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Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen

Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen

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With the Dollar getting more and more pricey, this is a real bad bargain from a European perspective. A nice pen though, but I would strongly suggest that you prepare by watching a few movies regarding the nib.
Any chance for more combinations to be released? Hoping to get a light blue with extra fine nib. Otherwise, this looks to be a pretty good deal.
Hi, I've never ordered from Massdrop before and am also sort of new to fountain pens. I've several (sorry) questions about this drop and some general ones, I'd be very happy if someone could answer any:

1. Is this the nib which has an iridium tip? How different is it from the Lamy Safary's nib? (I have a Lamy Safari Fine nib variant which I use primarily on a standard moleskine, it writes good but I am looking for smoother nibs)
2. My impression from some research is that the Faber Castell Loom has a much smoother nib (and has some very light flexing as well) and hence is a much better upgrade from a cheaper first fountain pen - does that make sense? Are there any chances of a Loom drop in the near future and should I wait for that one instead?
3. Do we get warranty on the product we receive?
4. Can we reasonably track the shipment after payment?
5. Are any extra charges levied when paying via debit card or net-banking?
6. What's the average "drop time" from shipment for the Indian capital?
7. Perhaps I am asking for too much but would it be possible to see a picture of the light blue variant with the original sport gold clip on it from real life (instead of the studio like renderings)? :) The light blue variant looks very nice in the pictures here, but I am slightly obnoxious of buying something in metal which is labeled "blue" without seeing it in person - I love blue tints but dislike hard blue paint, if that makes my concern any clearer.

Thanks a ton for organizing this. Sorry again for the wall of questions; just wanna be a bit careful :P
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I've never used more premium paper, but I've found the Moleskine to be better than most I've used! Rhodia does look much better though, I'll probably buy that alongside. The confusion between nibs on the Loom and the Kaweco keeps going up, I think I'll have to buy both :P

Thank you for the reply!
Ah, it seems to be an alloy similar to iridium but not iridium, cool.

Indeed, Kaweco's pens look way better than the Loom, but I care a lot about the nib too. I'll have to buy both now :P And yep, definitely gonna try Rhodia dotpads too. Thanks for the reply!
My Kaweco is leaking where the nib unit sticks into the body of the pen. Every time I uncap it I need a paper towel to wipe off leaked ink. It has been doing this for a few weeks now - I’m still on my first ink cartridge so I haven’t done much with the pen.

anyone else have this issue? How do I fix it?
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I've never had luck with Kaweco - eyedropper conversion or otherwise.

Silicon paste might be your best bet for other leaks, but yup, I've always had nib leaks (including the black part the metal nib goes onto - ink slowly leaks down around the "frills")

I have a transparent kaweco sport so I can watch it leak literally through every part of the pen. It's awful.
Wow, I'm sorry you've had trouble with your Kaweco Sport.

I have 3 (one is translucent amber) and haven't had any issues with leaking.

Well, unless I've done something to cause it. Like changing between two extreme temperatures (which can cause ink to contract and expand), or storing the pen nib-down by accident, or by dropping the pen. I tend to put things through their paces. Not always intentionally. Lol.
Please offer the gel roller version in the future. Thanks.
When selecting a finish, the light blue shows up as much darker than the picture in the description at checkout.
Good catch! This has been corrected, as those checkout images are of Kaweco's old Blue AL Sport which is discontinued.
I love my polished aluminum EF, writes more like a Japanese F. It does show marks and scratches over time, but adds character.
the kaweco sport is not a great writer, just warning future buyers. if you want to try it out absolutely like i did, i would suggest trying the plastic version first which is much cheaper and has same nib and feed.
Disagree, I found it very pleasant.
I quite like mine. Smooth and consistent. Maybe you got a 'bad' nib? I will say I had a rough time with the Kaweco calligraphy nibs getting enough ink flow, but have had a great experience with the standard writing nibs (I regularly use the EF and F nibs).
This is not an especially good deal. I imagine that's why they aren't selling so well.
$62.74 after $2.75 shipping and handling at lowest price. It's $80 at gouletpens.com (https://www.gouletpens.com/kaweco-al-sport-fountain-pen-raw-fine/p/KAW-10000628) and $72.50 at jetpens.com (https://www.jetpens.com/Kaweco-AL-Sport-Fountain-Pen-Raw-Aluminum-Fine-Nib/pd/9496). On Amazon it is between $62 and $80 all of which without Prime Shipping, so plus S&H. Unless you can find it elsewhere and/or want to support your local stores, this is actually the best deal out there that I could find with a quick search.
I stand corrected. But I own all of these plus a couple more and spent approx $60.00- $65.00 for them. The last two were from Jetpens and this is about what I paid for them. So, that being said, I still think it could be a better deal. Otherwise more people would have purchased.
I have one of these from a prior drop and I think I like it better than my Lamys, which I love. I have at least a dozen more expensive fountain pens, and these are the two I always grab.
Why don't to a local retailer and buy your pens? Instead of going through a gray market purchase. A retailer will provide after sales service and it would include a warranty. Support your local retailer or they may not be there in the future.
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I live in a small town. The "big box" stores put the family run stationary store out of business in the 90s. If it weren't for the internet, I'd be limited to disposable gel or ballpoint pens.
bottom line if the buying experience with a local retailer for product X be it bicycles, pens, books, etc was all that great. Consumers wouldn't need to be guilted or scared into spending their money there over other options.