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KA-BAR Becker Companion BK2/BK22

KA-BAR Becker Companion BK2/BK22

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16 hours left and no purchases - could it be the high price or that it doesn't ship overseas?
hmmm... No one purchase it yet... Maybe because of that Massdrop policy to not ship knives overseas to some countries....
I also want to buy it, but it can't be shipped to Indonesia. Sad.
Save a few dollars and a month or so...

Above is the link for the BK 22.....

Here is the BK 2.... same thing... save a few bucks and a month or so.

No matter which model you get, you'll probably find the stock sheaths inadequate for anything more than storing the knife in. For field use, both/either are pretty much junk. Below is my custom leather/Kydex hybrid sheath for one of my BK2's. I've got full-on leather and full-on Kydex sheaths for my other Beckers. I don't really have a preference for functionality with either material, but I am partial to the aesthetics of leather. The problem with the stock BK2 sheath is that it dulls the blade with repeated draws/insertions, and two of the three that I have, had sheaths that were molded for a way too tight fit such that I had to reach around with my weak hand to hold the sheath while drawing (still with difficulty) the knife with my strong hand. The BK22's canvas sheath is just flimsy and cheap. $70 bucks for the knife is a pretty good price, but that's really all you're paying for is the knife. No one I know would buy either of the stock sheaths that go with these knives if they didn't come in the box. Find a decent sheath maker, and you'll never regret buying a BK&T knife of any size/description.

Why are the pictures so poor?
Ended up ordering the BK22 straight from Amazon. After all was said and done, I ended up paying $2.00 above the MD price, with free shipping, and it will get here on Tuesday. Hence why I only order rare or hard to get items from MD.
Would the plastic sheath be compatible with a Tek-Lok?
One of the pictures shows the thumb ramp of the BK10, which the BK2/BK22 doesn't have. Just a heads up.
Why is this item's shipping charge to Canada pricier, at USD 23.50 -- whereas the bigger Kbar BK21 Kukri comes cheaper, with a USD 10.50 charge???
Sometimes Massdrop has good deals, sometimes not so much. I can purchase the BK22 on Amazon and SAVE $ 3.28, AND have it by day after tomorrow. I am a big Massdrop fan, and in fact have 3 items in process as I write this, but have discovered that about half the time I can find it for a similar price or cheaper on Amazon, AND not have to wait a month to get it. Be sure and hit the "Join" icon so you can see the freight amount. Sometimes, as on the BK22, it can be a real game changer. Not so long ago, Massdrop showed the freight without having to go this extra step. Pretty sure why they changed to the new format : /
This drop just re-opened. It's currently listed at ~$82 on Amazon.
Was it a common experience to receive this drop later?
Delivery was about 2 months after estimate last time around
I suspect this will be my last order with massdrop. Placed the order on March 30. Account was charged April 7. Here we are May 30. Still haven't received my order.
When will this order be processed and shipped. I'm tired of the same reply and this is unacceptable!

" Good news: We have placed the order with the vendor and we are waiting for the units to be shipped to our warehouse. Once the units are packed and ready we will ship them as soon as possible and we will notify you."
Your patience is appreciated please let me know if you have questions. 
Yeah, at this point any update would be nice.
I've asked for a refund, I can go elsewhere and not have to deal with poor service.
Just got news that smooth finish is not going to happen. After two updates stating the vendor is "gathering and packing the order" ??? Massdrop; youre a nice concept, but you really suck.
Is this gen1 or gen2? Full tang or the hollowed out?
Most likely gen 2. They stop producing the full handle years ago. Is it still a tang that runs all the way to the back but like you said they are hollowed.