Japanese Alphabet Cherry PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Setsearch

Japanese Alphabet Cherry PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

Japanese Alphabet Cherry PBT Dye-Subbed Keycap Set

Where's the price?
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That classic windows key is beautiful.
I bought this keyset previously from an eBay seller and am missing the 2nd windows key that's supposed to be on the FN key would it be possible to just buy a single keycap?
Hey, any chance you'd sell that set you got off ebay? or trade for this set in this drop? if so msg me on reddit here u/mdlt97
Hello! Can I get a quotation/estimate for shipping to Mexico? Pretty please?
You won't be charged automatically so you can just join the drop and put in your address and check how much shipping is. EDIT: FYI you don't need to actually click on the join button in the pic to see the total price.

thanks for the reply! The problem is that Mexico does not appear on the shipping options :/, that's the reason I am asking for a quotation through a different shipping provider, or a related solution.
What profile is this? OEM? DSA?
Cherry profile.
i really want that colourised windows key. is there any way to get two of just that key
thanks meatloaf
I wanna get this for my GK64 but I need to know if the spacebar is 6.25u. It looks like it but I'm not the best at eyeing keycap sizes.
It is.
"Note: Click here for the Red Scarf keyboard depicted in this drop. " Lmao, and then you click the link and the drop for that keyboard isn't even active.
Can you get this set with a 0 and 00 for the numpad? Rather than just the 2u 0 that it shows .
Has anybody used these caps on Kailh Box switches?
Maybe I missed it somewhere, but I've read the description twice and don't see anything about the profile of these?
OEM, Cherry, what?
I have a set of Varmilo PBT Cherry profile caps on my Filco Majestouch and it's really annoying how low they are for the keyboard's chassis. I'm sadly going to replace them with OEM soon as I find something I like. These would be fun.
This keycap set is cherry profile
If only it didn't have those fugly Windows logos. :/
BTW, are these made by EnjoyPBT?
but so many people buy just for the windows logo
What board is that in the picture?
It's a Red Scarf, it says in the description.
Thank you!
My girlfriend said that some of the Japanese letters are incorrect. I don't believe her lol. Can anyone verify?
And far as I can tell they all look correct.
She might have meant that it's not a proper JIS layout, e.g. む is on the wrong key, the Enter key is wrong (JIS uses ISO enter) and it's missing the mode keys used to switch between alpha/hiragana/kana entry. A JIS layout looks like this: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/topre-realforce-91u-jis-layout-keyboard
It looks like this keyset uses the same layout as the EnjoyPBT and DSA Otaku sets, though I haven't checked every key. I assume it's an adaptation of the JIS layout to standard ANSI to fit common mechanical keyboards.
the key-caps came in a different shade of grey; it is not the same as shown. Very disappointed because of it.
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"your remark is not appreciated" boohoo. Maybe you need to adjust your monitor settings then. They are in your picture exactly as I'd expect them to look.
Wouldn't posting them to the same site achieve the same colour one would see? If so maybe @LeekSoup you would want to get your eyes checked instead.
I wish I could buy just the windows key caps itself. Because that's such a blast to the past!
You could probably get decentkeyboards on etsy to make one for you.
I wish they would drop that keyboard again or a good 96 layout board! If only Massdrop and IC didn't have a falling out then we might have seen the Kira here :(
Kira ---> https://kono.store/products/kira-mechanical-keyboard
Does anyone know if these caps align properly for Japanese input?
I was wondering if these keycaps would be compatible with the logitech g810 spectrum
i don't think so.... g810 is using romer-G switch which has different stem than cherry mx.
okay thanks
what keyboard is that?
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Looks like the Red Scarf II
Huuuuge fan of these keys.
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It’s just the lighting. They’re a really soft grey.
Ahh, I see. I just wanted to make sure cause yours looks pretty white haha
how much did this cost when it was being dropped?
welp you can look now
this has been in shipping limbo for nearly a week. ascendia is hot trash for picking USPS for their shipping.
Mine just shipped (living in DE) - really excited!
Can we get this in an Ergodox set??
The likely hood of getting this in an Ergodox set is like .01% chance, it's only in a standard layout set and more than likely will stay like that.
Why you no ISO?
This is standard and we will increase ISO later
I just want the board, not the caps ;-;
Vortex Vibe is pretty close
Iiiii just want the window keys.
Any chance we could get a lower quality picture, massdrop?
Just got mine today, super happy with them! They have a fine, sort of silky texture but texture none the less, are super thick, and the legends are nice and sharp. 10/10. I just wish they came with mods and a short shift for the Tada68 I have coming in December ;)
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Oh okay that makes sense! Thank you for the information. :)
They look pretty white compared to the images that Massdrop included. I expected it to be darker.
HIGH FIVE VOTERS! This is one of the most requested options from the PBT Keycap sets - Cherry compatible poll created by FredtheFailLord. For those of you who voted, thank you for making this drop possible.
  • 1 of 11 Options
  • 122 Votes

Aghhh!!!! Massdrop! You keep doing it again and again! This option was *last* in the vote count, receiving 2 out of 122 total votes. About 1.6% of all the votes cast. Not even tied for last. Authentically dead last.
"Last" cannot by any stretch of the imagination be interpreted as "one of the most requested". One might, if one wants to skirt the truth without being called out in a lie, say that a keyset in the top half of those requested is one of the most requested but *this* one isn't even close.
I like these keys but to the Massdrop promotion department, I beseech you, in the bowels of the His Noodely Goodness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, think it possible that you may be mistaken.