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will this fit on a k70?
Why you no ISO?
This is standard and we will increase ISO later
I just want the board, not the caps ;-;
Vortex Vibe is pretty close
Iiiii just want the window keys.
Any chance we could get a lower quality picture, massdrop?
Just got mine today, super happy with them! They have a fine, sort of silky texture but texture none the less, are super thick, and the legends are nice and sharp. 10/10. I just wish they came with mods and a short shift for the Tada68 I have coming in December ;)

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Hello, thanks for the kind words!
Mods is just short for modifier keys, CTRL, ALT, etc. -- which for a lot of keyboards are 1.25 key units long. The Tada68 keyboard has some of these keys which are 1 unit long like any other letter key, as well as a shift that is 1.75u compared to the usual 2.75u. Unfortunately this keycap set doesn't include them. :(

The Tada68's layout looks like this:
Oh okay that makes sense! Thank you for the information. :)
This is one of the most requested options from the PBT Keycap sets - Cherry compatible poll created by FredtheFailLord. For those of you who voted, thank you for making this drop possible.
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  • 122 Votes

Aghhh!!!! Massdrop! You keep doing it again and again!
This option was *last* in the vote count, receiving 2 out of 122 total votes.
About 1.6% of all the votes cast.
Not even tied for last.
Authentically dead last.

"Last" cannot by any stretch of the imagination be interpreted as "one of the most requested". One might, if one wants to skirt the truth without being called out in a lie, say that a keyset in the top half of those requested is one of the most requested but *this* one isn't even close.

I like these keys but to the Massdrop promotion department, I beseech you, in the bowels of the His Noodely Goodness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, think it possible that you may be mistaken.
a e s t h e t ic
is this available in black entirely?
Yes, we have it with black entirely but you must remark it in order.
If you are having issues with the spacebar:

According to a few other users and myself the spacebar's slots are a little tight and need to be widened before you can put it on some switches. I spent a minute on it with an X-acto knife and was able to get it on.
These keycaps turned out great! I love them.

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i believe it is because of the purple backlight and the poor lighting. they're a light to medium grey as seen in the pictures
Got mine in today. It's a solid improvement over the cheap stock ABS keycaps on my CM Quick Fire Rapid. The letters/characters are crisp, the keys slightly darker grey than what my phone can detect/advertised, but I like it. Typing on them is a dandy experience.
I want to shower this with praise but there are some minor QC issues
- Some excess plastic around the caps which is easily remedied with a sharp utensil.
- This might be just my keyboard, but the I couldn't keep the space bar wire stabilizer plastic loops in the space bar without them falling out on their own. A very modest amount of blue tack solved the problem for now. Obviously don't use a permanent adhesive.
- Another problem I had with the space bar: The hole for the MX switch itself was too small at first, and I had to scrape off small amounts of plastic from the inside before it would fit properly. (Note: None of the other keys with stabilizers gave me these issues)
- Personal opinion: The text on the navigation buttons seem cramped, and slap-dashed. That's no big deal.
- Not sure if this is just with my set, but if you have OCD, the scroll lock cap may bother you. I can't say this key sees much use on my end, so it doesn't bother me too much. But the text on the plucky little scroll lock cap is off alignment just ever so slightly and it makes my MS Excel sheets scroll crooked.
- For over $40 in total, for just key caps(albeit nice key caps), and waiting almost two months, I'd expect just a little bit more attention to detail and QC.
Despite some minor QC issues, I give these fine key caps an Aesthetic8.69/10(8.69/10 for mobile dorks)
When is this going to ship? Still says it's placed with the vendor and it's been over a month I believe and the expected ship date is a week from now.
It shipped a few days ago for me.
hey same, looks like they are shipping them all out now, i think they just didn't update the status of the drop until it shipped