Idobao 60% Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kitsearch

Idobao 60% Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Idobao 60% Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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Only 2 days left, where is the new sample picture?
sample is ok,but drop is finished
It would be nice if the keycaps had a standard font instead of the Eurostile-esque "gamer" font that they have in the promo pic. I'd prefer Comic Sans, even. Heck, that at least might fit the keyboard styling.

Also -- how steep is the wedge angle? I know some people like wedge-shaped cases but this one in particular looks very tall.

+1 for QMK, though. You should at least advertise that in the description.
Thank you for your suggest
I don't believe that it even comes with keycaps, i think that was another set they used for promo images.
I think your promo images screwed you over. It may be a nice board but the key cap set mixed with the color of the case just makes it look busy and overly colorful. If you take pictures of it with other colors and key caps it may cause more people to buy.
Thank you, we will improve these in future
I don't want the board, I just want the case, does anyone know if it's available anywhere?
oh, sorry, we only sell this kit now, maybe we will only buy this case in next drop
Can I possibly work out a deal with your company to buy just the case? Very interested, highly motivated. It'd fit very nicely with my setup.
Thank you!
Why is no one buying this
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Yeah it looks like the quality looks so so
I think you nailed it 60% are a dime a dozen with varying quality. Its honestly almost as easy to just source the thing your self. Get the PCB you want case you want then.. get a plate you want. There are so many options out there to build a 60% its not even funny. Perhaps this would have sold better if it was something unique like a 75%.
is the drop gonna run now or reset? im in for one case.
this is for a keyboard Kit / include this case /PCBA / usb cable /package etc..
idk if it is me, but the gaps look awfully big
fix this ,wait new sample picture
I'm also waiting for some new samples. The case design looks really good if you can fix the gaps.
Need a new update on photos, logo, the right gaps, inside pic the metal case
sample is making ..