IKBC Bluetooth CD108 Keyboard – Exclusive Debutsearch

IKBC Bluetooth CD108 Keyboard – Exclusive Debut

IKBC Bluetooth CD108 Keyboard – Exclusive Debut

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Does anyone know what colour the keyboard is? I can't find photos anywhere and I want to find some keycaps that match before my keyboard arrives.
The images on massdrop and amazon show a keyboard that is seemingly indistinguishable from black. I have now received the keyboard and taken some photos that show the colour more clearly.
Side by side with a black keyboard:

One of the IKBC keycaps on the other board:

I hope this helps anyone looking to buy this keyboard.
Kinda disappointed it doesn't come with a bluetooth adapter.
@iKBC These photos are of a black version. Do you have any photos of the "subtle navy blue" version that this drop is selling?
Here is a colour comparison:
Bummer. So anyone know where to find a DC108 with Clears?
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Sorry, did you mean DC108 or CD108 will be available soon? I believe you can order the CD-108 BT with clears in this drop.
I’m trying to find the DC-108 (the 10th anniversary model) with MX Clears. It’s the best looking full-size BT mech I’ve found. I’m really surprised you guys are the only company building them, but I guess most people only want Bluetooth in small keyboards. My wife is the exception; I’ve spent a long time looking for her, and the DC-108 looks perfect.
To clarify, I‘m hoping to find this, with MX Clears:

yes....I think it's with Clear switch.
In the downloadable instruction manual, there will be (or already is somewhere?) a TKL model!!
And the model number in the correctly labelled instruction manual is CD-108BT and CD-87BT.
Anyway, actual product photos showing the battery, bluetooth module, or other focused things on the wireless part of this keyboard would really go a long way...
CD-87BT will be launched very soon.
I already have the MF87. You you have any options to somehow transplant the CD-87BT into the MF87 aluminum case? The MF87 is such an amazing and solid keyboard that I'll never think of going back to another format for my daily driver. It would be even better as a full Bluetooth keyboard including the original benefits like RGB and Cherry MX Browns.
The photos are clearly inaccurate representations of the product. So is this actually just a CD-108 model, but wireless & navy blue? Or is this the DC-108 model?? I’m hoping it’s the latter, as I prefer the DC-108 aesthetically. I’d have already ordered one from JoyBuy, but I can’t find it with MX Clears.
A photo of the actual product would go a long way.
It's CD-108 BT,a new model different from DC-108.
How long is the battery life?
Are switches replaceable without de-soldering?
No you have to solder them in
BT means mobility to me and if it's a TKL then I would be interested - full-size? nah, too heavy
and it's been released for quite a while in fact
I think the correct model is DC-108
No, It's CD-108 BT
How exactly is this navy blue?
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I guess the pictures are from IKBC, and are stock pictures of the black variant, and they made a separate, navy blue version for Massdrop?
It seems rather pointless to do PBT keycaps but laser etch or pad print the legends.
As this product is being offered to an enthusiast community I'd say it is probably better to offer no keycaps ('barebones') than to offer laser etched or pad printed ones, as most folks here will be tossing the included ones out anyways.
Typo? ---- Specs
  • IKBC
  • Model: TD108