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2nd delivery usa plug, correct version received
Just got mine in...word of warning..the soldering iron's plug is euopean..will not work in north america without an adapter...would have been nice to get one made for North America Or at least warned about it.
happy with the delivery of the products received
Finally got the drop today. The kit isn’t professional quality, but it’ll definitely work for hobbyists. Considering the price I paid, I’m happy with it.

Unfortunately, my kit came with a Type C plug on the soldering iron instead of a Type A. Submitted a support ticket—hopefully it gets resolved.
Same we get a replacement or an adapter for our trouble?
Neither in my case. Got a refund instead. They didnt have any replacement units in stock, and Jakemy doesn’t offer any warranty.

(Props to Massdrop for handling the situation correctly and offering a refund with free return shipping.)
still waiting for an update for the previous drop !!
Still no update since November 24th and they re-open the drop? Seriously?
get information today, the parcel is delivered
Almost a month later I did as well. I wish we could get some kind of compensation.
looks like they re-opened this drop without delivering the last round of items.... May have been interested in this, but if there's problems before we get to the door I'll have to pass.
Scam. I paid for it. Never delivered.
Apparently they had an update they decided to email rather than put any notification of it on the website and took some careful searching through my inbox to try and find it. Would have been so much better if they said this on the actual page for the item... In addition to this there is no range for how long this delay will take.
On 11/6 you charged my bank account.
No information about dealy
can we have an update please ?
MD we are customers and should be informed about any delays or any issues in our purchased products.

I just submitted a support ticket, I suggest you do too. If more people send support tickets then maybe we will get an update.
When are these going to ship?
can we have an update on this please ?
If you want to make good connections with RJ45 plugs, then you will want crimpers that ratchet. These look like low end crimpers with no ratchet. I use C2G 19579 crimpers, they are a clone of Ideal 30-696 crimpers at 1/3 of the cost. The ratchet mechanism makes sure every crimp is was fully crimped. Can't say the quality of the other tools, but for networking you don't need half the tools in these kits, and some tools are wrong or missing...