
If I ordered it today would I receive it. before Christmas
I would have expected a better price than $199. Banggood has them for $188 this week for the white version and $192 for the black and they're already in their USA warehouse.
Receive my drone on the 31st! Super fast shipping.

Flys great and does good photos and video. I will try to post a photo. Two things I’ve noticed.
1. I haven’t spoke with support yet but it seems to have a locked max height/ceiling of 250 meters.
2. The transmitter drains AA batteries quick. So the first “mod” you want to do is get rechargeable batteries. Local hobby shop said the easiest way is to use rechargeable AA’s and connect to the built in charging port on the transmitter. So I removed the built in rubber protective cover on the port and no connector in the space where it should be.
Looking in the hole all you see is the back of a circut board.

Now I know the most common way to do this is to solder in a connection to the stock battery pack and attach a larger LiPo pack. But I can’t understand if they just forgot to install the port or if they it’s been removed from the SS model.

Gonna try to find out more and update.

Update* Max altitude was added during one of the latest patches in the firmware. 250 meters is up there. I imagine there were plenty of flyaways that people blamed on Hubsan so they set the limit. Apparently it can be removed but Hubsan accepts no responsibility if things go bad.
Ordered Oct. 23. First delivery date Nov. 1, then Nov. 3. Now "delivered" to Edison, NJ. I live in Toronto, ON.
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Where did you ship it to? Mine has since been cancelled, which I found out after contacting Massdrop support.
Does this come with a warranty if bought through here?
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well I just joined the drop like 30 seconds before you posted so I feel better now. I asked US support and they said they didn't think so.

One other thing, it says estimated ship date is Nov 13th I believe or something like that. I know there can be delays but I'm assuming we would have it by mid December right? Its a Chanukah present.
Yes, you should be fine. We have a direct relationship with Hubsan so they do come here from China. But you should have it before then. Also, if you ever need any help with support/warranty stuff just contact Massdrop support. We will get you in touch with the right people.