Kaihua Kailh Pro Switches (70 or 110 Pieces)search

Kaihua Kailh Pro Switches (70 or 110 Pieces)

Kaihua Kailh Pro Switches (70 or 110 Pieces)

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Sorry, this shipping price is a deal breaker.
massdrop is not the only seller..look around mate..you'll find them.with cheaper shipping..
I will do so, thanks.
I bought a set of the purps and they are very nice. Also have openings for LED's if you choose to mount them. I am putting them on an XD60 build.
thanks mate.. i was just thinking do these have the same cherry led insert space.. ;-)
So how are the quality and feel of these switches (specifically the purples) compared to the MOD switches? Just noticing the much more...approachable price.
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Yeah, I am looking at one probably 12 switches so I can try some boxes too
i just bought a set of mx-clears to mod wit 60g springs..but thought i give these a try..still not clear about the bottom out weighting springs i'm getting from kbd think i'l grab 60g and 62g
Just one more rant about the ridiculous disqualifying shipping price ...
+$21.50 shipping to EU for a small packet, no.. no thanks. :-(
look arround on the net.. you can get them elsewhere..i'm doing the same also in eu..google is your friend.
thanks, would never have thought to google without your comment. +1
Sorry for a noob question, but would these work on a hotswappable board? or do they require soldering? Either way I might as well pick some up.
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they should work.. here are sum specs i found online..
i read further down that someone is using them on the k-type ..also hotswap
These clickies don't have a click bar, do they?
Nope they use a click jacket.
I got Pro Purps from the last drop -- excellent switches. Definitely my second favorite switch (only to Zealios, but that's an unfair comparison). I have some minor complaints:

1) Minor stem wobble. If you move the stem in a circular, joystick like, motion it makes a weird clicking noise. Not easily present in normal use, but the wobble is definitely there.

2) A bit scratchy. They benefit greatly from lubed rails.

3) Milky bottoms make me sad, I really wish they were clear. Novelkeys has mentioned that clear bottoms would require retooling, so I completely understand why they're milky. Still sad tho.

Other than that, excellent switches!
i was thinking of getting these lubing them later .. and as i'm getting 60g springs for my mx-clears i thought grab an extra set of springs maybe 62g ?? or two sets of 60g and try them out with different springs what do you think ?? i was thinking of purple tactiles btw haha.
I'm not sure, sorry mate. I don't do spring swapping. Although, just from what I've read around, higher weights will decrease tactility.