Kaweco Dia2 Black & Chrome Fountain Pensearch

Kaweco Dia2 Black & Chrome Fountain Pen

Kaweco Dia2 Black & Chrome Fountain Pen

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I got this pen the last time it dropped and like it so much.

It's classy without being garish or flashy. I think they styling is so cool.

It feels like more of an everyday carry type fountain pen. It's light, and it doesn't seem too precious that you'd baby it too much (compared to the Lamy 2000, which is my favorite fountain pen, and not too much more, but seems much more precious and high maintenance in that way).

Nice pen.
the 2000 goes for 105 when it drops here and has a gold nib and great materials. These Kaweco pens seem a tad expensive
I agree, the materials and workmanship - the overall feeling of quality, really - is much higher on the Lamy 2000.

I feel that the prices that Massdrop has been offering on this pen, and other Kawecos, like the Brass Sport, are fair, however.

I feel good about getting it at this price.
Having the option to buy a converter with this drop would be incredibly helpful.
Hi there, I'm a little new to this. I note that there's a reserve price of $84.99 subject to 10 people buying the pen. Does this mean that the drop will only occur/succeed if there are 10 buyers? Or we can get the pens with just 9 buyers (which is the current state of affairs). Many thanks.
This is one of the best pens for its price I have seen ever. Absolutely recommended
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Appreciate the response, and that makes 100% sense to me, thank you.
Hi Red,

I’ve been lusting after the Dia 2 for some time now, so i‘m not disparaging it in any way. But I wanted to point out that I own two Italix pens (both Parson’s Essentials) and they are excellent pens at fair prices. You wouldn’t go wrong adding one to your collection.
Would it be possible to buy the rollerball or ballpoint without the fountain pen for $70?
Sure thing.

To do so, please select the "No fountain pen - I want a rollerball or ballpoint only" option under the Nib Size group in checkout which will negate the FP price, then you can add the rollerball or ballpoint only.
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