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Kennerton Vali Exclusive Massdrop Edition

Kennerton Vali Exclusive Massdrop Edition

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Anyone interested in buying mine as I have used for less than 15 mins since I got it. No time for music as I am too busy at work.

What price were you looking to get for them?
Still for sale? Price?
Got my pair in the mail today. Short version is they sound as good as they look. Best open back in my collection.
Crafting Kennerton Vali for Massdrop
27.04.18 Sneak peak at the workshop table atm,

28.04.18 Starting the burning-in, you can see the difference in wood colors of Valis,
I am trying to figure out if I should jump into this I have a pair of Audeze EL-8's and Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones and wonder if these are going to be worth having also.
I really like the way these look. But I'm concerned that so few people are buying in. Is the price point close to something a lot better? I've heard lots of good reviews so I don't understand.
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Thanks for more information. Headphonics has a good review too and they are pretty accurate from what I’ve been able to listen to.
I've got both these and the Cascades. And an Elex on the way. I'm impressed with both, and will be using the Cascades for my office work (the closed cans are worth it in this scenario). I have some more expensive open cans that I'm using right now, but hope to give the Vali a more worthwhile listen in the future. Thus far, I have enjoyed my time with the cans and would recommend it (if spending this ludicrous amount of money on headphones is a consideration for you). The build is quite solid, the wood cup detail is impressive. The gimbles are clunky, but functional and will likely last forever. The headband is thin, but quite nice during long listening sessions.

Like I mentioned before, I can't comment too much on the actual sound quality comparisons--my ears have been tainted by so much change in gear and source recently. I will say that I am looking at purchasing the upcoming *THROR* from Kennerton whenever they finalize it
Quite a few measurement graphics
I wonder if anyone is using this with the Schitt Vali...
I own a pair of the Fostex Purple Heart Th-X00 and Grado Head-Fi HF2. Would I notice a significant difference in quality for upgrading to these or would I need to go to a higher tier of headphone to make it worth the upgrade? I feel like it wouldn't be significant enough to be worth it, but I'd love to hear anyone's opinion who has heard the Kennerton and either of the other cans I have. Trying to get an idea of what a significant upgrade is at this point.

Alternately, has anyone compared the Vali and the Elex? Anything better under $1K?
The Elex has a smoother frequency response, so it gets my vote hands down. The HE-560/Sundara and DT-1990 Pro are also better options. Since you like Grados, you might also like HD700s, and HD800s (plural, not HD800S) can be found used for under $1k as well.
Why are so few people buying these? I've seen quite a few positive reviews but yet very few purchased.
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Hmmm...I actually see SIX bought...vs ZERO of the last drop of the Odins.

FYI...these are going on ebay anywhere from 1-1.5k--so not a bad deal.
You do forfeit the gorgeous wood case that comes with the retail version--but obviously that doesn't affect the sound :)
I owned the Vali about 1 month now, I have to say, this is one of the most enjoyable headphones in the market. It is a bargain.
The good: The mid is very forward. It is not V-shaped, but more likely M-shape, Bass is punchy, but not loose, Treble is smooth, Good Clarity, Imaging, and soundstage is very good. And one more thing, it is heavy on paper but I find it to be very comfy.
The bad: I don't like the cable, it feels very rough. The band adjustment system is very easy to use, but you need quite some time to find your right spot. The pads are very comfy, but one thing I notice is it leaks sound maybe because the clamping of the headphone is a little bit loose.
I actually like the carry bag, but there is one problem, Every time you use the headphone, you have to readjust the fit, which is quite annoying. I own Utopia, HD800, HD600, TH900, E-Mu teak and THx00, I purchase this just because it looks good. But it really gives me some big surprise. Soundstage and image are similar to TH900, the bass is more punchy than THx00, also because of the mid is very forward, it is just pleasant to listen.
I have to say it is a very good headphone even there is something not very economical.
I highly recommend it for someone want some fun sounding headphone with good clarity good bass imaging and delicious mid.
Put some pictures for my Vali, Mine is the black frame, you can see some black painting is faded. But they change to silver frame which can avoid this.

English is not my language. I am sorry for that.
Also, I just have about 20 min to finish it. Some kind of busy these days.
I should proofreading and edit before I post it.
Thank you, ornc44 for the correction.
I want to share some of my personal experience before they pull the trigger.
It is not perfect, but it will bring you a big smile.
I corrected some words, hope you guys can read it without too much trouble. :)

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Can I give you 10,000 thumbs up?
Thanks! I hope it can help you.
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