Jakemy 17-in-1 Network Repair Kit & Soldering Ironsearch

Jakemy 17-in-1 Network Repair Kit & Soldering Iron

Jakemy 17-in-1 Network Repair Kit & Soldering Iron

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What's the orange tubular thing with the twistable handle for? and how do I use the orange screwdriver like thing with the small display built in? This kit should have come with an instruction manual
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cool picture
It's a cable stripper. You can pull back clothespin like part with your thumb, insert the right size cable in the right slot (ethernet/rj45 style cable for instance) spin it, and it will cut through the jacket but not cut the copper wire inside.

Look up "ez cable stripper" on google.
In the last drop of this, there were comments stating that they got Type C power connectors. I does anyone know if this is *supposed* to come with Type A connectors by default? I live in US and I would prefer to not have to buy an adapter for a connector that so clearly in the image shows a Type A connection.
comes with the type-a plug received
How does a set with this many items exclude a set of scissors? I terminate 30-50 connections a week and use a pair of electricians scissors instead of having a wire stripper, cable jacket ripper and pair of flush cutters.
You might be better off just buying 3 or 4 essentials from your local hardware store and not filling up your tool bag with all these random unitaskers.
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100% right. Not only does a good pair of really sharp scissors cut down on burs when you are terminating rj-45 cable, it's generally really important to cut things to size with. Very weird that scissors aren't included. IT technician here who has ran a good amount of network cable as well.
i hope mass drop got it straight with the distributor in sending the soldering iron with its proper plug , whether a type C or type A...considering the pictures shows it with the north American plug and it came with the European. having to get an adapter inst a super big deal but giving the kit as a gift makes it a disappointing surprise for everyone involved...MASSDROP please get it straight. this was a wide spread problem...not just one or two people.
2nd delivery usa plug, correct version received
Just got mine in...word of warning..the soldering iron's plug is euopean..will not work in north america without an adapter...would have been nice to get one made for North America Or at least warned about it.
Return it for a kit with the NA plug.
Massdrop wont do that..will only take it as a return and refund. ...havnt seen them fix the picture description either.
happy with the delivery of the products received
Finally got the drop today. The kit isn’t professional quality, but it’ll definitely work for hobbyists. Considering the price I paid, I’m happy with it.

Unfortunately, my kit came with a Type C plug on the soldering iron instead of a Type A. Submitted a support ticket—hopefully it gets resolved.
Same Here..do we get a replacement or an adapter for our trouble?
Neither in my case. Got a refund instead. They didnt have any replacement units in stock, and Jakemy doesn’t offer any warranty.

(Props to Massdrop for handling the situation correctly and offering a refund with free return shipping.)
still waiting for an update for the previous drop !!
Still no update since November 24th and they re-open the drop? Seriously?
get information today, the parcel is delivered
Almost a month later I did as well. I wish we could get some kind of compensation.