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KBDfans KBD19X 980 PCB

Where's the price?
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Ugh shoulda checked comments before purchase, cant find the case for this...
Yeah, I'm way too nervous to bite on this. Seems like it would be very hard to get a case for it without buying the full kit which includes the PCB.
To the people saying they wished it was the kit, You guys know you can order from Him directly right?


**Edit; one left in stock RIP.**
Such a tease...A drop for KBD19x kit would be awesome! Would love to get my hands on an rd2 kit with the acrylic defuser.
KBD started adding the diffuser shortly after R1 launch. I know some of the early kits didn't have them though. I snagged a kit probably a month after launch, and it had it.
"Built for tenkeyless keyboards" somebody needs their eyes checked.
Neat plate.
If this were the kit I would be joining in a heartbeat but the plate.
Kind of a useless drop without the plate and case. I guess one could get a custom sandwich case made, but the 19X case would be preferred. Is there a future drop for the rest of the kit maybe?..
Awesome! This will work perfectly for a custom project.
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Do you have a youtube channel or a reddit page? Would love to see how you build a keyboard case.
Nothing of any consequence. I don't do video logs or anything, but I do tend to post mini-logs of projects at least in regard to keyboard projects.
Uhh this drop is close to useless... You absolutely need to use the KBDFans KBD19X case with this PCB, it is not a TKL layout. There are no other keyboards with this layout. Looks like someone was misinformed or wasn't paying close attention when setting this drop up. The KBD8X is their TKL PCB.... But I don't think it's compatible with many cases other than the one from KBDFans, if any.
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This won't work with the Leopold 980, different lock led locations, and different function row, this has an extra key.
I have 2 leopold FC980M and they definitely do not look to be compatible with this PCB. Specially the upper keys, the layout is different.
From the description " Built for tenkeyless keyboards, this PCB ..."
I think this should be corrected, because the PCB is a 90%.
What cases would these be compatible with? Could this go in a G80-1800?
Definitely wouldn't work in a G80-1800, the keys above the numpad and the distance to the F-row are very different.
Why would they offer this without a case that fits this PCB? :|
I think you linked the full DIY kit, which includes not only the case, but pcb plate and stabs. Users might as well get that kit over this drop...
I had checked before I had posted, but it doesn't appear they sell plates or cases separately for the 19X. If this were a PCB and a plate, it would somewhat work as a lot of people purchase additional plates and PCBs to be able to swap out different sets of switches.
i love ten keys
where’s the rest of the kit?
I was wondering that as well. Would love to see the full kit.
"Built for Tenkeyless Keyboards"...?
Nice to see other PCBs available, but it looks like it only fits the KBDfans 19X kit?