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Canada Post lost my switches and Massdrop gave me a refund. Sad day. :(
I know I ordered the green clicky... I just looked at my transactions and it says purple tactile.... that SUCKS.... somehow my order got screwed up!
I guess it will be here just about the time that taxes are due in the U.S. ....April 15th
Anyone else notice that the price per switch for the extra 40 switches in the 110 kit is higher than the price per switch when getting 70?
Yep. Albeit only by about a cent.
Still enough reason that I will just buy three 70 kits instead of two 110's. Shame on them for cheating us out of that dollar.
I've joined the drop and ordered the green. I love the way the cherry mx blue feel and sound. I always felt the travel was too long. These should be just like the cherry blue except I wont have to push them so far to get them to function. Thats the feel I want. Order them now because who knows when you will be able to get them again!
Switches: $ 14.99, Shipping: $ 21.50 - uhm yeah will not buy... :(
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my shipping was 3.50 to me that is fair...
That is so kind thank you! But I will wait for this time :)
Switches: $ 14.99, Shipping: $ 21.50 - sounds great, tell me more! :D
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Then use a shipping service and just pay the usa 3.50 + small packet rate? Most have a service to EU ~10$.
That would be an option you are right, but still I don't like when shipping is worth the goods value..
What is the difference between the Kailh Blue switch to the Light Greens? The force diagram seems the same, is the 'clicky' mechanism different or is it the same audible mechanism as the Blue.
These have a lower travel/actuation, and maybe some other subtle differences
Any Canadians still waiting on this? Mine went through customs on the 11th, but no update since then.
Received my two sets yesterday and wanted to say, very smart move regarding customs to send two small parcels instead of one "big" one. Thumbs up, saved me about $15 :)
Anyone recommend a nice, inexpensive board to go along with these as a DiY project? preferably a TKL board compatible with LEDs.
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Per the description for this item, yes, they should be. They are noted as being SMD LED Compatible.
they do, i actually ended up ordering a Zhuque. they fit a little snug, so be careful putting in the switches. i bent and broke about 4 of the copper prongs.