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Isn't that clip shown in the photo the one for the AL Sport? You can see the edges that wrap around the cap.
Ah, yes, we had to recycle that image, but it is the exact same style for the Liliput. Just smaller, and round. We're working on getting better photos for this add-on asap.
If you want black, its 51 bucks on amazon... Massdrop isn't competing well anymore.
It says -$20 for the black , isn’t that $44.99?
Can anyone comment on the smoothness of the pen and fine nib? I'd love to know.
I have a liliput in brass with a medium nib, smooth body, silky smooth threads when capping and uncapping, my medium nib is buttery smooth on paper as well! great pen!
i'd rather get it from Nibsmith and have it tuned for an additional 15 bucks. Kaweco has QC issues
Where are you finding this Pen at an MSRP less than $80.00?
not MSRP obviously, but I bought mine at the Baltimore pen show for 60.... the problem now is that I want one in copper :T
sooo..... This drop got cancelled?
Or only just some of us?

I got nothin from Massdrop.
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That sux.
Having said that.... don't give up.
I have been very happy with much of my Massdrop experience.
Even if you never buy anything here, the site is CHOCK-FULL of ideas and items that you might never have seen before, and which you can search out elsewhere for, perhaps, a better price or for a variant that's not available here.
For instance;
they are selling a set of bracelets here. If you go to the actual makers web-site, you will find all the same bracelets, for more, BUT, if you use a 30% discount coupon they offer, the bracelets cost a bit less than the Massdrop price, with free shipping in the US.
I would not have known about them, were it not for Massdrop.


do stick around, and best of luck!
This is what I have started doing as well!
Having an insane amount of starting/skipping issues. I have the BB nib. Any ideas? I think the nib has the baby's bottom problem but can't really tell.
Fixed the issue by buying some micro-mesh and smoothing the nib out myself. First time doing this so I thought I was going to screw up badly and have to buy a replacement nib.
Results are pretty good. While holding the pen normally and writing with it, it feels great. No more starting/skipping issues and it is smooooth.
However, when the pen kind of shifts/rotates too much to the left, I can tell the nib wasn't smoothed down too well there. Looks like an ever so slightly teensy weensy bit more tipping material. It's definitely something I can fix with the micro-mesh, but I'm worried about doing too much to it and ruining it overall.
As long as I'm writing with my sweet spot, I feel like the writing experience is as intended for the Liliput, without the shitty baby's bottom. The pen doesn't rotate while in hand often so that's good.
Clip picture still wrong (I think it was commented in the past drops as well). I suppose that the one delivered will be of correct size and color (material).
can you swap out the nibs on these?
Yep, these nibs easily twist out of the grip section, housed with the feed in a threaded black tube.
Ish. You can swap out the entire nib and feed section. The nib itself isn't a standard size. You'll either be stuck fiddling/fitting your own, or you'll need to go with a pre-assembled nib and feed from Kaweco.
After researching, the MSRP listed is for the Aluminum version, while the Massdrop price listed is for the Brass version (MSRP of $80).
The photo of the clip is wrong, it shows the one for the Sport.