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This keyboard is worthless junk! User Manual makes no sense whatsoever. IKBC manufacturer doesn't offer downloadable User Manual for a reason - once you try to read and understand it, you'll forget about buying their overhyped piece of scrap aluminum. I'll stick to my superior, wireless Microsoft keyboard. At least it has a palm rest and a number of other functional keys.
The keycaps on the images here look different then on ikbc's (and several others) website.

Are the keys top printed, or top printed with side printing as well? Can anyone confirm which are correct for this drop?

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I own this keyboard (v2). It came with a card from iKBC saying that the keycaps do not have side printing. And indeed, they do not have side printed legends/media keys/etc. Nothing at all is on the sides.
Good to know, thanks!
Is the cable braided?
I believe so
Seems fabulous! But no nordic layout right?
Why isn't this thing USB C — it's 2018 ferchrissakes?!
Usb c has absolutelyno benifit in keyboards yet. Unless your keyboard mines bitcoin while you use it. Has plenty of bandwidth.
The benefit is the connector not the throughput. With your logic we might all just stick with ADB, DIN plugs, or PS/2 instead of this new fangled USB (I'm still convinced it'll never catch on). The micro USB connector is crap and prone to failure. USB C is head and shoulders a better design.
Anyone know if this is OSX compatible? I currently use a WASD custom which has dip switches for cmd/opt/alt re-ordering
Even if it isn't you can set any remapping you like with Karabiner Elements ( The Keywalker 68 doesn't have any Mac-accessible remapping and Karabiner saved my sanity in swapping Win and Alt.
I am currently using the razer black widow tournoment edition with red switches. Anyone have a comparision? I am so freaking excited to get this!!
Yeah, this thing is classified as a weapon considering how heavy it is. The RGB is good, but the feel and sound will be much better. And the keycaps will never feel greasy or shiny.
Thank you. I'm super excited.
Like Mokudjinn Version 1 was one of my first mechanical keyboards. In the years since I've switched to different layouts, sizes, all customs that tout a premium feel with a premium price. But I keep returning to this. Just bought my second. The heft is second to none, build is great and just works like a tank.
Well, i just ordered my second one ... best keyboard ever, and i have some mech. keyb, believe me :D !!!
New to massdrop but extremely interested in this keyboard. Is the shipping date really expected to be June 1st or are they being super conservative?
Bought my first one in March 2017 and i am actually buying another one for my job. The weight is HUGE and it can't move, really stable.
Touch is amazing, very responsive and the noise is perfect for me in Mx Brown ... enjoy it for life !
Nb: using it for coding and gaming tho.