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I joined the drop for the Parson's Essential Fountain Pen on 25 April 2018. Italix Parson's Essential Fountain Pen

Order # MD-58602-2892023

Date Purchased Apr 25, 2018

Total $52.74 QtyOption1

Body Color: Canary Yellow

Nib Size: Broad

Drop Status: Order placed with the vendor

Estimated Ship Date: May 16, 2018 PT

The pen was advertised to ship on 16 May 2018. On the 16 May 2018 I received an email from Massdrop saying, "Due to an unexpected delay, these orders may ship later than the original estimated ship date. Our apologies for any inconvenience. If we find that the drop is going to be delayed by more than 30 days, we will let you know. " So far, 22 May 2018 there has been no further updates from Massdrop. - So I contacted Mr. Peter Ford, owner & operator of Italix regarding this. Yesterday I received a communication from Mr. Peter Ford of Italix who stated, " Peter Ford I love having Massdrop business but it can be long winded. We always dispatch the day we receive the payment. Sorry for your frustration. " ~ so now I'm thinking that Massdrop "forgot" to send Mr. Ford any money for the drop. I feel abused. My faith in Massdrop is shattered. I'm calling BS on Massdrop!
The drop was supposed to ship yesterday; any updates?
Massdrop said an email was sent out yesterday as to delay in shipment but I have not gotten any email from massdrop
Got my pen, high quality - but I have to ask those of you who got the Fine Italic - does your nib work OK?
Even though I take my time, mine cuts into any paper and in my upstroke to the right, my general writing motion, the nib cuts like a scalpel. I had to change to a spare nib - because this was for me unusable. :S
Just saw that a new Nib unit costs ~£40 from Mr Pen. Ah well, a nice yellow color for the collection - won't be used though.
I bought the the amber version with a fine cursive nib in the last drop - it is a really lovely pen with a good solid feel to it and the amber colouring is beautiful. The cursive fine nib is still more of a medium in my opinion - I would have preferred a finer line. But it writes very smoothly - all in all a great buy.
I have this pen w a medium nib and it’s very smooth. Can someone with a regular fine nib tell me if the fine writes smoothly? Thank you!
Any news on this latest drop? Says shipment 19 March, but no news so far?
Shipment was delayed, but I just got my shipping confirmation yesterday. Weird thing is that it links to FedEx but the tracking doesn't look like a typical Fedex tracking number.
Yeah I got mine too, so I guess just a few days. Now to wait for the gamble that is Swedish postal system ;)
Any theories as to why the medium 18k gold nib is almost half the price on Massdrop?
From it's £75 = $105 USD vs $55 USD on Massdrop.
This was a nice deal :) Even though Mr Pen had a discount for now, with VAT + Shipping - I can get thee pen I want from here a bit cheaper. Even the Amazon standard prize was cheaper than the Mr Pen prize - though they didn't have the Canary Yellow.
I'm seriously thinking about changing from Blue to Canary Yellow!
I thought it was that kind of ugly that made it handsome in the end and when checking Amazon they had blue, marble and blue but I was already in love with the canary one 😃👍
Cheaper shipped to Australia from the MrPen site unfortunately.
Oh my, clerical purple? Be still my heart. And stop trying to creep out of my pocket, wallet!

Also, FWIW, total with shipping to the US from Mr Pen directly, for the Clerical Purple version, with a steel nib, $54.84 with today's exchange rates.

With the gold nib: $115.74 w/ shipping to US on MassDrop; $131.26 w/ shipping to US from Mr Pen.

Draw your own conclusions.
Received mine yesterday - way to go shipping ahead of schedule Massdrop!
Very handsome pen. However I must emphasize that this pen MUST be flushed thoroughly before use. I tried inking it up at first but the flow was inconsistent and skipped a lot. I think there is probably residue from the grinding process beteen the tines or in the feed. After a few flushes it works great. The cursive fine seems to be a great letter writing pen! Would not use it to take notes with though ;)

EDIT: Also, you get better results with a lubricated ink like Noodler's Eel Black. Remember, italic nibs have a "sweet spot" phenomenon and are not that forgiving if you turn the nib while writing.
FYI - a comparison of cursive fine nib vs. regular fine nibs (sorry for the crappy cell phone photo)...

write great, but I have ink starvation problem... Try to tinker with it a bit but no luck. Maybe I am being overcautious ?
This is a great value for money pen, and I can't recommend it highly enough.
But the price here on MD doesn't make sense. The pen currently costs $47 at MrPen (where I ordered it a few months ago, for the same price) which is lower than the MD price, and without the wait...
Shipping isn't way more on the MrPen site, though.