Italix Deacon's Doodle Fountain Pensearch

Italix Deacon's Doodle Fountain Pen

Italix Deacon's Doodle Fountain Pen

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What's the difference between this and Baoer 3035 (which is $1.87, shipped from China) ?

If the nib is something like Jowo nib, this drop worths every cent.
Not very smooth. Neither does it have good flow control. That said, I like the flex
SBREBrown just released a review of this pen.

While I did request this drop, after watching the review, I'll wait for a different Italix pen to keep my Viper's Strike company.. *whispers* Captain's Commission... English Curate...
I need to work it over, but so far I have to say I'm disappointed. It doesn't flow, it skips, it's scratchy. I washed the nib with soap. It may be my ink, that's the next step to flush and see if it helps. Anyone else have any issues? I have the cursive stub.
This pen is a complete dud. I may just toss it. I have done everything to try to get it to write and it is simply a piece of shit. Anyone?
Great pen! For the price, I'm very happy. The nib is wider than an every day writing pen (I got the italic one) but easy to get used to. It takes standard international cartridges, short or long. The converter is in the pen and no sample ink cartridge is included so be sure you have ink on hand! It is quite light and comfortable to hold.
You do realize I just had a small moment of panic when I opened the box from this delivery?

There was no note that the included converter was *already installed* into the pen I have just gotten so used to having a pen arrive with the converter and sample cartridge in the package and distinct from the pen itself.

happily, this note is from ,me, and not my cardiologist

/s/ Craig
On the way, shipped! Awesome! This will be my first "cursive stub" pen. Can't wait to try it out.
For the ballpoint pen does it accept standard parker style refills? Or does it use the G2 style?
Bit of a question - can I purchase one pen with one of each of the nibs so that I can try them all? If not, what would be the best nib for a beginner, and can I swap out the nibs at a later point?
Does this use ink cartridges, or do I need a dipping well?

As I'm sure you can tell, I'm very new to the fountain pen scene, but I'm interested in taking the time to learn
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Thank you very much for your insights!
I don’t think a regular fine nib is available for this drop, so I’d probably go for the medium.
Solid pen. For the price it's a great addition and writes really smooth. I may just buy another.
Bought this pen in the last drop. Can't recommend it enough, has rapidly become my daily go-to.
Question for MrPen : just went onto your site and this pen is available for the same price (actually a bit less). Why would I want to buy this through MD when I can buy directly from you? What is the difference?
Our international postage is up to £10.50 to £3.50, MD is by comparison £1.97. Any duty requirement has already been taken care of for USA customers. The savings are admittedly slight but then the pen itself is very inexpensive for what you get.
Thank you for the clarification.
Lefty, went with the medium nib. I have a variety of >$20 fountain pens. This pen has a nice weight to it. The cartridge that comes with it did a nice draw on my ink (Noodler's Antietam - I have a thing for sepia tones). This pen writes very well, with a smooth nib that doesn't scratch or catch the paper I'm using at the moment (Global Art Materials Quattro 8.5' x 12' grid pad). I would buy another from this vendor. One of the smoothest writing pens in my collection.
if you slide the pen accross the page without applying any pressure, does it write?
Yes, so long as the nib is clean and the ink not clotted.