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No warranty, and products that are prone to fail. Buyer beware.
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I will add that while Massdrop did nothing to help me, I reached out to Juiced and they replaced mine. We'll see if it holds up, I too experienced it getting extremely hot during normal use.
All Juiced products may not be covered by a warranty but they will gladly accept the return or exchange of products that are defective due to defects in manufacturing and/or workmanship.
I'm also looking for an adaptor with a miniDP.
The "USB-C MACBOOK 12" MULTIFUNCTIONAL DISPLAY ADAPTER v1" is incorrectly described. The JuicedSystems site shows that adapter as having 3xUSB3.0 + 2xCardReaders (https://www.juicedsystems.com/USB-C-Macbook-12-5-in-1-Adapter-v1_p_15.html). The adapter with the miniDP port is actually the "USB-C MACBOOK 12" MULTIFUNCTIONAL DISPLAY ADAPTER" (https://www.juicedsystems.com/USB-C-Macbook-12-Multifunctional-Display-Adapter_p_38.html), which is not listed in this drop.
This could be why there are never any of the 5in1 v1 adapters with the miniDP port - because it doesn't exist. Can someone from MD please see if we can get the MULTIFUNCTIONAL DISPLAY ADAPTER (with the miniDP). I think there may be pent-up demand for it.
Massdrop that Ended 4/21, my order just shipped today from Orange County, CA. Hopefully this updates some people.

can anyone tell me the distance between the two thunderbolt port is on the Juiced USB-C UltraHUB -MacBook Pro USB-C HDMI Multiport Adapter?

If I remember tonight when I get home from work I’ll measure for you. I have both a 2016 MBP and the adapter being offered here.
What did you have in mind?
UPDATE: The ports appear to be 1.5 CM apart centerline-to-centerline.
I'm trying to see if it'll match Dell XPS 13's 2 usb c ports.
I'm looking to use one of these for a 15" MacBook Pro (2016) to allow power and 4K display to stay plugged in at the same time. Since HDMI only supports 4K at 30hz, I'm thinking the UltraHub with a Thunderbolt 3 port is my best bet.
Here's my question: can I plug the display into Thunderbolt 3 port and power into the other USB-C port so all I have to plug in is my dock? Thanks!
I got a response back from their support team as follows:
> Yes, the setup you explained will work. You can also use the HDMI port for 4K @ 30hz if you needed to keep another USB-C port available. A day late, but still!
Are there any options out there that would be compatible with the 13" MBP 2015? It only has thunderbolt 2 and usb3
All of the adapters should be backward compatible. So if it supports TB3, it should support TB2 as well.
That's my bad, I meant to say that it only has TB2, which is a mini dispalyport connector, instead of a reversible type C
Might be a dumb question. But can this work with a hard case/shell installed on the macbook? Are the usb-c prongs long enough to connect even if its not flush with the macbook casing?
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I would have to agree here. I have the 2016 MBP adapter when it was marketed as HyperDrive on Kickstarter. This one is exactly the same device as the one I got a year ago. And it does have to be fully seated against the Mac body to connect.
Ok..thanks guys. I guess it wouldnt fit with a hard case on.
Can anyone verify that the 5-in-1 Display Adapter (with Mini DisplayPort) works with a miniDP to HDMI cable and the 15" tMBP?
@Jaysun the option for the 12" Macbook 5-in-1 Display Adapter (with Mini DisplayPort) seems to be missing. Can you please sort this out? I'd like to order two.
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They do not have any at this time.
Alright, thanks for trying bud.
Supposed to ship on 2 January. Until now no shipping update?
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I asked support the same thing. They cancelled my order
Same goes to me
Is something missing from the Join Drop form? There doesn't appear to be the Juiced USB-C 12" Macbook 5-in-1 Display Adapter. There is the 5-in-1 w/o the display...
Which one would I get to give a MacBook Pro Ethernet?
Has anyone tried this with the HP spectre x360? Specifically the macbook pro variant with the two USB C prongs.
I'm curious too cause I have the Spectre 13...
Brilliant design. An accidental bump or two on it while connected, and you'll bork the unit and perhaps your Macbook as well.
I would advise getting a pair of USB-C extension cables to stick between the adapter unit and your computer.
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> I strongly advise safety over looks to people.
