Kaihua Kailh Pro Switches (70 or 110 Pieces)search

Kaihua Kailh Pro Switches (70 or 110 Pieces)

Kaihua Kailh Pro Switches (70 or 110 Pieces)

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Sorry, this shipping price is a deal breaker.
massdrop is not the only seller..look around mate..you'll find them.with cheaper shipping..
I will do so, thanks.
I bought a set of the purps and they are very nice. Also have openings for LED's if you choose to mount them. I am putting them on an XD60 build.
thanks mate.. i was just thinking do these have the same cherry led insert space.. ;-)
So how are the quality and feel of these switches (specifically the purples) compared to the MOD switches? Just noticing the much more...approachable price.
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Yeah, I am looking at one probably 12 switches so I can try some boxes too
i just bought a set of mx-clears to mod wit 60g springs..but thought i give these a try..still not clear about the bottom out weighting springs i'm getting from kbd think i'l grab 60g and 62g
Just one more rant about the ridiculous disqualifying shipping price ...
+$21.50 shipping to EU for a small packet, no.. no thanks. :-(
look arround on the net.. you can get them elsewhere..i'm doing the same also in eu..google is your friend.
thanks, would never have thought to google without your comment. +1
Sorry for a noob question, but would these work on a hotswappable board? or do they require soldering? Either way I might as well pick some up.
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they should work.. here are sum specs i found online..
i read further down that someone is using them on the k-type ..also hotswap
These clickies don't have a click bar, do they?
Nope they use a click jacket.
I got Pro Purps from the last drop -- excellent switches. Definitely my second favorite switch (only to Zealios, but that's an unfair comparison). I have some minor complaints:
1) Minor stem wobble. If you move the stem in a circular, joystick like, motion it makes a weird clicking noise. Not easily present in normal use, but the wobble is definitely there.
2) A bit scratchy. They benefit greatly from lubed rails.
3) Milky bottoms make me sad, I really wish they were clear. Novelkeys has mentioned that clear bottoms would require retooling, so I completely understand why they're milky. Still sad tho.
Other than that, excellent switches!
i was thinking of getting these lubing them later .. and as i'm getting 60g springs for my mx-clears i thought grab an extra set of springs maybe 62g ?? or two sets of 60g and try them out with different springs what do you think ?? i was thinking of purple tactiles btw haha.
I'm not sure, sorry mate. I don't do spring swapping. Although, just from what I've read around, higher weights will decrease tactility.
Whoo - just got my purples yesterday, put them on my GMMK with Tai Hao Vice colored caps and so far so good. It's my first mech keyboard, so I don't know how they compare to other swiches, but I'm really enjoying them!
hells yeah brother! good call on the purples! i mean as far as comparison, (in my switch fondling experiences) i find they are like the Cherry MX blues as far as tactility, but have the sound of cherry mx browns, and the force is just lighter than i prefer (so i picked up a set of plums which are heavier). but they make for a super nice typing and/or gaming switch. out of the 5 seperate sets of switches i have currently, i use purples on the regular over anything else.
Canada Post lost my switches and Massdrop gave me a refund. Sad day. :(
I know I ordered the green clicky... I just looked at my transactions and it says purple tactile.... that SUCKS.... somehow my order got screwed up!
I guess it will be here just about the time that taxes are due in the U.S. ....April 15th
Anyone else notice that the price per switch for the extra 40 switches in the 110 kit is higher than the price per switch when getting 70?
Yep. Albeit only by about a cent.
Still enough reason that I will just buy three 70 kits instead of two 110's. Shame on them for cheating us out of that dollar.
I've joined the drop and ordered the green. I love the way the cherry mx blue feel and sound. I always felt the travel was too long. These should be just like the cherry blue except I wont have to push them so far to get them to function. Thats the feel I want. Order them now because who knows when you will be able to get them again!
Switches: $ 14.99, Shipping: $ 21.50 - uhm yeah will not buy... :(
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That is so kind thank you! But I will wait for this time :)
look around on the net everyone is selling these..also folks that put a lower value..that's all i need to say ;-) and i'm also in EU ..so not a big fan of that bloody import fee and tax crap..
Switches: $ 14.99, Shipping: $ 21.50 - sounds great, tell me more! :D
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Then use a shipping service and just pay the usa 3.50 + small packet rate? Most have a service to EU ~10$.
That would be an option you are right, but still I don't like when shipping is worth the goods value..
What is the difference between the Kailh Blue switch to the Light Greens? The force diagram seems the same, is the 'clicky' mechanism different or is it the same audible mechanism as the Blue.
These have a lower travel/actuation, and maybe some other subtle differences
Any Canadians still waiting on this? Mine went through customs on the 11th, but no update since then.
Received my two sets yesterday and wanted to say, very smart move regarding customs to send two small parcels instead of one "big" one. Thumbs up, saved me about $15 :)
Anyone recommend a nice, inexpensive board to go along with these as a DiY project? preferably a TKL board compatible with LEDs.
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they do, i actually ended up ordering a Zhuque. they fit a little snug, so be careful putting in the switches. i bent and broke about 4 of the copper prongs.
recently moved from the Zhuque to the GMMK. althought the differences are mostly lighting, and housing. but i really enjoy it. but also still works with these switches. :D
Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that I have gotten all these orders in the mail today. :)
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I just saw this, sorry for the delay. This isnt Massdrop's fault, but it is my fault. If you havent done anything with Massdrop yet, email me and I will fix the issue. Sorry about that!
Hey! I tried to submit an email via the Contact form on the NovelKeys site, but I have no idea if it went through. Tried a few times, really, so apologies if it went through numerous times....didn't see any sort of notification that it had sent.
If it didn't I'll find a different way to contact you
Hi there. Will I be able to use these switches to replace those on the K Type that just shipped?
Yes you can!
does it +shipping cost?
Do these have the same lightpipe as those that were in the K-Type drop?
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I can definitely look into getting switches in the future with the lightpipe. The only problem with the lightpipe is that they are not compatible with any LED's, as the LED slot is blocked in with the actual lightpipe.
Light pipe or not, I haven't really noticed a huge difference in brightness/clarity of the Kailh Pro Teals vs. K-type Halo's. (Reference is I have a K-Type). If anyone is on the fence about the teals/greens, they feel pretty amazing and perform a lot like Cherry Blue's but with a little less actuation I believe.
Couldn't be happier, but I purchased them through another vendor and got them in 2 days instead of now 2 months.. :D

