Juiced BossDOCK 5K USB-C Universal Docking Stationsearch

Juiced BossDOCK 5K USB-C Universal Docking Station

Juiced BossDOCK 5K USB-C Universal Docking Station

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Howdy Everyone,

Just some FYI. I have been using the BossDock before its official release to run 2 - 34" Curved LG monitors running at 3440 x 1440 @ 60hz. For everyday use there is no noticeable lag, stuttering, or loss of picture clarity or quality. I have not had any issues with the product heating up, turning off, loosing connection, or anything of the sort. I also have multiple peripherals plugged into it as well.

All in all its been a great product.

Please come back with something that will do Thunderbolt 3.
Can this dock do 1080p at 144Hz?
no, it can not.
So the chockDock doesn't support 3440 by 1440 at 60Hz?
Will the boss dock charge my MacBook pro? I believe it needs 87W power delivery for that.
According to the Amazon listing, no - it does NOT provider power delivery at all. (Not even the smaller 15W, etc. variety)
@massdrop whats the holdup? is this drop going to happen?
@massdrop can we project build a product like this one day instead of settling for these “deals” that don’t do everything we need it to?
Disappointing that the smaller juiced systems portable adapters include power pass-through when this one doesn't...
Compatible w/OnePlus 3?
Since massdrop cant answer simple questions, anyone purchased one from the last drop could answer them? Power pass through?
No, according to Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Juiced-Systems-BossDOCK-Universal-Docking/dp/B0743LXHDZ):

> *Please note BossDOCK will not provide power to your laptop.
Pretty shitty boss then, ain't it?
Can this support 144hz or 165hz at 1440p? Or only 60hz at any resolution? My laptop (Razer Blade 14") has Thunderbolt3 USB-C and I've been searching forever for a dock that can do it.
You need a Razer Core and a decent graphics card, then. Yes, that'll set you back $800-$1200. My wife's Razer Blade Stealth is quite happily running her 144hz monitor through a 1070 graphics card and the Razer Core...
Hoping someone can clear up whether or not this would support a Razer Blade Stealth? I've tried a few other docks already and the USB-C on this machine seems a bit picky as far as what it feels like supporting.

What I'm looking for:
-- Power passthrough so the laptop can charge.
-- Ethernet that stays at a consistent speed above 15mbps (a few I've tried work, but go far slower than rated speed and/or network speeds are highly intermittent/variable)
-- USB3.0 that runs at-or-near expected USB3.0 speeds.
-- For me, the monitor support would be a great, but optional, bonus

Again, I realize that the dock *does* do all of these things, but I'm interested in specific compatibility with the Razer Blade Stealth's USB-C. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
is this compatible on nintendo switch?
is this compatible on nintendo switch?