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is it OEM profile?
So is this basically the Ducky Shine 5/6 equivalent in TKL form?!
Quality build is the same, as far as i know. The Ducky shine 5/6 equivalent is the IKBC MF108 RGB V.2
IMO, build quality and extras-wise, this MF87 is better than Ducky Shine 5/6.

MF87 vs DS5/6.
Aluminium case vs plastic case.
PBT keycaps vs thin ABS keycaps.
Extra RGBY modifier vs none.
8 extra keycaps vs none.
Wire keypuller vs cheap plastic keypuller.
Okay, I've decided that this meets enough of my requirements! I have one final question:

Can I replace the key caps? Are they universal, or some standard that a group of companies will share?

I'm new to quality mech keyboards, and I don't really know how this works. Any help appreciated!
Yes! You can replace the key caps with any MX-compatible keyset (which is almost all of them as it's the standard, keycaps for other types of switches such as ALPS and Topre will be clearly stated so). The IKBC MF87 v.2 has a "standard layout," meaning the sizes of all its keys are normal and a standard keyset will be able to cover the board without having to purchase special sized keys/kits. Keep in mind though, since the IKBC MF87 v.2 is an RGB backlit board, if you want the light to shrine through the keys then you need to purchase a backlit compatible keyset.
Ordered Silent Red switches. Paired with Dolch, this will be the perfect office "sleeper board".

I'll feel a lot better when this comes in and I leave my Norbauer TKL's at home!
I have the MF108 with dolch dsa set for work. Using brown switches with mx-orings haha
Great minds think alike! ;)
I don't understand what is great about this drop? I have to wait until March to receive my keyboard and the shippings aren't free. You have better to order it at Amazon.come or if you live in EU
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yeah, that's the only downside I think from MD vs. Amazon
But then again, Prime 2 day shipping vs who knows how long with MD.
Man I was looking for this board when I was out in Taiwan back in Sept. I ended up getting a Ducky One TKL RGB with PBT caps. How solid does this feel?
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You bastard. This was my line before. I said you could beat a person to death with it and then game.
Oh wow. I knew I'd heard it before but didn't realize it was about this same board.
Is the one being sold on Amazon also v.2? Why the discrepancy in shipping dates (Amazon eta mid December)?
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Nice. Can you confirm the sides look like this?
Heads up to anyone looking at this drop. "individual key programming" does not refer to to remapping keys or setting up macros, its only about the LEDs. I made this mistake with the previous version and while its been a good keyboard this is a seriously lacking feature.