KAF Chef's Apronsearch

KAF Chef's Apron

KAF Chef's Apron

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Feel like I'm ALWAYS asking this... how about some measurements? Because you don't include them here, it drives me instantly to Amazon where there usually are measurements, and then it gets me thinking Amazon...

Width of apron? I think it's 27" (thanks Amazon.) How about length of ties - assuming they're the same length, just measure one.

And once again, all the images on the modeling dummies are on female modeling dummies. Sigh.
anyone know how long the ties are? I'm big. I Would like to be able to wrap the ties around and knot in front like all the cool skinny kids.

This one of those Massdrop products where shipping and handling costs are very high. (USD 10,00)
What I do not understand, is that if I buy 2 units the shipping and handling cost doubles (USD 20,00) I do not find this to be reasonable , therefore no purchase this time !
Yes. This. Massdrop, please listen.
sadly it is almost always like this. i buy a zippo lighter and shipment is, let's say 10 bucks. I buy another and it goes to 20 bucks. guys it is coming in the same package? what is this sorcery?
I think the last time I wore an apron was when I made one in sewing class (in junior high!) so I was really excited when asked to "test" this out over the weekend. With the amount of time I spend in the kitchen, it seemed like a no brainer to have one and yet many stained clothes and kitchen mishaps later, I have been sans apron.

I was worried that the apron would feel bulky but as soon as I had it on, I forgot that i was wearing one. I loved how easy it was to adjust the apron by simply pulling the neck tie and I also appreciated the extra long straps that wrapped around the back and could be tied in the front.  The gigantic pocket was great for holding a kitchen towel or pot holder while cooking.
(curry in a bowl, a little on my apron, zero on my clothes)

The apron kept me clean and dry while I cooked dinner on Friday and again when making a pie crust and Rhubarb pie on Saturday. (I usually look like I powdered myself from head to toe when I'm baking but not this time!)  My shirt and jeans were completely flourless when I was done baking. 

The hardest part about testing the apron was to remember to put it on.  I forgot to wear it on Sunday morning but I found a new home for it where it's hard to miss. I just need to convince our VP of Commerce to let me continue testing "indefinitely."
Is that a Massdrop shirt? :heart eyes: Those pair quite well together.
it is and it does!
I love it.
More aprons please.
I don't know what I'm looking for but when I see it finally I'll buy it.
So keep bringing it!

PS seriously looking for purple colors also. ;)
agreed with the purple
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