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I am hoping these are from the original batch I ordered from MD.. those where smooth as silk. I have heard box switches are kinda hit and miss in the quality control department. I am really excited thought either way. I am a HUGE mega fan of box blacks was looking for a set of switches for my K-Type.. to replace some other's I was trying and didn't care for.
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I already sold mine it was partially how I paid for my K-Type made think 100 dollar's off them.. which reduced my K-Type's price to 100 bucks.. which was more then good deal for that board.
Not a bad idea...
I am planning on building my first keyboard with Box Browns, 96%pcb and cherry profile keycaps (wanted to do it with Kailh low profile switches but the choice and availability of components is almost non existent). Could someone give some advice regarding good components that would be compatible with these switches.
Melody96 group buy happening now
"Box Blue (white colored)"

What on earth is this silliness? There is no such thing as "box blue". I guess they want people to associate them with Cherry MX blues but the click mechanism in box white is completely different. It also feels and sounds completely different, and it's a *better* switch in my opinion because of it.

"Blue" is not a generic term for clicky switch, it refers (or at least used to...) to a specific design. Stop relabeling colors. What's even worse is there there exist two real variants of this design with blueish colors: the pale blue and navy box switches. So what are you going to call those, eh Massdrop?
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I have the pale blue from Massdrop and they did in fact call them pale blue.
I really love my Box Blues!
Does anyone know of a way to silence / dampen the upstroke on these switches? I have some browns and it looks like they're impossible to dampen because of how they're constructed.
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I have seen the inside of them, and torn my fingers open getting the little buggers open. While you could add small rubber dampers on to the slider (using this method https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/5qmywo/a_relatively_simple_method_of_silencing_any/ ), it's probably easier and better just to go with another switch, one that's either silenced or supports silencing.
Wow. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you for taking the time to dig it up and share with me.
Box Whites are so good they make any clicky switch with a spring sound absolutely sickly and disgusting in comparison.
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They were in stock at KBDfans this morning but have evaporated since
I know they will be back on Novelkeys somewhere around this time, so I'm holding out for the announcement
In light of the previous issues with cancelled orders and such, I would suggest that people skip this unless Massdrop can assure otherwise. I was one of those who was left out in the cold.

Massdrop said that they had got in the shipment and KITTED them in the fulfillment center and then never shipped? Lies and NO justification was given. I really like this site and have bought TONS of stuff here, but given how hard these are to get ATM, I just wouldn't believe them and would REQUIRE some kind of response from MD about the previous GB.
If you really want them and don't want to get it from MD, you can get them from Novelkeys: https://www.novelkeys.xyz/product/kailh-box-switches/

He recently stocked White's and Red's again and is a stand-up guy.
After the cancellation of the order, I just bought in Aliexpress and I received it yesterday, it just took 3 weeks to arrive.
And if you consider the added shipping fee, there is no savings on this drop, and you will cost a few more $ plus the added waiting time.
give box burnt orange!
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I am awaiting the same, but I don't think there has been any followups on the stem issues they had which prevented them from being in the previous BOX heavy drop.
Me too my friend, me too