Idea23 x NovelKeys BIG Switch Keycapssearch

Idea23 x NovelKeys BIG Switch Keycaps

Idea23 x NovelKeys BIG Switch Keycaps

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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The people that committed should switch to join if they don't mind spending an extra $5 or the whole drop will miss out
I did but I guess it was 1 person short.
That's a shame.
No ISO? Really? :(
I really want one so I have an incentive to build a clicky nightlamp.

But then again, I can't justify the cost that much :/ If it doesn't reach the price point, I'm gonna be FOMOd pretty bad.
I don't get it, what are these things? How big are they?
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Now I get it, thank you!
Wheres the double-shot PBT option?
Seems a bit expensive for a giant keycap without a switch or base. Especially when those older NK Big Switch Keys only go for 30 clams these days (and include a switch)
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"Pulling" is just talking out of anger. Just doesnt make sense that they would show pictures of the keycap on one particular base without putting a disclaimer on the page somewhere. Its a bait and switch. I dont like it, and it seems to be their thing.

I know in this case it's to show the possibilities of what you can do with this item. But not having variety of different situations with other bases or it just being on a switch with nothing else etc, and again, not having any info regarding the base and switch not being included is very misleading.

I'm done with this thread, I dont want to be that grumpy old guy who hates art. I'm totally for this drop and others like it. I'm just getting sick of how MD handles themselves.

Now get off my lawn! :P
how on earth is 'here's a keycap you can buy' a bait and switch? seriously? I know you've misread the description a few times now, but cmon...

Nowhere does it say that the base or switch are included, you've simply made that up. Do you complain in every keycap drop that the keyboards aren't included?
I'm confused... does it also come with the base pictured? or just the keycaps? seems pretty steep for just the keycap when woodkeys was selling a base for $60
It's just the cap. It's a very large artisan keycap. Probably the largest artisan ever made. Also, casting/curing resin at this scale takes more time than CNCing cases. But hey, you could get both!
I would totally get both if they offered the base too. Kinda lame how they pictured it but not have it dropped at the same time as this :/
wish you had a drop for the case too good sir
Awww man I'd love one in pink.
Why is there no red? If there's one color you need for a big key or button, it's red.

Can someone make an arcade-style button for the big switch?
A better shot of the GID effect.
Supposedly thick but still thin enough to see the internal structure from the outside.

Would still buy if it was a smoother DSA or SA R3 profile.
You can only see the internals when a light is under the switch. The GID powder makes the caps opaque.