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IKBC MF-87 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

IKBC MF-87 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Where's the price?
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Is this the same as the one on IKBC's website? Also, why is there over 800 requests for the this one and only 50 for the V2?
I don't think they make the original version anymore. Now V.2 only, black color (silver no longer made). Can anyone confirm this?
Hey, I really love this keyboard, but I don't like the black color. Can you tell me where to buy white
Got mine in. Swapped out the Keycaps for GMK Miami nights. Holy crap, even the stabs were lubed!?!?
VERY premium feeling board, especially with the Silent Reds. I LOOOOVE this Silent Reds/Lubed Stabs/Aluminum Case Combo!
For the type feel and price, I give this board a 10/10! Thanks IKBC!
If you guys run another group buy, can you run these in some exclusive anodized colors, like Gray? If yes, count me in for another board!
My keyboard did not work. I have solved the problem. But when I open it, there is a crack in the joint.
I've had five MF-87s and all of them have had this problem. I ordered three through Amazon and finally on the third one I asked iKBC to send me a new USB port module and replaced it myself, rather than hassle with yet another return. I ordered the last two from Blinq (Massdrop's closeout sales) and in addition to the cracked USB module they also have issues with shorting LEDs and switches. These MD version don't have the insulating layer between the case and PCB, unlike the current production versions sold by iKBC on Amazon that do have the insulation. These boards work fine when the case is opened up and an insulating layer is inserted properly. I've emailed iKBC again asking for replacement USB modules and the insulating layer so I can retrofit these boards. It really is in their best interest to provide the parts since they clearly have several design/production flaws with these.
Just got mine in and plugged it into my computer...and got a "USB device not recognized" message. Anyone know what's going on? I just took the board out of the box!
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mine too!!
this is happening to me too, i also got the ikbc mf 108 version of the board, and the same exact thing had happened and its quite irritating. Also it felt like the micro usb didnt want to go in the port on the keyboard all the way, but the computer still recognized it and stated that it was malfunctioned.
How have some people gotten their keyboards and others haven't?
I see tons of people on here who got their keyboard more than two months ago. Meanwhile, I just got an email from Massdrop today saying that the shipping date for my board has been delayed. Can someone please explain this?
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This keyboard is also available on amazon now. Both the MF108 and MF87 in silver and black colors. It's possible that some people have just ordered from amazon ($20 more expensive if I recall)
Phew! Good to know I'm not alone, then.
Seems like iKBC has replenished their inventory for this board on Amazon... https://www.amazon.com/iKBC-Mechanical-Keyboard-Cherry-Aluminum/dp/B072JWBJDJ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1497659948&sr=8-2&keywords=ikbc%2Bmf87&th=1
For those who missed the drop. Still wish it had macro functions tho...
Got mine today and it feels great. No QC issues I just have to learn how to control the lighting effects
Just received DOA. Caveat emptor.
It has an aluminum case right? Can I buy it off of you?
After some troubleshooting, opening the keyboard up twice, and a lot of cable jiggling, I noticed that a plastic piece that retains the pins inside the Micro-USB socket was missing. Wrote to IKBC asking for the part, and they sent it to Canada for free, and thanked me for fixing it myself.
The MF-87 still pulls more power than my MF-108, and I am unable to plug it into the same unpowered hub that was fine for the larger keyboard with more LEDs.
The MF-108 "ripple" mode looked like spreading concentric rings whereas this one does this rotating radar thing that doesn't look as good. There is a firmware installer on the IKBC site but I don't know which version I have installed and since the installer package is just a zipped EXE with no documentation, I'm not all that keen on trying it.
The typing experience on MX Browns is excellent -- seems better than my MF-108 somehow -- and all keys and LEDs are working. Not a smooth purchase experience but I'm very happy to own it now.
received mine today, a screw fell out of somewhere and the micro usb port was not attached to the board properly. It pressed back inside the board and is now stuck. QC not so good on this board.
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Yes, they treated it as a warranty repair. No charge for the part (declared value $1) or shipping. Gotta be cheaper than an RMA.
Thanks again! Both of my RMA'd boards are back with iKBC and I'm waiting for the $340 charged on my CC to be refunded. It would have been much less of a hassle to just get the socket. I think I'll order one more and then deal with iKBC as you did if there are further issues. I really want this board!
Anyone else get a shipping notification already? Wasn't expecting this for another two months!
Yep, got mine earlier today. That's a nice treat!
Is there an open source software to manage the rgb color selection?
@Hikasaki im looking for something like this . http://imgur.com/FKBTFgy Not a swirling just a plane wave
Oh sorry, this keyboard doesn't have that feature. The K-Type does though if you're interested.
edit: For the TKL MF87- It does have RGB spectrum but instead of waves does swirling RGB Spectrum. However, the full size MF108 have the exactly what are you looking for. It does the RGB wave spectrum.
Has some really cool reactive settings like " one that preduces s wave on the route you clicked. I've the big brother of this keyboard for work love it.
Anyone know how to pick a color for the FN key with the Zone 1 setting? I saw another comment saying something about FN+Ctrl but I couldnt figure it out.