In terms of weight. Is the 50g weighted as actuation or bottom out? I think the 62g in Zealios is bottom out? ...Just hate that some rate it as actuation but some on bottom out...
Kailh rates at actuation. The Purples have a bottom out 62-65g or so. Zeal rates his switches at bottom out.
I just finished building a GMMK TKL board with Kailh Pro purples and I have to say that these switches are what Cherry Browns should've been. There's a more noticeable bump and overall feels nicer in my opinion. They're not as good as Zealios but the bang-for-the-buck ratio can't be beat.

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Kailh are my favorite cherry-style switch in every category. The only people who say otherwise are people who like to jump on the cherry bandwagon.
ohhh man looks good !!!!! that's it i'm getting them ahahhaa not from md as i'm in eu but still good looking drool
Would this be able to switch out my keys from my current Otemu blue switches?
These are compatible MX switches so they will work as Outemu replacements. The problem is you will have to desolder your old switches and solder new ones if you don't have hot swappable PCB in your keyboard. Also you need to check whether your keyboard has a mounting metal plate or not. In case it doesn't have one it will be hard to align the switches on the PCB as they are plate mounter hence don't have two additional plastic pins that go into the PCB and allow for easy alignment on the PCB. You would have to position every switch manually on the PCB and verify after the soldering if all of the switches are aligned correctly. Daunting task.
I'm not terribly experienced with linear switches so take this sentiment with a grain of salt, but: I *really* like the Burgundy switches. They're extremely smooth without any tampering and feel just right to me. Again, I don't have much to compare them to since the only other linears I've used are Cherry Reds I have in a tester/hotkey board, but I have nothing but good things to say about them in any case.
Does anyone know if these can be used to replace keycool 104 rgb switches? They are rgb, but not smd, kalith, plate mount. I think the only concern is that LED and its light spreading bar.
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Yes, you can replace any Kailh switches by yourself..
The only difference i can see that makes these Kailhs compatible with SMD LEDs is the larger hole in the bottom and the clear top. The top still has holes for through-hole RGB LEDs. That's what the pictures look like anyway.
This says its ships in January. Isn't better to just buy from the Mehkee--> 75 switch: total 24$ after everything and 2 day shipping?
That all depends on how soon you want/need your switches. If you want to save some cash, these are definitely cheaper. If you want your switches now, there are a pretty decent amount of vendors carrying them.
I order my shit from china for pennies and sometimes wait months for shipment.