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Imperial Porcelain ABS Keycap Set

Imperial Porcelain ABS Keycap Set

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Could you make them as Topre Keycaps?
thought I'd share what I have got here so people who's getting this has an idea. I put it on my pok3r.
ABS so the light shine through like crazy. <_< on the lowest light it's still too much for me.
so from left to right: original pok3r abs, rubberized galaxy abs, glossy porcelain abs, rainbow PBT, emoji abs.
So there's this super glossy glaze to make it looks like porcelain and probably serve as protected layer(?), but the weirdest part is, as shiny as it looks like, it's not very smooth to drag the finger across. I found this super interesting and weird. The rubberized abs was much smoother and then rainbow get the point. This keycap set is polished and flat if you just put the fingers on, but you will actually feel more friction upon more finger to keycap surface contact...

That's all. I just put them on so don't know how long it'll last.
Thank for the pictures! How has it been holding up so far?
so far so good, but it's only 2 months old. maybe report back when it hits like 6mo or a year. :p
This looks like a bag of dicks
Any idea if this board might look good on a Pok2r?
There's no good reason to trust massdrop with your money, unless you want to get scammed but also want to wait for a few months before you realize that you got scammed.

Just look at what happened to the Ducky Pocket drop from April!
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The sad part is that in a couple days he'll actually get the numpad, and somehow I'm sure he won't realize what an idiot he is.
He hasn't responded to anything so I assume he feels he's justified in his actions and probably truly thinks because of him, Massdrop decided not to "scam their customers."

What a pathetic person. Stay shitty seidenfisch
u p30pl3 r sum fvckn n3rds. xd
What is that clear tray thing the keyboard is inserted into? Sorry for my ignorance but I've never seen anything like this on a keyboard. Is it a fixed part of the design or some sort of protective lid that you can take off and put on top? The edges on it look pretty uncomfortable...
Design of the Magicforce 108-key
The original Apple Wireless Keyboard (A1016) had a similar clear shell to it. Not a bad keyboard, for what it was.

It was actually pretty easy to remove the shell if you opened up the case, and the keyboard was perfectly stable without it. Improved the looks considerably, imo. :⁠)

With shell:
Definitely love the level of design on this set. Does anyone have any pictures of it on a black keyboard? Also, does anyone know what it would look like with backlighting?
Other sets like this seem to have a lot of bleedthrough in the drop photos.
Don they have something like this with the red color theme?
No, these are based on Chinese blue flower pottery, so there won't be any red scheme.
So sad :(
I hope that massdrop some day makes a pause on this wave of grotesque keycaps and bring us some DSA or (better) SA PBTs with some classy color scheme.
Sounds like you're looking for the Carbon drop.