Inked and Screened Metal Patent Print Salesearch

Inked and Screened Metal Patent Print Sale

Inked and Screened Metal Patent Print Sale

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Could someone explain how the mounting hardware for this works? Just got it and the pieces just don't really seem to all fit together
Oh wow, I'm really tempted by this. When I moved into my new house, I immediately bought 3 of the standard prints, framed them, and hung them in my office. I've always wanted some cool art to hang, but nothing ever really struck me as being something I liked enough to buy and hang until the original prints came along. That said, I already have three of them. Am I starting to create a bit too much of a theme if I add one of these? Haha.
Those frames look great, mind if i ask where you picked those up from? Been looking to frame the 3 i got as well.
Can I get a custom patent printed? Do I have to select from one of your options?
If you want something custom you will have to email us at <3
So is this a silk screen poster thats colored like metal

Or is it metal that's engraved or etched or something else.
Since the images show the patent print held up by bolts I would assume that these prints are printed on metal. Also the normal paper patent prints cost about 14 dollars and these cost 60 at their lowest.
They are sheets of metal that we sand and buff and then screen print onto!
Again Very Misleading product title and description: Metal Patent Print Sale is really NOT metal, but really is just a thicker sheet Paper????? Which is it????

"100# matte paper (not metal versions). Not only do you get a quality canvas that holds up beautifully, but the printing process makes the ink raised to the touch and achieves vivid colors that can’t be found in other forms of printing, giving you a finely produced poster that truly stands out. "

And then you add the item prices that are clearly written as types of metals instead of saying they look like faux metal or are really just colored paper. Then to top it off you get to pay a big extra $70 fee for Copper colored paper - Thank you so much!!!

"choose between aluminum, stainless steel (+ $20), brass (+ $40), and copper (+ $70) prints. "

Please stop reusing previous product descriptions or making items appear to be one thing and then hide the reality in the details somewhere below. Better yet, either get an editor to review the pages before posting or let the manufacturers/sellers write the description information - it is their product.

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Okay thank you.
or just really poor attention to detail.
wanted one, then saw shipping cost to UK is bigger than actual product... now i can't have one now...
Please update your description of this article. It clearly only applies to the normal paper print ones, not the metal.
Hi there! We updated the description to include that this is not for the Metal prints, hopefully that helps!

Thanks for the information :)
To those thinking of purchasing...The images are misleading...It's 18x24 so it is not as large as the one depicted over the desk.
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Ridiculous right? It's like I'm talking to a wall. Whatever, marketers gonna market.
Hi there,

We like to put up a picture just to give the customer an idea of the look of the item in a room setting. We do have it listed as an 18" x 24" poster. I will speak with our designer and see if the images can be changed for future drops.

Thank you guys for your input!
I'm still kicking myself for missing out on the Firefly print waybackwhen. Ah well.
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As a metal print? How do I go about that?
Hi again!

You can go to our custom orders section and request what you would like on metal, or email me at