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KBParadise V60 Mini Gateron Mechanical Keyboard

KBParadise V60 Mini Gateron Mechanical Keyboard

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the keyboard failed after two months and it was never solved, nor with its firmware ... a disappointment
Advice needed: This or Anne Pro as my first board, guys?
I'd pick Anne Pro over this just for the fact that it's backlit and has Bluetooth, which is a nice plus.
If you do decide to go with the Anne Pro be sure to buy it from somewhere reputable with decent customer service. The quality control on the Anne is atrocious.
Do the qc issues with the matias boards carry over to these
Would love to see an ADDON option for a set of just caps so I could have both top printed and side printed.
Please attached wire if it is not wireless...
A removable wire makes it so much easier to transport, which is a sellig point of 60% kb’s.
I think he meant that the pictures should show the cable connected, not an actual cable attached to the keyboard that you can't remove.

BUT if it was wireless, the title and description would've said so. If there is no word "wireless" anywhere, then it's not wireless.
I'm not a fan of Cherry mx-type switches, but within this general category, I like Gateron yellows, which for me are just the right weight, and their operation is smooth with no trace of grittiness.
This keyboard is really at a fantastic price, but I think I'm leaning more towards just getting an LED version of the board from MechanicalKeyboards.com although if the keyboard came with front printed keycaps I would consider it. My goal is still to have a backlit keyboard with laser etched front printed keycaps, which I think would look awesome, and I haven't seen it done before.
fuck these DIP switch setups, just spend a day contributing a profile to something like QMK and expose the MCU loader

how awesome would this be if I could just program it.
They have the full programmable version of the V60 called V60 Type R : https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/tree/master/keyboards/v60_type_r
Nice, thanks!

though why even have two versions, I don't imagine programability adds a significant cost, maybe a very slightly more expensive mcu that does usb boot loading, but I would even be happy with exposed/exposable headers for programming over a serial connection.

Just feels senseless to me that any remotely customizable keyboard not offer some option for custom firmware .
Any chance of a PBT option in the future? The V60 layout is just perfect after you get used to it.
Does anyone know what font they use for the keycaps?
I was wondering this myself. It would have been nice if they had listed it in the specs.
this, or tada68 for my first mech?
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isn't this a standard 60%?