JT Keycaps JTK MX Sliders for Topresearch

JT Keycaps JTK MX Sliders for Topre

JT Keycaps JTK MX Sliders for Topre

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so i just wanted to let anyone know who are buying these, i would probably skip these sliders if you can find them anywhere else the sliders for me atleast was a bit odd as certain key caps had trouble staying therefore causing me having to mod them to fit properly
I would not have bought this rubbish if I listened to all the review here....sign....
JTK vs kbdFans vs Novatouch

Only 10 slider is fine, others are loose. The Keycaps fly and fly
For my 55g Topre board MX conversion I ordered the JTK sliders from originative. Yes the left control and space bar is an issue. I had to shave and sand 1 slider to clear the smaller hole of the left control key. I left the original topre space bar alone.
Then completed lubing and hypersphering all the sliders. For the stabilized wider keys I opted to shave down the outer MX pegs instead of drilling holes into the Topre board for clearance - I'd rather sacrifice a few keycaps vs making holes in a board.

After trying out the SA PBT, Enjoy PBT, JTK ABS and Tai Hao Cubic ABS on the 55g Topre, the Tai Hao Cubic had the best feel for me.

YMMV, but I think these sliders are worth a shot. I absolutely recommend lubing the sliders on a 55g board. Topre 55g is just divine with the lube on its own (as many claimed), and this holds true even more so for these any 3rd party sliders. Hypersphering was good but not critical.

Love my 55g Topre board. So much that I've never even setup my ktype.

Good luck folks.
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I used EK "MechLube 2" Premium Keyboard Lubricant w/PTFE
from Elitekeyboards.com.

You don’t lose the tactility or sound via lubing. I would describe the typing experience as more fluid and less stiff during typing with the topre tactility and thock. Before lubing the 55g, it was my least favorite topre board (I also have the variable weight silent model and the all 45g version)—After lubing 55g became my favorite topre board.

Hypersphere rings are for silencing. It’s nice, but I don’t think are a must for Topre boards as they aren’t nearly as clacky loud as cherry style mech switches.
for me, my hhkb felt linear. No tactility! But sound was niceee
welll people should be aware that the space bars for the TYPE HEAVEN wont work either, so just be a aware as i do before i ended up taking mine a part
You too can make you HHKB garbage for the low price of only $34.99.
hey now. Sliders are the new thing dude , dont you know...
Oh, he knows, he knows that JTK sliders are trash. On a scale of 1 to 10 rating the types of MX sliders out there I would say JTK are a 3, KBD are a 5, 3D printed are a 7 and Novatouch sliders are a 9. People are wasting their money buying these.
These sliders works for most keys. However, for large keys, you may have to drill the slider shell that's on your HHKB or Realforce. You cannot use these sliders for the space bar. And The left control on Realforce have different sliders than other keys.
Why not use these? https://github.com/rixtox/Topre-to-Cherry-MX-Adapter
I read that the JTK sliders have a issue when modding HKKB space bar can anyone confirm its going to be this brand?
Read the last bullet on the Specs.
I hope KeyClack guys will bring to market a better MX slider soon. Unless these were fully redesigned recently, problems reported in the past are not ignorable.

JTK vs Novatouch (https://imgur.com/r/mechanicalkeyboards/EFKq7)
You know whats funny is I ordered these through CTRL-ALT-IO (like 2 years ago now) and never got them - despite a lot of back and forth with their "customer support" guy.
I got mine. They are crap. some of the sliders are crooked to the point that you can't even insert the cap. Some fit, but the cap is crooked.
You could try messaging Bunny on GH. He's been shipping sliders to people as a part of buys, and the response there has been more favorable than in this talk section.
So, This fits to HHKB except space bar? J-DROP