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welll people should be aware that the space bars for the TYPE HEAVEN wont work either, so just be a aware as i do before i ended up taking mine a part
You too can make you HHKB garbage for the low price of only $34.99.
These sliders works for most keys. However, for large keys, you may have to drill the slider shell that's on your HHKB or Realforce. You cannot use these sliders for the space bar. And The left control on Realforce have different sliders than other keys.
Why not use these?
I read that the JTK sliders have a issue when modding HKKB space bar can anyone confirm its going to be this brand?
Read the last bullet on the Specs.
I hope KeyClack guys will bring to market a better MX slider soon. Unless these were fully redesigned recently, problems reported in the past are not ignorable.

JTK vs Novatouch (
You know whats funny is I ordered these through CTRL-ALT-IO (like 2 years ago now) and never got them - despite a lot of back and forth with their "customer support" guy.
I got mine. They are crap. some of the sliders are crooked to the point that you can't even insert the cap. Some fit, but the cap is crooked.
So, This fits to HHKB except space bar? J-DROP
These are brilliant! I remember when Matt3o on Geekhack prototyped an early version of this idea on Shapeways. I used to have a HHKB and now I wish I still had it!
You see the imperfections on the side of the sliders in this image?

Those are the reason I got rid of mine: a lot of sliders get stuck on the way up. If you get these, I'd recommend sitting down with some sand paper and fixing these, because as they come they're not good.
Same thing happened to me. I had to sit down with a razor blade and slice off the burr marks on the side of the slider... FOR EACH SLIDER. Really wanted to love them, but I'd wait for a revision where they put the burr marks on the top of the slider on the Cherry cross like you see on the Novatouch sliders.
Same goes here, I had to sand them down one by one.
This include a set of sliders for Realforce topre space bar?


  • (100) 1u pieces
  • (3) 1.5u pieces
  • (8) 2u pieces
  • (1) bonus Topre spacebar (in a randomized color )
KBDFans made their own MX Sliders as well.
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I bought these as soon as they came out with them (the adapter X are the newest version). Unfortunately, unlike older versions, they result in keycaps being rotated a degree or two. It looks annoyingly terrible.
That's a shame to hear. :/ KeyClack might be developing some of their own so fingers crossed for those.