J. Herbin Refillable Rollerball Bundle (3-Pack)search

J. Herbin Refillable Rollerball Bundle (3-Pack)

J. Herbin Refillable Rollerball Bundle (3-Pack)

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I ordered this the last time around, and the ink cartridges DID NOT LEAK, nor were there any problems with the items—everything was exactly as advertised. Two things to be aware of: the “feel” is not as slick as your conventional rollerball, as J Herbin’s ink is much thinner, so it will feel more like fountain pen ink. (Quite understandable.) Also, the writing angle is a bit higher than expected, above 45 degrees, in fact, about 30 degrees from vertical, or the pen will feel somewhat scratchy. And if you feel you need to cancel, don‘t panic, just go into transactions, and cancel before the drop completes. But don’t do it because somebody’s ink cartridges leaked. That’s silly. Massdrop stands behind their shipments, and if there’s a problem, they’ll take care of it.
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After reading the comments on this discussion, how does one CANCEL the "DROP"??? I do not wish to receive exploded ink cartridges, nor a disappointing pen! Please let me know ASAP, Well soon, I am not supposed to receive them for ANOTHER MONTH!?!?
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After reading the comments on this discussion, how does one CANCEL the "DROP"???
I do not wish to receive exploded ink cartridges, nor a disappointing pen!
Please let me know ASAP,
Well soon, I am not supposed to receive them for ANOTHER MONTH!?!?
I received this set yesterday and the ink cartridges all leaked, it's as if they were already punctured. It was a real mess when I opened the package....my hands are still stained. I have purchased quite a few pens/notebooks from Massdrop and have very happy with all purchases with the exception of this one.
Yikes, sorry to hear this! By chance do you live in a colder area? I know we've been seeing inks freeze while in transit to colder winter destinations, which pops out the little cartridge seals...

Regardless, please reach out to our Community Support team through your transactions page if you haven't already, so we can help you out.
I have four of these pens that I bought from JetPens and every one has cracked. The cracks radiate around the barrel starting at the threads. With judicious application of some light silicone grease, ink leakage is minimal. The scratchiness of the ballpoint smoothes out after a while. I found that by writing on paper such as stone paper, it helps smooth the pen faster. As disappointed as I am in these pens, I would not buy another one. I have had better luck with similarly designed $1 pens from Ebay.
I have been looking refillable rollerball pen. Where do you find in ebay?
The Visconti Rembrandt Eco Roller is one of my favorites as is the Lamy Safari Rollerball pen. If you search for cheap fountain pen cartridge taking rollerball pens on Ebay you will find quite a few. The Kaweco Ice is my favorite fountain pen cartridge rollerball pens and as soon as I find it again will take its proper place in my EDC bag. I have also discovered that a Schmidt PRS Ink Cartridge Rollerball Tip fits several of my fountain pen bodies, converting them to a rollerball for a little more variety.
I've been using these pens for about two weeks now with the j herbin ink. It's fraction more scratchy than a rollerball, but they're generally nice to use and I will continue continue to do so. I've not experienced the dryness that some others have described. Will see how they go with a slightly wetter ink .

These pens are kinda terrible. They’re J.Herbin and yet they work terribly with J.Herbin inks! Haven’t tried a more lubricating ink yet though.
So far it’s not smooth and it’s not consistent.
I have the pens, and concur with EdinNJ's observation, and I'm sorry that KiltmanFL was disappointed with his purchase. Yes, if you use the included J. Herbin inks, you may experience some disappointment, since these inks do not have the lubricity of some other inks, such as Aurora or Graf von Faber-Castell. J. Herbin inks are truly great inks, but they are not particularly well-lubricated IMHO for this pen, and if you're not careful how you write, it may feel scratchy. Go with a very light touch, or switch to another ink. The ability to use a converter (or a syringe to fill your cartridges,) make this an excellent roller ball with nearly infinite choices as to color.
My Lamy Safari rollerball and my Kaweco Ice Sport rollerball have served in my EDC bag for over a year without fail. To my dismay, only a few of my rollerball bodies accept refilling with a syringe without leaking even with a light application of silicone grease. If you have a large collection of fountain pens, I have found that a Schmidt PRS rollerball converter tip fits a variety of pen bodies. If you don't mind a little mess, pen experimentation is fun.
100% disappointed with these pens. They are too light, the caps do NOT stay posted, the nibs are scratchy and the flow is not consistent.
I've got a couple of these. I haven't had the problems of being too scratchy - although I don't use them with the supplied cartridges. Yes, they are more scratchy than a typical rollerball, which tend to use ink with a significant amount of lubricant in the ink. I use them with converters, and with fountain pen inks that in reviews get a lot of "smoother writing" comments - more slippery stuff in the ink. I like being able to have the wildly different ink colors with the roller ball writing feel.

They are, no doubt, short. You really can't write with them without pegging the cap - or at least it feels weird to do so. I've decided that's a feature, though, and not a flaw. Being small and light = easy to tuck them into my work backpack. Some of my fountain pens won't even fit into normal size pen holder slots - these do, and keep a lot of space below open.

I'm looking at these as a potential gift for my grand-niece. At age 8, with her smaller hands, she probably won't have to peg the cap, and can buy the wild color inks that 8 year old girls with a heavy slant towards art want to have.
Couldn't put it any other way. I have had the same experience. Definitely recommend using with nice wet ink as this will be a bit scratchier than other pens that you may be accustomed to.
Disappointed with these pens. First off, they are too short to use without having the caps on. Weird design decision. Secondly, on all the paper I've tried the ink does not flow well and you often get dry scratches across the paper, not smooth ink. This is the limiting factor and what is causing me to reconsider ever using them.
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Any fountain pen which uses standard international cartridges will work with this ink. For instance, the Nemosine Singularity or most fountain pens from Conklin or Monteverde. If you don't plan to use it in a fountain pen, I can recommend some places that you could post it as a giveaway for fountain pen users.
I contacted an online retailer who stocks the pens and they were so kind and sent me detailed description of how to get the ink to flow. There were two steps, one of which was to soak the nib in water overnight (I think). Agree with oddly short pen body. But I love the inks - the colors and smaller quantity for frequent changeability. Would love to find more pens with which to use the inks.
looks quite interesting
I'm an avid fountain pen user but I bought these because I need a pen to sign triplicates with and still be able to use my FP inks. I have 6 of these pens (from the two times I bought this set) and all six have performed very well. I am aware of the mixed reviews though so it might be a QC issue.