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Janome MyLock 634D Serger

Janome MyLock 634D Serger

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Same price at Walmart online. Free shipping and no tax for most areas. This is not a deal.
Hi LollyQuilts,
This machine includes the Sew Steady table for extra space which is not offered as part of the package on Walmart.
Too bad there isn't an option to pay for just the extension part
I really appreciate that Massdrop finally was able to secure a serger drop for us. As someone who would be new to a serger, I was really hoping for an entry-level, lower priced model - then I would have been interested in participating. Totally not criticizing, just putting it out there in hopes that maybe we can get a future drop secured with a cheaper machine. Thanks for all you ladies do, though!
Hi Sahm, my experience has been that the cheaper machines tend to have more problems with producing a decent stitch. I bought my Janome many years ago as a newbie to serging and never had problems with the machine. It was easy to learn how to use. I've also not had to spend more money to upgrade as my needs changed and I learnt more about the machine. It's easy to thread plus the rolled hem option is really easy to set up. If you are looking at buying a machine, I'd skip the cheapies and buy this, you really can't go wrong with this machine.
I have the Janome 434 serger and absolutely love it. This machine is a better model than the one I have. Janome makes wonderful machines. They are very high quality and very dependable. My sewing machine is 30 yrs old and my serger is at least 20 and both are sewing strong. You will not be disappointed in any Janome Machine.
I just looked on amazon and you can get the same machine with a bonus package at the exact same price so what is the bonus of ordering here?
Hi UndercoverCrafter,
The bonus is the Sew Steady Serger table comes with your order.
I'm curious.....earlier today i checked and it said there were 2 ppl committed to purchase the serger. Now I'm the only one? How'd that happen?
Does anyone know how this compares to an Elna 664 Pro? Size/performance/ease of setup and changeovers?

Edited to correct model number typo
The manual link is wrong. https://s3.amazonaws.com/massdocs/janome_serger_owner_manual.pdf.part Even if you rename it, it not a PDF.
Thanks for the call out mpechner! I'll work to get that uploaded correctly.
I already have this machine, (in fact I bought it over 10 years ago! ) and it's FANTASTIC, it's used regularly, never misses a beat and If you are thinking of buying, don't hesitate. Janome also have a number of feet accessories that fit this machine and I've collected (and used) them all. I especially like the piping foot. The rolled hem is really easy to set up , and the machine can do 2,3 or 4 thread serging. I've used all sorts of decorative threads in the loopers, check out Superior Threads for some great ideas. My machine mechanic says that the 634d is his favourite serger as so little goes wrong with them and they are so easy to service. Click on the pic to see a full list of the feet and accessories available from Janome.
I just got this machine three months ago, and I agree with all of your comments!
I agree with Jill!
As always - as a Canadian I'm sad we don't get access to the machine drops
Hi jill.spyker and LynnCoveSt.Andrews,

I understand the disappointment. I can share with you that the reason we have to limit this to US only is due to Janome's distribution rules. US distributors can only sell in the US and Canadian distributors can only sell in Canada.

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