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iRobot i645 Robotic Vacuum Cleaning System

iRobot i645 Robotic Vacuum Cleaning System

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Howdy Everyone,
We just got a better cost for everyone and have put a lower price on the drop.
now that's funny. Wrong msrp though.
We are in 2017, this pricing is already in 2027.
Pricing error?
Mistake in pricing!
This is the model that Sam's Club had for less than $200.
Hmmm... Massdrop $280 or MSRP $200... tough decision. LOL!!!
must be a mistake cause I know they usually say the MSRP is Higher then it actually is. Which is why I hardly use massdrop for expensive stuff.
So I just got my 645 model. Only problem is there doesn't seem to be a way to make a schedule. Which is very annoying because this was in the discription:
  • Advance scheduling (645 model only)
I can buy it this price and have it shipped today. No need to wait on Mass Drop
So after some research, it looks like these models are a little odd. The 621 is the Italian/Japanese version of the 620 (possible just the "outside of the US version," there isn't much information available). The 645 is a model that is/was sold only at Sam's Club and is the equivalent of a 650.

Here's the catch though: you can buy a Roomba 650 on Amazon for $299 and you don't have to wait until May for it to ship. The 645/650 is also a superior product to the 620/621. It just seems silly to me to pay $282 for a 621 when another $18 on Amazon gets you the 650 shipped to you in two days. And you don't have to worry about some strange model number that you can't even find on iRobot's site because they don't sell them directly...
I'm interested in a mopping robot for ceramic floors. Is one of this good for that?
Does any own these products, give me your opinion likes, dislikes flaws etc.
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I have a Roomba 620 for years now and it's become a part of my permanent robot fleet!
It gets the job done, and it does so very well.

As for the mops - I have the Braava 390t and in my experience its too limited / flawed:
1. You can basically clean 1 medium sized room before you have to clean the mop
2. It leaves "tire tracks" at times, which are basically just filth.
**P.S we vacuum the room before running the mop.

Hope this helps.
Search for 'Lithium Power Inc Roomba (R9) Replacement Battery' (any lithium battery for use such as roomba, MUST have a Battery Management System, that one does)
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