And that's totally fine, except that's clearly not your intent. You're clearly focused on insulting product quality and stability without owning it, or seeing how it works with personal experience. Now you're insulting the intellect of others just because they own computers of a specific brand. Your comments do not contribute to meaningful discussion in any way so don't justify yourself with the facade that you "advise safety over looks".
Agreed! Clearly comments meant to troll and stir contention. Not helpful at all.
Personally, I have the original one that came out via Kickstarter a year ago. Works just fine and haven't had "bumping" or "safety" issues with it whatsoever.
This was supposed to ship last Jan 2 and there are still no updates to date. What happened?
MacBook Pro 17 Keyboard / mouse works fine. Shipping to Ukraine also works well :)
As soon as I got this adapter, I took it out of the box and started using it, and then suddenly my external ssd that I had connected at the time started connecting and disconnecting... and also it gets very hot. So it seems like mine has some kind of issue... I don't know where to start with this thing.
For "Juiced USB-C UltraHUB -MacBook Pro USB-C HDMI Multiport Adapter (+ $28)", the description mentions a "Thunderbolt 3 port" but it does not mention the connection type. I'm assuming it's a USB-C port with Thunderbolt 3?
"Thunderbolt 3" does not really describe a port type...
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Martin wong login via Fb
Leader, ordered December 2017, supposed to ship 2 Jan 2018. Until today 15-Jan 2018 still no update
Is Juiced USB-C MultiPort Gigabit HDMI Hub compatible on Nintendo Switch???
Don't get fooled by Massdrop, the "Juiced Macbook Pro USB-C 6 Port adapter (+$10)" is $36.99 then pay a few more bucks for shipping and the price is ~$40. Juiced System sells them for 35$ and free 2 days shipping with prime. Here's the amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Juiced-Systems-Macbook-USB-C-Adapter/dp/B071S697R2/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1510019636&sr=8-9&keywords=juiced+system
Cheaper on amazon???
This is essentially the HyperDrive Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Hub that I got last year from Kickstarter. Looks identical.
I've had no issues with it, but then, It's not like I've had to pull it out much since I also have USB-A-to-C adapters.
Does anybody know if this would work with anything besides a Mac book? I have a Lenovo Yoga 720 and I'm thinking of grabbing one
It's designed for the MacBook Pro. You would need the ports on your Yoga to be perfectly spaced.
this looks great. Still don't know why Apple thought getting rid of the SD reader on the MBP was a good idea!
Phil Schiller said it wasn't a "professional port" 🙄
Why is MultiPort Gigabit HDMI Hub not available in regular gray?!
The Juiced Macbook Pro USB-C 6 Port adapter says that it works for external HD and optical drives. Does it work with the Apple SuperDrive MD564ZM/A, which requires high power consumption through its USB connection? Thanks!
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I think you can use the USB-C port if you use a USB-A to USB-C cable on the SuperDrive.
I believe that is what I have done since getting my Late 2016 MBP. A simple ANKER USB-A to USB-C adapter has worked if I'm not mistaken. It's been a few months since I had to reinstall some software from DVD. But I'm sure that was the way I did it.
I’d like to see an option to pay a little extra to get it without that stupid Juiced logo on it.
The picture on this page shows the MBP adapter having black USB ports. If you look at the same thing on Juiced's web page they are noticeably blue. Is this an earlier version? http://www.juicedsystems.com/Macbook-Pro-USB-C-6-Port-Adapter-_p_50.html
The inside of the ports are aluminum and thus shiny and reflective. The photo on their website looks like a render with the shininess of the aluminum cranked to 11 which is reflecting the blue of the plastic in the USB port more than it ever would in real life. The photo here looks like an actual photo of the product and is likely closer to what it will look like in real life. If you look closely at the photo here you can see that the port is metal and the little inside tab is blue and there's a bit of a blue hue reflecting on the bottom of the port. It's just nowhere near as shiny and reflective as the photo on Juiced's site because their photo is a computer render and not a photo of the actual product.
While there is some reflection in the photo, the USB tabs inside are, indeed blue. That is standard design for USB-3 ports.
Need a v2 in space gray, but all sold out?? It's not even up to the goal...
HP Spectre 13 has 2 USB-C w/ Thunderbolt and 1 USB-C port. Is it compatible with this?
Yes, but I would be sure to plug the dongle into one of the USB-C w/Thunderbolt ports on the Spectre. This will unlock the dongle's full capability.
Which model did you get?