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IF2 68-Key Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

IF2 68-Key Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

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Looks identical to the Ajazz Zinc model I just got. Might did more details online about that, though not much…

Not saying it definitely is the same keyboard, but looks similar and maybe the details on that page help answer some of the other questions.
Admittedly, they do offer Gaterons on this drop
I bought this from the drop back in February and finally received it. Anyone have any idea when we can expect the manual to be translated to English? I have no idea how to do anything on this except plug it in via USB and type away..
When you guys say there's lag on Bluetooth 3.0, do you mean for gaming, or is it unacceptably bad in general? I'm looking for a work keyboard that would just be used for coding, would this thing be okay for that if I just plugged it in to charge when I went home every night?
I have a different Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard and I find it varies by device it's connected to, but at best I can only type 70wpm or slower if I don't want dropped keystrokes, and the lag is noticeable but tolerable.
Give me this in black, with MX or Gateron browns, Bluetooth 4.1, and some kind of useful key remapping, and you can have all my money.
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how does kbdfans work?
just go to their website, buy a keyboard and they will ship it to you. you can pick what switches , on which pcb, which case (make sure its compatible) then order as a kit or as assembled. make sure you ask and add to cart genuine cherry stabilizers if you choose assembled. their bluetooth 60% is currently still on pre order tho, but should not take that long
What kind of cherry mx switches? I was wondering if they have the brown switches. Just wondering. If someone knows what switches they use, contact me please. tanks! :)
It says black, blue, brown, red for cherry in options after clicking “join drop”.
Oh. Ok. Thanks! I'll look forward to purchasing!
I have a question about the place where this keyboard made ?
What's branch name ?
How's the backplate resonance?
I have a love-hate relationship with this keyboard. At first, I was in love with the construction and wide variety of function hotkeys, but the bluetooth is pretty disappointing. There are three different bluetooth modes (blue, green, and red), presumably to maintain pairing to three different devices. But getting a specific bluetooth mode to pair and to maintain its pairing is incredible frustrating. My experience has been that each time I want to use my computer, I need to expect to spend a solid 5 minutes getting it paired. It is frustrating.

Further: there is no included instruction manual, and using this device is really complicated. It may be that there is a better way to use the device, but I just cannot figure it out. I've settled on simply using USB, but the whole reason I bought this keyboard was to use the bluetooth features.
Any hints as to how to even begin pairing this thing?
I put it in the blue Bluetooth mode (Fn + Q) and wait a bit. its extremely finicky.
For anyone who consider about bluetooth 3.0, Im using TADA 68 bluetooth 3.0 with my pc, the lag is unnoticeable, but with the phone, you can clearly see it, I dont need a good latency with phone, so its ok for me. I didnt use any keyboard bluetooth before, but my mouse is Logitech 603, when connect to phone, I still can see the lag there
Can this keyboard work with usb wire ?
Like other people say, bluetooth 4.0 is better
Works fine with just the USB cable