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IKBC MF87 v.2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

IKBC MF87 v.2 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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Please re-drop with silver case option!
Can only say that I love mine, and to me it was worth every penny. If it helps anyone. Cherry pink!
It weighs like a refrigerator.
You can literally buy this exact model on Amazon right now which ships in 2 days Prime for $169.99

That being said, if you don't care about RGB, buy one of their PBT models for $100 cheaper and enjoy.
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Oh, right. Yeah. I just meant one without back lighting if you people preferred TKL 87 model. I edited that comment after I posted because I said LED first, and then I realized they didn't have an LED model for the TKL on Amazon, just RGB and non-backlit. So my posthaste edit was ~~LED~~ PBT ;)

I just got an iKBC TD108 in yesterday and it blew me away by the quality I got for $60. My main board is a Filco MJ2 TKL and it kind of made me feel a little silly about spending twice the cost just for the name. Not that I'm bashing the Filco by any means. They just felt about equal in build quality. Of course, that's just appearance. I didn't take them apart or anything.

Let's just say that the TD108 is for a gift and I almost kept it for myself, haha. I actually added one to my Amazon Wishlist now, because they offer them in MX Clears and I've been wanting to try them. Can't beat that price!
Yeah, it's pretty hard to justify the MF87 if for the same price I can have a CD87+F87: one for the office and one for home use
" The latest version of the IKBC MF87 mechanical keyboard features a more streamlined case design and is reinforced with Mylar so the LEDs stay bright even in the event of a power shortage "

I don't think he was asking what Mylar is, but how they are using it to ~~"reinforce the LEDs with Mylar so they stay bright when they aren't receiving enough power". I'd kinda like to know what that's supposed to mean too. Best I can figure is that it was a poor translation. Best guess I can make is that they used Mylar based foil caps as a power store to supply the LEDs with sufficient power during a temporary fluctuation in power. But who knows.

IKBC got themselves in a bit of hot water with people when they translated their description as fully programmable when in reality they only meant the LEDs were programmable.
I just wish this had flip up fleet I am use to typing at an angel.
Been waiting for the silver/white version so ill pass on this one can find it cheaper and really wish they add some flip up feet.
The sum of the substance and the style do not equal $149. Maybe $109 before a drop. I mean, keyboard prices haven’t seemed to drop reasonably in time with all the variety and availability of switches, no shortage of materials, dwindled difficulty in implementing more features as industry standards...
get reasonable. Add media keys and a variable volume control until they’re an industry standard, and charge a premium for those.
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Absolutely not. And I don’t think that cheap keyboards with the same aesthetics (not materials, but just looks, from body to lighting) should be as expensive as they are. I say the entire price floor needs to drop, and everything comes down proportionally.
Except maybe novelty keyboards that take some unique processes. The typewriter keys and that one keyboard that looks like a retro plane wing... Yeah, those habe an artistic premium on them. Those are clearly not the standard keyboard experience. But most key caps generally have the same shape, finger bowl, and Other similar features.

Power to art being made by engineering, yo. But for the others, drop the price before a mass-drop.
not a good drop
Can anyone confirm that the issue with the USB connector getting loose from the inside of the case has been solved? IMHO a keyboard of this price range should not have such weakness.
Why don't these manufacturers offer MX Greens???
Same reason they are not offering MX Clears, they are not available in RGB versions.
Okay, now that makes sense. Thanks!
Currently available in limited stock on Amazon with free shipping. I got it with blues and am very happy, this keyboard is awesome!
MD just baffles me sometimes. This is offered at the current market price but you have to pay for shipping (currently free in the US)??? Even committing at $149.99 only saves you about $12.50 after shipping and you have to wait for it for 2 months provided they don't delay shipment. Maybe it's a better deal for international folks, but I imagine shipping a 5 pound brick internationally isn't cheap.