Jumpplus Portable V8 Car Jump-Startersearch

Jumpplus Portable V8 Car Jump-Starter

Jumpplus Portable V8 Car Jump-Starter

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I don’t trust several of these positive “reviews”, which makes me doubt the product. Massdrop should be looking for fake reviews.
Anyone have a good recommendation for a jump starter like this for 4 or V6 engines?

Someone at work had one, and it jumped my car first-try, and I've wanted get one since
This’ll work fine for smaller engines and you can help out someone else with a bigger engine if needed
could this be used as a battery pack for dash cams? Does it support pass through charging?
Yeah, I ended up going with the Suaoki P6 on Amazon, was $59 shipped at the time with a coupon code I found.
Works like a champ with an LCD charge level display which is nice to have. My guess is these jumper units are all made by the same company and just branded out for retail sale.
I have used this product twice to start my car. I have a SUV and it started up right away. I was surprised on how simple it is to use. It has worked for me and I am getting another one for my wife's car. I don't know if all the specifications are right on the discriptions, but I know it does work.
This seems way too fishy, the comments on here look like they are paid advertisements.

I've been looking for a jumpstarter but i think il pass on this one.
You don't like hot moms? 😍

I just bought this one. There's a 20% off promotion below the price. Lots of features.

DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01D42TYFC
It really does lol
Such a strange vibe in this comments section, not something I've seen here on MD before
Anyone know if this is compatible with 220V charging?
I was about to leave for a 6+ hr drive but then found my car dead this morning, and it was parked in a place that made It difficult for someone else to give me a jump. Luckily I had this thing and I’m already back on track. Definitely keeping this in the car. Plus, I forgot my phone charger and this comes with cables that you can also charge your devices with to use as a power bank. Definitely worth it. I’m buying another as a gift.
I highly doubt " the Jumpplus has enough power to jump-start cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, boats, and more " as my NOCO GB40 with nearly double the amps (1000A) is only rated for engines up to 6L. Although, I have gotten a V8 in the freezing cold started after 3-4 tries.

Just FYI for those that are thinking of purchasing this for their "trucks, SUVS, vans, boats, and more".
I was a mechanic for a couple years and I can verify, this style of jump box works very well. I used mine on a weekly/bi-weekly basis without a hitch. Compared to the monster jump starters that the tool truck offered, weighing in at 10+lbs.... these are a godsend. Only downside (depending on the manufacturer) if you leave the terminals hooked up for too long it will burn out the cables because of how thin of a gauge they are and can run you upwards of $20-$30 to replace.
This had been a great unit for us. It’s got all the features any non-mechanical person needs when stranded on the road ... can’t hardly do it wrong won’t he protections in place and it does what it’s claimed since being introduced. I like the USC c option for future tech

Military grade lithium polymer?!? You’re joking right? Are you sure it isn’t a lithium Ion battery? I’ve been around military equipment for 11 years now and have never seen anything lithium polymer. It’s too temperamental, delicate, and if you don’t pay close attention to an expensive lithium polymer battery it will die or explode. You’re not fooling me- just because it states military grade doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good.
It didn't say WHICH military... Lol
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