I have this keyboard(brown) and it is definitely nice. However, I would go for the Massdrop x Input Club K-Type Mechanical Keyboard instead since both are available right now. That keyboard seems to be an upgraded version of this keyboard in every possible way I can think of. I would definitely buy that one if it was my first mech keyboard or that I am not waiting for the Tex Yoda 2 to come out.
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I don't see how being heavier makes it better if both of them doesn't move around on the table. Lighter would just mean it is more portable and easier to move it around. No light keyboard I have used ever moves around so I don't see how being light is worse. If your keyboard moves around, then something is wrong with either the table, keyboard or the user. Sure heavy makes it feel premium for some(will you care about it after 2 months?) but you will definitely feel the weight if you try and move it around, which I don't think is a good thing. I missed the shipping date and that definitely is a long wait. However, I still stand by my statement that from the product description, the K-Type would be better than this in every way(except for price).
Pretty much every $500+ custom board is hunk of aluminum that weighs 2kg. It's generally accepted that full aluminum housing gives you far more than just premium feel. Even K-Type positions "Hefty Aluminum Frame" as one of its key virtues. Your statement is groundless. K-Type and MF-87 are both amazing in their own ways. Input Club guys did fantastic job putting together such forward looking package at $200 price. MF-87 is mind blowing if you do BOM analysis. Spec-wise you are getting premium custom board except for switch customizations. And it's available now. K-Type is NOT better than MF-87 in every way. Objectively, arguing the other way has more merit.
Any word on the possibility of media keys on the fn layer?
+1, nothing is specified on the user manual, and for me it's a no go if there are no media control possibility.
How does this compare to WASD Code? For anyone who had owned/owns both. I don't really care for RGB but I'm interested in knowing the build quality.
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You're right, edited.
I hate saying this since I love my Code keyboard, but this keyboard is at least year ahead in features. Only advantage that Code has is availability of Clear and Green switches. I was shocked that this keyboard has full aluminum at this price. This keyboard points out what all premium keyboards will look like by year end. Code really needs a revamp.
Does this have a RGB wave effect?? Any idea about the controller of the RGB ? I might be able to program a little basic software if it's something supported (popular controller). I do not promise a nice GUI so... But does this have a wave effect?
It's more of a swirling effect, but if youre asking about the reactive modes, you can see in this clip, as its all shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oAoOoIBFd4
It does have RGB spectrum wave effect! You can also change the brightness for an more pastel colour look.


Are there volume controls?
Yes, upper right corner.
what? I don't think there are any media keys on this board, I have one from the last drop and I thoroughly enjoy typing on it, the look of it, and the feel but I'm really disappointed as I've gotten used to volume controls on the fn layer on my pok3r rgb. ikbc being under the umbrella of vortex, the pok3r manufacturer, I was hoping for a possible update but I doubt it will happen.
Just FYI, MD has not yet updated the description of the keyboard:
- No macro capabilities, you can only customize the layout (built-in presets) & LED modes.
I will buy this if the steel plate is black
The black version has black steel plate, so go for it. I got the black keyboard expecting it to have a white plate as in the description page pics, but iKBC changed it up between drop end and shipping out date. Now the black case/black keycaps also has a black steel plate and the silver case/white keycaps has a white plate. Confirmed by MD/iKBC. I wanted that white plate because of the way the light is diffused. Getting a silver/white replacement as we speak. Different strokes ... :-D
Don't buy this when the K Type's on... that's just silliness.
(Ignore this comment. I was under some wrong impressions about this board. It's a good buy if you like the look.)
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Plate mounted switches. Thought about de-soldering everything and change or paint the plate white, but decided against it and getting a silver/white replacement instead. Change it up a bit, all I ever had was black keyboards.
I'm still not sure which keyboard you're talking about, but with the K Type, the switches have hotswap sockets, so you can easily just pull the switches out and put new ones in. I plan to add Zealios, unless I like the Halo True more which is quite possible.
With this keyboard you would have to de-solder, which isn't too hard if you have the equipment, but you do need the tools and it takes a bit of time.
Too bad this isn't available in nature whites, it would be perfect :-(
The keycaps are fantastic. They're doubleshot with POM so its guaranteed they won't fade ever. I'd go as far to say you'll die before these keycaps do.
is the cable removable? Are there cable routing divots like on the plastic version?
removable micro usb, but no channels
Is this not the same thing? https://www.amazon.com/Double-Shot-Mechanical-Keyboard-Switches-K6D73S411001/dp/B01LWWTWDT?th=1 For so much less money, why would anyone buy from Massdrop?
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I love the internet, I needed one response and I got 3 identical ones
Or, you could've just read the specs and got the answer you needed. Helps if you actually read the product's entire description, people don't read these days. That's why the guy above thought it was the plastic version and recommended the K-Type instead. Empower yourself, read, and think before you speak. Helps a lot when you do so you don't make a fool of yourself. Don't jump to conclusions until you've read the entire page description. If the information you want is not there then you could always ask in the discussion.
Mac support?
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You can switch using a function key combo (Also how you change the layout).
ISO. Just saying
I want. But will prefer purchasing it here. The shipment from Sea Cargo of the distributor not yet arrive. Almost 3 weeks already haha
ISO layout available?
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Awww I wish!
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