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Kershaw Halogen G-10 Liner Lock Knife

Kershaw Halogen G-10 Liner Lock Knife

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Country of origin Please!
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at least they arent charging $250 for these chinese knives
Was sold until I heard him say assisted.
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Some people prefer a manual flipper. A well built manual can open equally as snappily as an assisted knife, but it's simpler to take apart and clean and the mechanism is more durable. I have never had kershaw torsion bars break on me after years of use, but others have. Having bought a few manual flippers, I must admit that I do now prefer them and find them more satisfying. But I have found Kershaw's assisted open design to be durable, reliable, and easy to maintain. So I don't knock assisted knives. I just have a slight preference for a nice manual now.

Three small edits:

At least in kershaws, if the bar breaks, many of their designs will not reliably stay closed. This could be a safety issue until the bar is replaced. Kershaw will send you a new one for free and replacement is simple though. And I have also never had one break and have carried assisted kershaws (2 of them, so not rotating between 10 or anything) for years at a time with daily use and frequent playing around where I open and close them over and over. I haven't babied them. So I consider the bar to be fairly durable.

An assisted mechanism can cover up any number of design and manufacturing sins, which is why they're often seen in cheaper, lower quality knives. Kershaw makes some good stuff, even in their budget range and a 20-60 dollar assisted kershaw is an absolutely excellent choice for anyone looking into getting into carrying a pocket knife or someone who wants to take their first step into "real" knives (as opposed to walmart shit or worse. I consider a real knife to be any knife where the steel has a name. Never buy a knife where the steel doesn't have a name, it's not worth your time. I'm too poor to buy that cheap.) Anyway... Assisted kershaws are solid knives and I wouldn't knock them, but that's another reason why people might prefer manual.

Lastly, a manual flipper that flips open with just as much speed and ease as an assisted is very difficult to legislate against. Assisted knives are kind of a loophole against switchblade laws and are fine in most places. But cops are frequently uninformed and might give you shit over it, take it, or charge you if you have an assisted and then you have to deal with legal bullshit. There's not much they can say about a well built manual opener.
This is a very good overview of the general differences. I would add that I find manual flippers safer. I've been cut pretty badly a couple of times when closing assisted knives after my thumb slipped while closing them. It was 100% my fault for being careless, but it is something else to consider.
Looks like a dressed up Skyline, if it handles like one this is a smoking deal.
Would it be easy to find a replacement clip?
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Kershaw customer service is damn good. 💥
Yeah, I'm only non-committal on whether or not they will because my only experience with them is as a ZT customer (I have a few Kershaws too, but never needed to use customer service for them), so I didn't know if they're more willing to send clips and stuff out for ZT knives as they're more expensive. But from what I've heard they're awesome for both.
Last time I bought a knife with that steel I had to sharpen it every day I carried it. To much maintenance. Not for me.
It's a pretty budget steel.
Kershaw does it pretty well to be fair. It is a budget steel, but I have several Kershaw's that are old reliable friends. They may need to be sharpened more often, but I am not gonna lose sleep over one falling in a lake.
Anyone else seeing this weird blueish green color instead of the usual green for the price unlock bubbles and join drop button?
Edit: In my reply below there's a link to a Massdrop hub discussion I created, in which you'll see a reply explaining that it's a slow roll out of some new font and color changes.
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Welp, it appears it's still a problem for me...other colors aren't exactly right either, like the % off is closer to a pink, as well as the red dot next to massdrop, and the bell at the top. No problems elsewhere, so it's not my monitor. I wonder if it's one of my firefox addons, I know noscript has prevented aspects of pages from working before without a domain to allow to make it work(and has later has been fixed).

Edit: maybe I'll go to the massdrop hub or something to ask about it. At least then anyone else can chime in if they have the same problem compared to some form of private support.
Edit2: The link to said hub discussion is here in case anyone finds this post first and wants to chime in.
Defective crap. MD style! Mass Crap
This looks really nice, going to have to see if I can find it locally.
Been a minute or three. This guy is the best reviewer:
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I saw this video, the narration is the best part.
This video makes me lough out loud every time I watch it. Thanks for posting...

Focus Danial-san!