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So guys, I got my Valis today and I seriously couldn't be happier. I've been listening to them for the last several hours. Like I said before, I'm coming mostly from high end IEMs (JVC fx850 - I love wood headphones and these have been my favorites, Sennheiser IE80, Sony XBA-H3, etc.). These are my first high end open back headphones. My main concern was that my IEMs are all basshead IEMs because, well, I'm a basshead. I've had Beyerdynamic DT770-80s before that I thought actually lacked bass. I've read a good amount of posts basically saying that on open back headphones you're not going to get the kind of bass I've been getting from my IEMs. Turns out that this is entirely wrong. While they're tuned to be fairly neutral, a small amount of EQ and they happily adjust to whatever amount of bass you want and the limitation is my desire and not the headphones. Extension is remarkable too (I played a number of bass test tracks and they never failed to extend). At the same time, they're not too dark/congested and have great detail. I've enjoyed them on every track I've played. Treble can be described as inoffensive. Mids feel pretty neutral to me. To give you an idea - I only EQed sub-bass up. For everything else I was happy with the base tuning.

Also, they look gorgeous and I really like the build (no plastic, all metal/leather/wood). After spending $700 + tax my expectations were very high and they were still met! Anyway, I just got them today so everything here is preliminary.

Comfort: they're heavy but the headband does a good job with the weight. Clamp isn't awful. My views are colored by the fact that I expected something truly awful based on the comments.

Anyway, I'll have more to add as I listen in the coming days/weeks.
Hi everybody! We would like to thank everyone for the support, we know this headphone is priced higher than usually sold here, but we made it to the third drop, so we think it went well.
We decided to make the small video, highlighting how are we preparing this exact drop:
Wow, just wow!

What an eye opener, just to see the labor of love that's put in to producing these headphones, very uplifting!

Congrats to those who got in on the drop!

Amazing job Kennerton!
feel bad for the poor 12 souls entered the drop due to hypes and shills
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Agreed, but super expensive generally means fewer reviewers, especially if from a niche brand. The problem is that my review will probably be another "here's some guy on the internet with an opinion" review. :)

But I'll try them with a variety of music. I'm kind of a basshead and I love headphones with wood (like the jvc IEMs). We'll see what happens.
I've had mine for a few months now (bought on an earlier 'Drop') and would not say what I read here or on HeadFi was the work of 'hypes and shills'.

$700 plus tax, shipping and wait a LONG time for a headphone that is heavy and uncomfortable?

Yeah, but for the sound I have not heard better for less.

It betters everything I've heard in the Senn line except the HD-800S and that's only because I've not heard one of those in my system, only at shows.

Same for Byerdynamic but I really can't stand the treble in their 'T' lineup.

Would it better the HiFi Man HE-1000 v2? No, and not the older HE-1000 but that's not a $700 headphone.

Again, nothing out there that I have tried in the 'under $1000' category come close.

Did I mention that it's heavy and uncomfortable?

How do these compare to the Magister?
Magister is completely different headphone sound-wise. It has more dry monitor sound, compared to meaty and impactful Vali. Overall, Vali is a better headphone if we are speaking about detail retrieval. But Magister's main feature to me is huge 3d-like soundstage, despite it being a closed design.
oh, Vali. You always show up when I can't buy you.
I don’t know about these but I have the Telefunken aqusta and it is an amazing headphone. Bass goes deep but there’s not much but they can handle an amazing amount of eq and get to basshead levels. The mids are forward and very clear and the treble has nice sparkle and isn’t rolled off at all. For $104 off of touch of modern, they compete with my Elears. Nice for s Russian brand.
Did not expect to hear about Telefunken here, lol. But indeed, Fischer once made a line-up under Telefunken brand.
Heavy as hell and most uncomfortable headphones i ever used...
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Your opinion is your own and it is perfectly valid but it is still going to bias/influence others - this is why when you respond to someone asking for advice you try to remain neutral despite your subjective opinion and if you do provide it, then you make it clear that it is subjective.

Saying "these are not even close to *insert X or Y headphones*" straight up is categorically wrong and misleading - you could try to expand and explain why you think the Vali underperforms in this or that area vs this or that but implying they're worse than $200 headphones is, again, purely subjective as well as unfair (not to the headphones alone, but to those reading).

If you don't want to go into detail then making contestable statements like that may not be the best way to give your opinion on how these perform, is all.
Please leave you didactic to yourself, as I said and repeat last time, it is the place to express your personal opinion freely - if it hurts, let them find some other place for interaction or get counselling. It is not a place for feeble-minded but for those who are able to make their own decision. And again, as I already wrote before, the best advice one could give to any beginner audiophile is - just listen first, especially carefully listen high priced (and probably overpriced) equipment, especially from exotic producer. If money is not an object, if one has cash to burn - than do whatever you want, and no one would care.
If only I hadn't purchased he560...
does anyone know what type of leather is used for the ear pads? i have a habit of displaying my cans on wooden "omega" stands and i notice that sometimes ear pads tend to 'stick' to the wood. i have to pry them off the wood very gently because i wouldn't want the leather to flake off & leave a stain on the wood. how do you guys get around this problem? i live in Singapore by the way. i store my cans in a dry room away from sunlight.
Doesn't it say lambskin in the description?
It's Indeed lambskin. Are you sure it's not the finishing of the stand that is the cause?
Bring it back!
I have owned HE-1000, still I recommended to have this if you have a chance to get ones !
Worth every single dollars spent. This is one of the best, probably beyond of its price range.

Nice work Kennerton team #IWillWaitForOdin next of my line :P
nice shill