Idea23 Marbled Resin Artisan Keycaps (4-Pack)search

Idea23 Marbled Resin Artisan Keycaps (4-Pack)

Idea23 Marbled Resin Artisan Keycaps (4-Pack)

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Man, no love for Topre??? What a total bummer :/
I wish I could get 4 blacks
Not all options are available? Some are out of stock on one but in stock on another?
Looks like leftovers from the last drop
I was curious about that too when I ordered. Why did I have like 8 choices on the first dropdown, but like 4 or 5 on the next three.
Which profile would fit best for OEM arrow keys?
Just received mine! The translucents seems a little.. Off though? Like the colors concentrated on one end unlike those in the banner. Anyone else has similar experiences? Love the opaques though!
Ship date is coming up soon. Any updates? Are orders on track?
Giving some things away over the next 3 days. Those that entered this drop qualify for the giveaways.
these are really cool. Definitely would buy if DSA profile was an option.
These make lovely blanks if you need them to cover for keys that you don't have in a weird layout. I Highly recommend them.
Mine from the last drop. 🙂
in the detail pics, the translucent 'snow' color looks much darker in the SA profile than the cherry profile. is this due to the difference in profile or the nuances of the marbling?
nuances of the marbling :)
Idea23 is a good noodle buy his keycaps
Got cancelled :/
Also got cancelled. Would have been my first busgamer/idea23 caps but it just wasn't meant to be.

I like that he's making cheaper caps but why can't he just make them, then sell how many he has made? We're well past "GB" territory.

I mean ultimately it's his decision on how to handle the sale of his own merchandise but this is a recurring problem. I keep hearing about fulfillment problems from big sales like these to small single orders.
I got mine a little while back and I love them!
Put them on my TADA68 at work, now everyone is jelly.
gorgeous combo!
Exactly my plans