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Keith Titanium Ti6300 Multifunctional Cooker

Keith Titanium Ti6300 Multifunctional Cooker

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How much the outer pot weight on its own?
Where can I get a spare gasket? Any chance MD can touch base with Keith?
I know Titanium is lightweight and totally rustproof, but how is it for cooking?--does it have a chance or tendency to warp if overheated of if it boils dry?
Looks like it could be the perfect cooking material; don't have to worry about lead leaching in food like vintage cast iron, or getting aluminum in your food (bad).
Titanium has doesn't hold heat like the other materials do. Has a tendency to get hot spots at your heat source, but also cools rapidly which I find to be of benefit on the trail. I probably wouldn't get a frying pan in titanium, but it is indeed ideal for boiling water, soups, etc. I don't have this cooker, but no reason to think it doesn't perform very well at doing what it does.
It's not letting me write a review because I got it in the last Keith Titanium blue box, but this is a great cooker. I've used it at least forty times between on several camping trips with my snow peak gigapower stove and on my gas range at home, and the rice cooks perfectly in eleven minutes after it reaches a boil. I always add fresh or dehydrated veggies and jerky (good jerky works better) and no matter what I add it comes out really nicely cooked. I usually pack the inside with bagged jasmine rice and my stove to save space. Make sure you rinse your rice a few times before cooking.
mine arrived today. unfortunately, it’s missing the silicone gasket for the lid.
Wrote to customer service.
‘Has anyone else had a problem with these?
Still waiting for the pressure cooker. Looks like even banggood doesn't have the weight
I got this from the last drop, and am very happy with it. The main benefit is that I can boil or steam food over a hot fire (wood, gas etc) without anything getting burned. I've tried rice, meat and vegetables - all turned out fine. It's not ultralight, and there's no pressure cooker attachment (and - even more important - no safety valve!!), so it's not a pressure cooker. But it's well made and definitely an upgrade for my camp kitchen!
I should add that clamps, gasket, lid etc. are top notch, and the whole thing goes in the dishwasher (after removing wood soot, of course).
Looks like for the USA market at least, they deleted the jiggler weight on the nipple arrangement, that would make this a true "pressure cooker", Liability and lawyers... You could put something together at your own risk beyond the low pressure you will get from the simple vent orifice... food or anything clogs it, no fun... The digital temperature meter & Bourdon gauge that we see in the video, was only for testing, not an item for sale, from what I see.

Maybe a solar panel &...;)) "Get ready to nuke your packed lunch"
The upgraded premium version with the weight has not been released yet. They might sell it next year late if they think that there is enough of a market.
I bought this for my camping Kit and it’s been huge. Though designed for rice, I find its best applications with cous cous or quinoa as the water will eventually steam and open up the grains.

Vegetables are easy as are clams, muscles and even crab if you break the limbs off. Makes a pretty good poached salmon too if you pack a lemon out.
If you read the instructions in the last picture, it says this works on induction cooktops... how? Titanium has no magnetic properties...
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Yes, induction cooking uses ferromagnetism... so if the titanium is not, how does this pot work with an induction top?
Pure titanium is still weakly reactive to magnetic fields, however there are many titanium alloys that are magnetic and most of them will just be listed as titanium.
This is something I have been wanting for a while But haven't been able to justify the price. I cannot wait to get my hands on it and start experimenting with different steamed meals.

I have started a thred on redit to try and share ideas (

here is n
Can I store a regular ISO Butane/Propan fuel canisteer into this pot for carrying?
A 110g MSR fits. A 227g MSR does not.

25 minutes cooking time for rice! Who carries that much fuel around. Probably a good car camping pot but not for the trail!
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Flatcatgear epicurian stove gets that with esbit tabs. .5 oz per tablet., stove ?=minimal
Cooks 1C+ rice on 1 oz of alcohol fuel, even above 10K (sierras). "PRESSURE" derived from sealed clamps and hole as valve.
GSI has a heavy but decent pressure cooker designed for backcountry cooking.