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No warranty, and products that are prone to fail. Buyer beware.
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I will add that while Massdrop did nothing to help me, I reached out to Juiced and they replaced mine. We'll see if it holds up, I too experienced it getting extremely hot during normal use.
All Juiced products may not be covered by a warranty but they will gladly accept the return or exchange of products that are defective due to defects in manufacturing and/or workmanship.
I'm also looking for an adaptor with a miniDP.

The "USB-C MACBOOK 12" MULTIFUNCTIONAL DISPLAY ADAPTER v1" is incorrectly described. The JuicedSystems site shows that adapter as having 3xUSB3.0 + 2xCardReaders (https://www.juicedsystems.com/USB-C-Macbook-12-5-in-1-Adapter-v1_p_15.html). The adapter with the miniDP port is actually the "USB-C MACBOOK 12" MULTIFUNCTIONAL DISPLAY ADAPTER" (https://www.juicedsystems.com/USB-C-Macbook-12-Multifunctional-Display-Adapter_p_38.html), which is not listed in this drop.

This could be why there are never any of the 5in1 v1 adapters with the miniDP port - because it doesn't exist. Can someone from MD please see if we can get the MULTIFUNCTIONAL DISPLAY ADAPTER (with the miniDP). I think there may be pent-up demand for it.
Massdrop that Ended 4/21, my order just shipped today from Orange County, CA. Hopefully this updates some people.

can anyone tell me the distance between the two thunderbolt port is on the Juiced USB-C UltraHUB -MacBook Pro USB-C HDMI Multiport Adapter?

If I remember tonight when I get home from work I’ll measure for you. I have both a 2016 MBP and the adapter being offered here.

What did you have in mind?

UPDATE: The ports appear to be 1.5 CM apart centerline-to-centerline.

I'm trying to see if it'll match Dell XPS 13's 2 usb c ports.
I'm looking to use one of these for a 15" MacBook Pro (2016) to allow power and 4K display to stay plugged in at the same time. Since HDMI only supports 4K at 30hz, I'm thinking the UltraHub with a Thunderbolt 3 port is my best bet.

Here's my question: can I plug the display into Thunderbolt 3 port and power into the other USB-C port so all I have to plug in is my dock? Thanks!
I got a response back from their support team as follows:

> Yes, the setup you explained will work. You can also use the HDMI port for 4K @ 30hz if you needed to keep another USB-C port available.
A day late, but still!
Are there any options out there that would be compatible with the 13" MBP 2015? It only has thunderbolt 2 and usb3
All of the adapters should be backward compatible. So if it supports TB3, it should support TB2 as well.
That's my bad, I meant to say that it only has TB2, which is a mini dispalyport connector, instead of a reversible type C
Might be a dumb question. But can this work with a hard case/shell installed on the macbook? Are the usb-c prongs long enough to connect even if its not flush with the macbook casing?
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I would have to agree here. I have the 2016 MBP adapter when it was marketed as HyperDrive on Kickstarter. This one is exactly the same device as the one I got a year ago. And it does have to be fully seated against the Mac body to connect.
Ok..thanks guys. I guess it wouldnt fit with a hard case on.
Can anyone verify that the 5-in-1 Display Adapter (with Mini DisplayPort) works with a miniDP to HDMI cable and the 15" tMBP?
Jaysun the option for the 12" Macbook 5-in-1 Display Adapter (with Mini DisplayPort) seems to be missing. Can you please sort this out? I'd like to order two.
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They do not have any at this time.
Alright, thanks for trying bud.