J. Herbin Ink (5-Pack)search

J. Herbin Ink (5-Pack)

J. Herbin Ink (5-Pack)

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The oldest name in ink production, J. Herbin was first established in 1670 by an enterprising sailor armed with sealing wax formulas from his travels in India. After designing specialty ink formulas for French luminaries like Louis XIV and Victor Hugo, the company became synonymous with high-quality writing supplies. Featuring a water-based formula that uses only natural dyes, J. Herbin ink is nontoxic and pH neutral. The ink runs smoothly and dries quickly on the page, and for added convenience, the bottle comes with an integrated pen rest.

Note: The base price is for five 30ml bottles of standard ink in your choice of colors. At checkout, if your desired color is not available in choice #1, check in #2, #3, #4 or #5. For an additional $3 per bottle, you can choose scented ink in your choice of colors. Quantities are limited. 

J. Herbin Ink (5-Pack)
J. Herbin Ink (5-Pack)

Color Options

J. Herbin Ink (5-Pack)

Optional Scented Inks (+ $3)

These naturally scented inks are made from floral water (or hydrosols) of rose, orange, lavender, apple, and violet. Inspired by a tradition that began in Italy in the 19th century, J. Herbin sources its hydrosols from Grasse, France: a Provençal town known for its perfume industry and the floral scents born of it. Formulated without pigments, these inks are particularly well suited for use with fountain pens.

J. Herbin Ink (5-Pack)


  • J. Herbin
  • Water-based ink with all-natural dyes
  • Nontoxic and pH neutral
  • Integrated pen rest
  • Volume per bottle: 1 fl oz (30 ml)


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