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For anyone who consider about bluetooth 3.0, Im using TADA 68 bluetooth 3.0 with my pc, the lag is unnoticeable, but with the phone, you can clearly see it, I dont need a good latency with phone, so its ok for me. I didnt use any keyboard bluetooth before, but my mouse is Logitech 603, when connect to phone, I still can see the lag there
Can this keyboard work with usb wire ?
Like other people say, bluetooth 4.0 is better
Is this Mac-compatible??
yeah, compatible
So Massdrop, are you going to ignore the questions and comments on this drop and just let it slip away?

- Battery life?
- Bluetooth 3.0... Really? - Did you not learn after running the Keycool 71 drop that had 3.0
- Programmability? DIP Switches?
- Is the brand really just "IF2"? Can you pick something more vague? No one likes buying products for $99.99 when you don't even know who is making the product and if they will offer any support beyond the initial purchase. No website/documentation just makes this product look like it was made by some cheap manufacturer and sold at a premium price.
Battery life?
    Does not support customization
Bluetooth 3.0 ... Really?
    Is Bluetooth 3.0
- Is the brand really just "IF2"? ----this is made by Magicforce?
I don't mind the blue-white or white LED options, which complement the IF2-68's understated design. What does bother me is the Bluetooth iteration.

Bluetooth 3.0 = errors and omissions that occur so frequently they make swiping substitutions on a smartphone seem relaxing by comparison.
Yep, there have been other keyboards that use Bluetooth 3.0 which have had TERRIBLE lag. Just check the comments on the Keycool71 / Drevo Calibur before they finally updated to BT4.0 there were complaints everywhere.
Was considering it until I read Bluetooth 3.0, that alone means terrible battery life since Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) wasn't introduced until 4.0 , others will say otherwise but compare a Bluetooth 4.0 keyboard to a 3.0 one and the difference is night and day, 3.0 also has terrible latency, absolutely no reason what so ever to use 3.0, you could argue compatibility but you can simply emulate BT 3.0 in 4.0, something many boards already do.

This is a real disappointment since this looks like the birth child of the Anne Pro and Magicforce 68, the lack of RGB is also strange but understandable since some people may only want White backlighting.Then there's also the lack of USB Type C that other keyboards like the New Poker II already use (Its a much better connector compared to micro USB).

Overall this board doesn't seem worth it unfortunately, mainly because of the poor decision to use Bluetooth 3.0 instead of 4.0 with 3.0 Emulation, there are other keyboards at the moment that simply are better options for a better price (Drevo Calibur, Anne Pro, Poker II, Drevo Excalibur).
Keyboard: $90
Shipping to Spain: $30
Is that....A Magicforce?!?!
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True. Not sure why this over the BT Tada68?
If you like the floating key design of the Magicforce, that's one reason to get this over the Tada68 Pro. Also if you don't want to go through Taobao proxies then this is a pretty good alternative.
if it wasnt for that mirrored bezel....sigh....
I wish I knew something about the different switches because this is a tempting drop

There are several things on reddit too if you want to know more about Gateron or any other switch
I would LOVE this as a kit or without keycaps. Is it anywhere?

Can this be programmed?

Battery life? rechargeable?
yeah, the keycaps likes shit
Battery Life?
the big Q
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