Kershaw Brawler Tanto Blade w/SpeedSafesearch

Kershaw Brawler Tanto Blade w/SpeedSafe

Kershaw Brawler Tanto Blade w/SpeedSafe

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Nice size, but heavy
Postage is ridiculous. Doubles the cost.
Just buy a few of them...shipping stays the same and you can sell them to your friends.
$21 shipping and handling to Australia. WHY ? Come on guys.

I can buy this on EBAY for $31.95US with free shipping from the USA but as a vendor ive never used i know massdrop. I could understand a shipping change but that is out of this world, does it get me free expedited shipping? if not why the price.

EDIt : Just noticed shipping on the Brad Zinker knife is $4.25.......
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Will this pass customs? Are spring assisted knives allowed?
good question, ive never been stopped
Cheap and sexy, this blade makes it to my pocket often...
$23.05 on Amazon with flashlight:
Kershaw 1990KITX Brawler Pack (2 Piece)
Is this knife spring assisted??
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My mistake, apologies.
You can get this on Amazon with a flashlight shipped prime for $23...
To put it simple this is a fantastic knife! first got one off massdrop but then sadly lost it. have since bought another because i have yet to find a knife that is on parallel with this on.
Its great for EDC quick to open and close and very comfortable to use.
By far the best knife I have gotten for fidgeting, very satisfying to open. The edge retention is not great, but still can cut through paper and tape easily, cardboard is kind of tough now. I used mine exclusively for opening packages from Massdrop and it has dulled quite a bit since it first arrived almost a year ago.
Sharpen your knife. No knife will maintain it's edge without sharpening, especially a budget one with 8Cr13MoV steel. It's a good budget stainless steel but prone to edge rollover which requires a few quick swipes on a steel to return to a sharp edge. Being a little on the "soft" side it's also very easy to sharpen. Also, don't forget to clean, oil and adjust the pivot screw if necessary to get years of use out of your knife.

This deal is okay pending the shipping cost. Amazon currently has it for $27.69 with free shipping via eCop. I've ordered twice from eCop with zero problems.
I've had this knife as an edc for work. It sharpens easily, but doesn't hold an edge well. I got mine for $14.00 at a local hardware/big box stores. I wouldn't pay 20.00 plus shipping for it, just my opinion.
Can't stop flicking it open.
Wish it was the one with the serrated blade. I'd definitely buy a few.
I also received an empty package. Good one massdrop.
Good news is, the package came today. Bad news is, there was nothing in the package.
I have let Massdrop support know, but you know figured I'd drop a comment here and see if that speeds up anything or not.
Same with me. I also received a empty package and am talking to support but you are not alone my good sir.