Handmade in the USA from all-American horsehide, the Jaw Leather wallet is virtually indestructible. Perfect for the professional working man or woman who isn't afraid to show a little confidence.


Jon Wilson is an artisan committed to hand-creating products that will last a lifetime. Every piece branded with the JAW Leather Goods seal is created "with my own two hands," he says, in his workshop in San Luis Obispo, California. This means "I have the ability to make sure that everything is perfect." Jon is best-known for his knife rolls, which have rapidly been adopted by chefs all over the world.


  • Each wallet is fitted with six card slots, two of which are hidden, and a generous bill slot.
  • Measurements for Classic approximately 11cm x 8.25cm x 1cm when closed and empty, and has a length of 23cm when opened.
  • Handmade from Horween Chromexcel leather, characterized by a rich pull-up in full aniline with a hand-rubbed finish.
  • The interior leather is cream-colored, and the exterior leather is a rich brown or auburn depending on the style.
  • Precision hand-stitching and a natural house-made beeswax dressing ensures the wallet's durability.
  • Brand new, never opened.

    JAW Leather can produce 25 wallets for us every week after the buy ends. Your wallets will ship directly from JAW to keep the wait times as short as possible. Join the Massdrop early and be among the first to receive yours!

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